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Diamond Stone

Diamonds are undoubtedly the most famous and sought-after gemstone. The word diamond comes from the ancient Greek word 'adamas', which means unalterable, unbreakable, pure. The first diamonds were discovered in India around 3,000 years ago. Since then, deposits have been discovered all over the planet in Africa, South America and lately in Russia. Natural diamonds were formed between 1 and 3 billion years ago by the heat and pressure of the Earth, making them the oldest thing you will ever touch.

Diamond Gemstone is made up of 99% carbon; they are true gems of nature, dating back approximately 3.3 billion years. Diamonds are mostly presumed to be white or crystal clear but in reality they are also available in various varieties such as yellow, champagne, blue or pink. At 10/10 on the Mohs scale, the reference hardness scale, the diamond is the hardest stone on our planet. What also makes Diamonds special is that it has a very high refractive index, highest there is for crystals. This unique characteristic means that the light is broken and reflected back in different angles from the surface of a diamond, which gives the diamond its incomparable brilliance.

In Vedic Astrology, Diamond or Heera in Hindi, is associated with the Shukra Graha or Planet Venus. Diamond also reigns over the world of jewelry, from the crown jewels of France or England to record auction amounts, the diamond has a special place in the world of jewelry making.

Diamond Rings are sought after as Engagement Rings, and Wedding Rings as this dazzling gemstone symbolizes commitment, love, and romance. However, statistics say, only 20% of Diamonds mined are used in jewelry. The sparkling Diamond, the King of all gemstones, is also the most desired stone for women around the world.

Diamond, a precious gemstone, is not complex like other gemstones and is a pure derivative in mineralogy. It is simply made up of Carbon allotrope, the elements, from which Coal and Graphite are created, only the atoms are rearranged in the elements of forming diamond stone. The shining gemstone Diamond is called Heera, in India, and some of its neighboring countries. Diamond is also an important gemstone in Vedic astrology.

The origin of the scintillating Diamond stone dates back to ancient times when it was first discovered in the Indian subcontinent. Since then, Diamonds have been patronized by the Mughal Emperors and adorned the history of India. They were used as religious ornaments, as gifts of love, as it symbolizes love, and to cut metal. The mysteries and stories of its beauty slowly spread to Europe and Persia. It was also exported to China from India via the Silk Route. In ancient times many believed that the Diamonds were lightning which manifested in this form.

Diamond, the hardest substance found on Earth, is believed to carry the blessings of Venus. Venus is associated with the pleasures and comforts of mortal life. Strong Venus in a natal chart is linked to attractiveness, wealth, fame, fortune, success, love, and intimacy.

As a symbol of purity, the Diamond's pure white light unites our lives into a unified whole. It brings clarity and love to partnerships and ties relationships together. The diamond is a symbol of loyalty and fidelity, and it inspires confidence in relationships and situations.

Diamond gemstone motivates the forces of accumulation, thereby drawing the manifestation of abundance. This stone never needs to be recharged. It will impart resilience and strength to all energies and enhance the potency of other crystals. Excellent for protecting against external radiation and electromagnetic stress.

Diamond imparts courage, protection, and strength. It eliminates mental and emotional suffering, reducing fear and easing new beginnings. Encourages inventiveness, creativity, imagination, and ingenuity. It facilitates mental clarity and enlightenment.

Diamond stone permits the soul light to radiate. It promotes spiritual development and reminds you of your soul's desires.

Other Names:Heera
Diamond Gemstone Planet:Venus
Vedic Rashi (Moon Sign):Virgo
Lagna (Ascendants):Libra, Aquarius, Gemini.
Diamond Zodiac Sun Sign:Aries
Diamond gemstone Chakra:Hrit Padma (Sacred Heart) chakra
Birthstone of which Month:April


Although Diamond gemstone can be worn by anyone for its healing, mystic and other benefits, it is highly recommended that an astro and chakra expert consultation is sought before wearing Diamond. In Chakra science, it helps open and balance the Hrit Padma Chakra. Thus, it is highly recommended for those looking for prosperity and wish and desires fulfillment.

One may also consult a Chakra analyst or a Vedic astrologer to check the compatibility of the stone. In Vedic Astrology, the Diamond is associated with Planet Venus or Shukra Graha. This gemstone blesses with luxuries, wealth and success. You can take advantage of our expert advice on the suitability and compatibility of wearing this stone.

