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What is Devi Wall Hanging Yantra

A Devi hanging Yantra is a sacred geometric figure that is associated with the respective Goddess. These Yantras display the picture of a specific goddess along with Her mantra and the associated Yantra that is derived out of the sound of the associated mantra. This power-packed powerful Wall hanging yantra carries the sacred powers of the respective goddess whose picture and mantra are printed on it. This holy yantra can be hung on the wall hence it is known as Devi Wall Hanging Yantra.

Yantras are divine tools that work upon the power of the associated geometry of the deity or deities and the related mantras. These Yantras emit energies that are sacred and work towards creating a harmonious atmosphere and gradually bring about a positive and fruitful change in the life of the one who installs them. The wall-hanging Yantras work on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels and bring about a transformational change in life, this, in turn, is also reflected on the career, professional, finances, luck, and so on.

Why we use Devi Wall Hanging Yantra

The reason we use the Devi hanging yantra in our houses and offices is that goddesses are feminine energies and various forms of the Supreme Adi Shakti (the one supreme feminine principle all-pervading). It is said that like a mother, the Devi (goddess) protects the house and all the family members like a strong pillar. She does not let any negativity wander close to Her house and equally safeguards Her family members from any sort of danger. Similarly, Devi means Goddess and as said earlier She takes many forms She is loving and compassionate, she is strict as a teacher who gives tough challenges as well to get things right, understanding as a friend, and when the time comes, She can take the form of Kaali or Chandi and destroys the negative elements and enemies who try to endanger Her loved ones. Installing or hanging a Devi wall yantra in or on the door of your house and office is said to attract abundance, positivity and protect the house and the dwellers from all sorts of negativity.

Why buy energized Wall Hanging Yantra

Buy Devi hanging yantra online through Rudra Centre. We offer a wide range of various Devi wall yantras at the best price online. Energising a Yantra activates the energies present in the Yantra. These energies are divine and once energized they work towards fulfilling the desires of the worshipper and spread positivity throughout the Vastu where they are installed or hung. Purchasing energized Devi hanging yantra online through us can be directly installed or hung as they do not require additional pran pratishtha rituals to be performed.

An energized Devi Hanging Yantra emits positive vibrations and keeps negative energies at bay. It offers a range of benefits like attracting abundance and positivity in the Vastu, generating a harmonious relationship between people who dwell in the Vastu. Safeguards from threats and mishaps that can be fatal. Offers success and elevates one spiritually. We at Rudra Centre never compromise on the quality of our products and services that we deal in. With a huge clientele base all over the world, we ensure that our clientele experience the benefits our products offer them.

Direction / Placement Devi Wall Hanging Yantra

Yantra energizes the location where they are installed. You can install them in your house, office, and shop. To be specific you can install these hanging Devi yantras on your working desk in the office, or in your living room, study room, or reception area. You can either install these Yantras on the tables or use them as a wall hanging. Remember, a yantra must always be placed in the East direction facing the West. These Yantras are energized by the powerful rays of the Sun and by the divine vibrations of the East corner. These Holy and mystical Devi wall-hanging Yantras offer positive and protective energies to the dwelling through their magical geometry.

Type of Devi Wall Hanging Yantra

The Devi Wall Hanging Yantra that we offer comprises a beautiful and serene image of Goddess Durga which is enclosed in brass metal. These Yantras of goddesses are so well designed that they are crafted on a round base that fits perfectly over the round brass base of the Yantra. The upper portion of the Devi wall hanging Yantra which displays the picture of the Goddesses along with their respective yantras is creatively covered with a dome-shaped glass which makes this image three-dimensional. The holder of this round-shaped Yantra is attached to the top surface and complements the overall appearance of this divine Devi wall-hanging yantra.

Why Buy from us

Buy the Devi Hanging Yantra online by visiting our website. Rudra Centre is renowned over the years and has established a niche in the market through the variety and quality of products and services we offer. There are many reasons to shop or buy from us, here are a few reasons why

The Devi Hanging Yantras that we at Rudra Centre offer are energized and blessed by the in-house Karmkandi pundits from Varanasi and Benaras. These pundits are highly experienced and are highly knowledgeable. The quality and authenticity of the products and services are what we never compromise on. We are one of the pioneers who deal in a plethora of spiritual and religious products and services. Our in-house packaging team makes sure that the products we offer are packaged appropriately. We also offer placement instructions of the Yantras in order for the Yantra to work and offer maximum benefits.