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Diamond is a precious gemstone which is also known as the “Stone of Invincibility” due to its hardness. The undying beauty of a diamond is a symbol of love, purity, royalty and innocence. Diamond is known to offer courage, strength, victory and fortitude to its wearer. Due to the basic property to protect, the diamond is usually associated with Fearless and lightening attributes. Natural Diamond Stone manifests abundance in an individual’s life. The rare and beautiful hira stone amplifies the intent, energies and goals. The vibrations of other crystals too are magnified effectively by the mystic diamond. So, if you are wondering where to buy loose diamonds from look no further. We at Rudra Centre present an exclusive and sparkling range of authentic and certified diamonds online at the best price.

Where To Buy Real Diamonds, Buying Real Diamond Online

It is very important to know the authenticity of the gemstone you are purchasing. It is always advisable to purchase diamonds from a reputed and certified diamond online shop. We, at Rudra Centre offer a range of original and authentic certified loose diamonds which offer desired positive results. These round diamonds can be worn by anyone irrespective of the sun sign or natal chart. We offer a niche range of natural, non-treated and Vedic astrology approved loose diamonds or we can make them as rings or pendants. All the diamonds that we offer are energised and blessed by the in-house experienced and knowledgeable pundits. So, if you are looking for real diamond stone your search ends here.

Heera Stone Benefits And Price:

A genuine and original diamond gemstone is precious and expensive. Loose diamond prices depend upon the clarity, diamond cuts and cent of the diamond stone. We at Rudra Centre are one of the authentic diamond dealers in Mumbai. We offer a wide range of authentic diamond gemstone ranging from INR 5,400 onwards. The brilliant cuts, clarity of these natural diamonds are a beauty to the eyes. You can set the diamond in a ring or get it set in a bracelet. We also help you set the Hira in the desired ornament. The diamonds that we offer come along with a lab certificate. So, shop loose diamonds from Rudra Centre online at the best price.

Diamond Stone Benefits:

The King of gemstones, Diamond is one of the finest creations of Nature. It is the gemstone which symbolizes wealth, riches and royalty. Diamond offer a range of benefits including therapeutic and spiritual benefits like

  • • Helps to manifest abundance.
  • • Helps in meditating
  • • Helps to relieve anxiety, hallucinations, overactive nature and fear
  • • Promotes love and helps in making love and marriage successful
  • • Offers good health and beauty to the wearer
  • • It enhances inner vision of the wearer
  • • The diamond stimulates imagination, ingenuity and creativity.

Apart from the above mentioned Heera benefits the wearer by strengthening the nerves and sensory organs. It strengthens and purifies the functioning of the brain and proves to be beneficial for people having epilepsy. Diamond plays a pivotal role in combatting aging of cells and it helps to restore the energy levels.

Diamond Jewellery:

Diamonds are one of the most revered gemstones since ancient times and formed the symbol of Royalty. Even today, they are highly appreciated and used on special occasions like weddings, engagements, anniversaries and to express love. Diamond engagement rings, diamond necklaces and diamond earrings are few of the most purchased Diamond Jewellery online. Diamonds are not just crystals but are a gateway that connects with a person’s emotional quotient. Diamonds form the best gift that can strengthen any relationship and make the moment a beautiful memory for lifetime. We, at Rudra Centre offer ideal cut diamonds which are un-treated and natural. Apart from traditional occasions, diamonds form the perfect pathway for an individual who feels lost or confused and is able to elevate on a spiritual path. With its loving energy, Diamonds cleanses the aura and removes the void or emptiness by replacing it with purity. So, if you are searching for diamond online or if you want to know the diamond cost, you can browse through our range of diamonds and purchase loose diamonds online.