The diamond is the most powerful and precious stone to purify our interior of painful memories of past experiences, and has the extraordinary capacity to illuminate our interior. It is for this reason that the diamond is recommended to people who have lost their connection to the greater cosmos and who are unable to progress in their lives and relationships for reasons that they are unaware of but which they believe to be beyond their control.

Diamonds have a one-of-a-kind appearance, which helps individuals who wear them to stand out from the crowd. The radiance that they give off augurs well for their future glory and fortune. Furthermore, diamonds are traditionally given to one another as tokens of love and affection, for instance, it is the most famous engagement ring in the world.

A diamond is capable of illuminating the darkest days of a person's soul, comparable to a candle flame in a dark room. Therefore, it is beneficial for those who are not living to their fullest potential. Diamonds help us realize our true selves.

Important Details:

Note that one should only wear natural, unheated, untreated Diamond gemstones so they can experience healing and empowerment. Rudra Centre only deals in 100% natural, unheated, untreated Diamond gemstones.

How many carats?0.25 Carats and above
Which metal for the ring?Gold
Color of Diamond:White
Which finger to wear in:Consult Our Experts to know the correct finger.
When to wear (Day and Time):Friday morning
Mantra For Diamond Stone:Om Shum Shukraya Namah (108 Times)

Diamond Buying Guide

Check its Origin:

Since the 1870s, the majority of the world's diamonds of gem-quality have been extracted in Africa. The above diamond production map depicts countries that produce at least 50,000 carats of natural gem-quality diamonds. In recent decades, diamond production has extended to numerous regions of the globe. Russia and Canada presently produce nearly fifty percent of the world's diamonds, as their diamond production has grown significantly.

Nevertheless, the majority of diamonds of precious quality are still produced in Africa.

Observe their Color:

Diamond is available in every color of the rainbow, not just colorless, despite the fact that sparkling white diamonds are the most sought-after, especially for engagement rings. A colorless diamond is nearly pure white, whereas diamonds of lesser quality have a yellowish tint. This is due to trace amounts of nitrogen.

Completely colorless diamonds are regarded to be chemically pure and structurally flawless; color variations within diamonds are caused by flaws and impurities.

Notice their Clarity:

Brilliant cut shapes, like round and princess, are superior to step-cut shapes, such as emerald and Asscher, for hiding flaws. The broad, wide tables of step-cut shapes render inclusions more visible, whereas the high number of facets in a brilliant cut makes inclusions harder to detect. Nevertheless, step-cut diamonds should not be avoided.

Simply select stones with a higher clarity grade and a step-cut.

Examine their Inclusions:

Nearly every diamond has inclusions; in fact, flawless diamonds are so uncommon that most jewelry designers will never see one. The majority of inclusions are only visible under 10x magnification, so they are invisible to the untrained eye. Large inclusions or a high number of inclusions will result in a low clarity grade. You should avoid purchasing diamonds with average or poor clarity grades.

The smaller the diamond, the more challenging it is to detect flaws and inclusions. As diamond carat weight increases, characteristics may become more apparent. For larger diamonds, clarity is an important factor to consider.

See their Shape:

Certain diamond shapes demand a higher grade of clarity than others. Emerald and Asscher-shaped diamonds (also referred to as step cut) have rectangular facets that highlight transparency and allow you to see deeper into the diamond, making inclusions more visible.

In contrast, the clarity grade for round, princess, oval, marquise, pear, and heart-shaped diamonds may not need to be as high. Cut with a brilliant facet pattern that reflects light from multiple angles, these forms naturally conceal numerous inclusions.

Check the Carats:

For Diamond of gem quality, the raw Diamond is divided and polished into smaller stones of variable carat weight. In general, diamonds weighing 0.25 and above are appropriate for jewelry. Because Diamond is sold by weight, Diamond prices are calculated per carat. Stones of comparable dimensions but distinct varieties vary greatly in price.

The more carats and clarity Diamond has, the higher its price.

Avoid Heated & Treated Diamond:

Due to treatments the Diamond stone loses its natural composition and thus loses its natural frequency. These heated and treated Diamond do not offer any healing benefits and should be avoided.

Check for Lab Certificate:

It is recommended that you should purchase Diamond gemstones along a lab tested certificate which can determine its authenticity, treatment status and origin. Rudra Centre has been dealing in natural unheated untreated lab certified gemstones for the past 25 years. Our diamonds are certified from trusted labs like GIA, IGI, GLI and IGITL.

Why buy Diamond from Rudra Centre?

We only deal with untreated and unheated gemstones from their natural sources, which we energize in accordance with Vedic Vidhi, after more than 20 years of research and 100.000+ satisfied, healed, and empowered customers.

Can I give my used Diamond gemstone to someone else?

You should avoid it if you are wearing it. However, if you have not used it for an extended period, you can pass it on to someone else. It is recommended to not wear it for at least 2 weeks before giving it to someone else. You can also follow the cleansing and reenergizing process mentioned in the benefits section.

General Benefits of Diamond

  • It blesses the wearer with love and harmony.
  • It uplifts a person spiritually and elevates universal love.
  • It attracts compatible personal and professional relationships.
  • It improves work, leisure, family, marriage, children, sports, and business.
  • It allows a couple in love to withstand the passage of time.
  • It frees the wearer from resentments from relationships.
  • It profoundly heals the heart from past memories.
  • It brings oneness to the wearer’s life.
  • It improves health and wealth.

Health Benefits of Diamond

  • It relieves diabetes.
  • It helps to regulate the digestive system.
  • It helps to regulate the digestive system.
  • It alleviates ailments of the stomach, liver and pancreas.
  • It enhances cognitive functioning of the brain.
  • It increases long-term happiness.

Mental & Spiritual Benefits of Diamond

  • It brings contentment.
  • It purifies negative beliefs.
  • It dissolves past psychological traumas.
  • It cleanses anything shrouding your inner light.
  • It brings enlightenment and clarity of mind and emotions.
  • It brings balance to the Hrit Padma chakra.
  • It aligns with the divine light of love.

Astrological Benefits of Diamond

  • It effectively counteracts the negative effects of Venus or Shukra Dev.
  • It enhances the beneficial blessings of a weakened Venus, such as fortune and happiness in love and money; social charm and grace, comfort and luxury.
  • Venus enhancement contributes to marital and material success.

How to Energize & Recharge Diamond Gemstone?

Diamond purification alone is insufficient to obtain its desired benefits. Its energization is likewise essential. One must energize his or her Diamond stone jewelry prior to wearing it.

Perform the activation or energization rituals following the completion of the purification process.

To Cleanse your Diamond Dip it in Salt Water Solution (If possible, use unprocessed sea salt) OR you can perform the smudging technique using Sage or Palo Santo.

Keep it under Sunlight or Under Full Moon Rays for 10 – 15 mins.

Hold the Diamond in your hand and Chant the Diamond gemstone Mantra:

Om Shum Shukraya Namah || शं शनिचराय नम || 108 times.

While chanting the mantra you can visualize white color positive energy surrounding your Diamond and restoring its powers.

Other Mantras of Lord Shukra (Venus) you can chant are mentioned below

Vedic Stotra Mantra for Shukra Planet

|| Hima kundha Mrunaalaabham Dhaithyaanam Paramam Gurum 
Sarva saasthra Pravruththaaram Bhaargavam Pranamaam Yaham ||

The one who has the lustre of the dew, Lotus stem and Thumba flower, High priest of Asuras and the one who preaches the Shatras, I prostrate before (Bhargava) Sukracharya.

Tantrik Beeja Mantra for Shukra/Venus

Om Draamg Dreeng Droung Sah Shukray Namah ||

You can choose to reenergize the Diamond on a Friday.

Now, wear your Diamond to appease Lord Shukra and receive its blessings.

How to check if Diamond suits you?

Preferably, a powerful gemstone such as Diamond should only be worn after consultation with an RRST specialist. Nevertheless, it will be appropriate if worn according to RRST, and we will add bhasm and energize it for only positive effects.

You can also give yourself at least 72 hours after embracing a Diamond to determine whether or not you are experiencing any negative effects. If after 72 hours of embracing the Diamond stone you do not feel even the slightest effect, you are safe to use Diamond, as this shows it is safe and sure for you and it will not negatively affect you in any way.

If after a few days of wearing you feel completely energized, inspired, and normal instead of confused, drowsy and numb, Diamond is a good choice for you. You will soon receive a subtle indication that wealth and good fortune are abundant in your life. Diamond has been considered a gemstone of luck and prosperity for centuries.

How to know if Diamond is working?

Within 10 days of wearing, you should start noticing an improvement of physical and mental health. Because diamonds attract prosperity and luxury, income and wealth fluctuations are possible. If you are in a relationship or married, wearing a diamond should make it happier and sweeter. The stunning benefits of diamond should be felt in any area of your life, be aware of any positive change, it is a sign it is working for you.

How long do the effects of Diamond last?

If cared for properly, a Diamond can be worn as jewelry for generations. You must wear it until your chakras are balanced. Typically, experts advise wearing gemstones for four years, after which they are no longer necessary.

For the best results it is highly recommended that one wears only 100% natural, unheated, and untreated Diamond gemstones. As per the Vedic scriptures, a heat treatment harms its sattvic nature, rendering the stone less effective and beneficial. Like other gemstones, the quality of Diamond is also determined by the four Cs (Color, Cut, Carat, Clarity).


The best quality diamonds are colorless and eye clean i.e. clear without noticeable inclusions. Best quality Diamonds sparkle, the better the sparkle the more premium it is considered.


Best quality Diamonds have cuts that maximize the effect of hue, tone, saturation and surface area.


Diamonds of a few cents to a carat are most popular in Vedic Astrology. Significant smaller and larger Diamonds are used in contemporary jewelry. Generally, the price of Diamonds rises dramatically as the size/weight/carat increases.


Diamonds typically contain some inclusions. These inclusions are visible on 10x magnification, to the naked eye the clear Diamonds with no inclusions and best clarity are considered of premium quality.

Dealers deal in Diamond stones which are synthetic to natural but which are treated/heated and color enhanced, so it is immensely important to purchase only from a reputed dealer with certification from a reputed lab.

Diamond gemstone Price

The price of Diamond depends upon various factors such as quality (4Cs), origin, treatment among others. Depending upon the color, clarity and cut, emeralds can be categorized as of low, medium and premium quality. Low quality Diamonds are available at few hundred dollars per carat whereas premium quality stones go for upward of thousand dollars per carat. Regardless of the diamond you select, it should be untreated.

When a gemstone is heat-treated or undergoes the dying process, its healing properties are lost when it is worn. Diamond has numerous curative properties; to maximize its curative effects, only untreated Diamond stone should be worn.

The price of genuine, natural and unheated, untreated Diamond gemstones at Rudra Centre ranges from INR 5,600 to INR 2,11,500 (USD 70 to USD 2.643).

How to Identify or Test Original & Authentic Diamond?

The best way to check the authenticity of Diamond is by getting a Lab tested report from a reputed laboratory. Rudra Centre only deals with Vedic Astrology approved gemstones that are natural, untreated, and unheated. All our diamonds are certified by reputable labs like GIA, GLI, IGI and IGITL.

Look for flaws along with inclusions. Use a magnifying glass with at least 10x magnification to examine the Diamond carefully. Look for specks and blemishes, as they form with minute particles of other material. These flaws are strong evidence that a Diamond is genuine. Lab-created (fake) diamonds have no inclusions of this nature, and neither do natural diamonds, but if you find flaws, then your Diamond is genuine.

Examine the gemstone for air bubbles. Essentially, lab-created Diamonds are glass that has undergone a process similar to that which forms natural Diamond. Since they are made of glass, they retain miniscule air bubbles after formation. If there are bubbles within the Diamond, it is not genuine. Be sure to inspect your Diamond from every angle by turning it over. There is a possibility that bubbles of air will only be evident from a single angle.

Look at how light is reflected by the Diamond. Turn off all the lights and shine your flashlight on the Diamond. If it is genuine, it will only reflect light of the same hue as itself. If it is a fake, made of glass, it will reflect colors other than the natural color of the gem.

Diamond Cleaning & Maintenance

Use a very mild soap water, and soak the Diamond Ring in it. You can put one or two drops of dishwashing liquid in a bowl of water for this purpose.

After soaking it for some time use a new soft brush (toothbrush), to gently clean the remaining dirt that may have collected. Wipe it dry on a soft cloth.

Keep cleaning your Diamond jewelry often to keep it shining brilliantly.

No, Diamond will activate and work only if it is in contact with your body at the correct position. To experience 100% results from Diamond you have to wear it as per RRST. Please consult our RRST counselors for guidance.

No, heated Diamond does not work.

If you have worn the Diamond continuously you may not need to re-energize it. It is advisable to energize it if you have not worn it for an extended period of time. You can follow the steps mentioned in the Benefits Section.

The best way is to get a lab test certificate from reputed labs like GIA, IGI, GLI and IGITL.

With proper care, the effects of Diamond will last for generations. The majority of the time, they balance the chakras, we learn the lessons and align with the planets, and we may no longer need them after a period of time.

Diamond weighing above 0.25 carats are appropriate for harnessing its properties.

You can wash it with soapy water and use a soft toothbrush or cloth to remove stains, dirt, etc. You can read in detail in the Quality & Price Section.

For the best results, use the stone as a Ring or Pendant and it has to be worn as per Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy, RRST, which is a scientific healing method devised by Sakhashree Neetaji. To know the right placement of Diamond gemstone, you may contact us as our team of experts will guide you.

You do not need to follow any precautions if you are wearing the Diamond as per RRST.

You can wear Diamond gemstone everyday as per RRST and ideally start to wear it on a Friday morning.

Those who experience the psychological and physical issues described in the Benefits section, as well as those whose Hrit Padma chakra is out of balance.

Yes, Diamond will suit you if you wear it as per RRST. Please consult our RRST counselors for proper guidance and how to wear the gemstone.

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Diamond - 07 cents - IDiamond - 07 cents - I
Diamond - 07 Cents - I
INR 5,600Product Code: GDS37 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 07 centsDiamond - 07 cents
Diamond - 07 Cents
INR 5,600Product Code: GDS27 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 08 cents - VIIDiamond - 08 cents - VII
Diamond - 08 Cents - VII
INR 6,400Product Code: GDS152 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 08 cents - VIIIDiamond - 08 cents - VIII
Diamond - 08 Cents - VIII
INR 6,400Product Code: GDS153 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 08 cents - IXDiamond - 08 cents - IX
Diamond - 08 Cents - IX
INR 6,400Product Code: GDS154 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 08 cents - XDiamond - 08 cents - X
Diamond - 08 Cents - X
INR 6,400Product Code: GDS155 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 08 cents - XVDiamond - 08 cents - XV
Diamond - 08 Cents - XV
INR 6,400Product Code: GDS180 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 08 cents - XIVDiamond - 08 cents - XIV
Diamond - 08 Cents - XIV
INR 6,400Product Code: GDS159 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 08 cents - VDiamond - 08 cents - V
Diamond - 08 Cents - V
INR 6,400Product Code: GDS119 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 08 cents - XIIDiamond - 08 cents - XII
Diamond - 08 Cents - XII
INR 6,400Product Code: GDS157 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 08 cents - XIDiamond - 08 cents - XI
Diamond - 08 Cents - XI
INR 6,400Product Code: GDS156 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 08 cents - VIDiamond - 08 cents - VI
Diamond - 08 Cents - VI
INR 6,400Product Code: GDS151 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 09 cents - VIIDiamond - 09 cents - VII
Diamond - 09 Cents - VII
INR 7,200Product Code: GDS161 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 09 cents - XIDiamond - 09 cents - XI
Diamond - 09 Cents - XI
INR 7,200Product Code: GDS165 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 09 cents - XDiamond - 09 cents - X
Diamond - 09 Cents - X
INR 7,200Product Code: GDS164 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 09 cents - IXDiamond - 09 cents - IX
Diamond - 09 Cents - IX
INR 7,200Product Code: GDS163 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 12 centsDiamond - 12 cents
Diamond - 12 Cents
INR 10,200Product Code: GDS15 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 16 cents - IXDiamond - 16 cents - IX
Diamond - 16 Cents - IX
INR 13,600Product Code: GDS105 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 17 cents - VIDiamond - 17 cents - VI
Diamond - 17 Cents - VI
INR 14,450Product Code: GDS74 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 17 cents - VIIDiamond - 17 cents - VII
Diamond - 17 Cents - VII
INR 14,450Product Code: GDS172 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond - 18 Cents
INR 15,300Product Code: GDS207 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond -19 CentNatural Diamond -19 Cent
Natural Diamond - 19 Cents
INR 16,150Product Code: GDS194 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond -32 Cent - INatural Diamond -32 Cent - I
Natural Diamond - 32 Cents - I
INR 38,080Product Code: GDS196 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 33 cents - IDiamond - 33 cents - I
Diamond - 33 Cents - I
INR 39,270Product Code: GDS145 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 33 cents - IIIDiamond - 33 cents - III
Diamond - 33 Cents - III
INR 39,270Product Code: GDS190 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 36 cents - VIIIDiamond - 36 cents - VIII
Diamond - 36 Cents - VIII
INR 42,840Product Code: GDS193 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 36 cents - VIDiamond - 36 cents - VI
Diamond - 36 Cents - VI
INR 42,840Product Code: GDS175 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 36 cents - IIIDiamond - 36 cents - III
Diamond - 36 Cents - III
INR 42,840Product Code: GDS95 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 36 cents - VIIDiamond - 36 cents - VII
Diamond - 36 Cents - VII
INR 42,840Product Code: GDS192 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 40 centsDiamond - 40 cents
Diamond - 40 Cents
INR 51,000Product Code: GDS181 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 41 centsDiamond - 41 cents
Diamond - 41 Cents
INR 51,865Product Code: GDS183 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 41 cents - IDiamond - 41 cents - I
Diamond 41 Cents I
INR 51,865Product Code: GDS185 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond -44 CentNatural Diamond -44 Cent
Natural Diamond -44 Cents
INR 66,000Product Code: GDS198 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond -45 CentNatural Diamond -45 Cent
Natural Diamond - 45 Cents
INR 67,500Product Code: GDS199 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond -48 CentNatural Diamond -48 Cent
Natural Diamond - 48 Cents
INR 72,000Product Code: GDS200 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond - 50 Cents
INR 92,500Product Code: GDS208 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 51 cents - IDiamond - 51 cents - I
Diamond - 51 Cents - I
INR 94,350Product Code: GDS147 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 51 cents - VDiamond - 51 cents - V
Diamond - 51 Cents - V
INR 94,350Product Code: GDS187 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 51 cents - IVDiamond - 51 cents - IV
Diamond - 51 Cents - IV
INR 94,350Product Code: GDS186 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 51 cents - IIDiamond - 51 cents - II
Diamond - 51 Cents - II
INR 94,350Product Code: GDS176 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 52 cents - IIDiamond - 52 cents - II
Diamond - 52 Cents - II
INR 96,200Product Code: GDS189 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 71 cents - IDiamond - 71 cents - I
Diamond - 71 Cents - I
INR 1,63,300Product Code: GDS148 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 71 centsDiamond - 71 cents
Diamond - 71 Cents
INR 1,63,300Product Code: GDS140 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond -71 CentNatural Diamond -71 Cent
Natural Diamond - 71 Cents
INR 1,63,300Product Code: GDS201 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 72 cents  - IDiamond - 72 cents  - I
Diamond - 72 Cents - I
INR 1,65,600Product Code: GDS178 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 72 centsDiamond - 72 cents
Diamond - 72 Cents
INR 1,65,600Product Code: GDS149 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond -73 CentNatural Diamond -73 Cent
Natural Diamond - 73 Cents
INR 1,67,900Product Code: GDS202 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond -76 CentNatural Diamond -76 Cent
Natural Diamond - 76 Cents
INR 1,74,800Product Code: GDS203 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 81 centsDiamond - 81 cents
Diamond - 81 Cents
INR 1,90,350Product Code: GDS128 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond -83 CentNatural Diamond -83 Cent
Natural Diamond - 83 Cents
INR 1,95,050Product Code: GDS204 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond -84 CentNatural Diamond -84 Cent
Natural Diamond - 84 Cents
INR 1,97,400Product Code: GDS205 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 90 cents - IDiamond - 90 cents - I
Diamond - 90 Cents - I
INR 2,11,500Product Code: GDS179 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond -1.03 CentNatural Diamond -1.03 Cent
Natural Diamond -1.03 Carats
INR 2,42,050Product Code: GDS206 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 90 Cents
INR 2,11,500Product Code: GDS141 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 70 Cents
INR 1,61,000Product Code: GDS139 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 59 Cents
INR 1,09,150Product Code: GDS135 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 52 Cents - I
INR 96,200Product Code: GDS188 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 51 Cents - III
INR 94,350Product Code: GDS177 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 42 Cents
INR 53,000Product Code: GDS182 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 35 Cents
INR 41,650Product Code: GDS191 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 33 Cents - II
INR 39,270Product Code: GDS174 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond - 32 Cents - II
INR 38,080Product Code: GDS197 Origin: South Africa
Natural Diamond -22 Cents
INR 19,800Product Code: GDS195 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 16 Cents - VIII
INR 13,600Product Code: GDS73 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 14 Cents - III
INR 11,900Product Code: GDS10 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 09 Cents - VIII
INR 7,200Product Code: GDS162 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 09 Cents - VI
INR 7,200Product Code: GDS160 Origin: South Africa
Diamond - 09 Cents - XIII
INR 7,200Product Code: GDS167 Origin: South Africa


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