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About Diffuser Oils

What is Diffuser Oil

Diffuser Oils are made by blending concentrated aromatic natural Essential Oils made from Plant extracts. The aroma or scent of the Plant contributes to good health and healing.When a few drops of these rich oils are mixed with water and used in a Diffuser Oil Burner, it slowly emits the fragrance of the lovely Essential Oil to fill the space it is lit in and also fills up the senses of the individuals in the space. The aroma of the Diffuser Oils stimulates the energy centers or Chakras of the body, heals on physical, emotional, psychological levels.

Diffuser Oil Uses

The Essential Oil blend used as Diffuser Oil is actually used for inhaling the aroma directly,but in some cases,it may cause an allergic reaction. So using the Oils in the Diffuser Oil Burner by mixing with waterworks wonderfully and is equally effective. Diffuser Oils are used for Aromatherapy, which is also used for Chakra Healing. Using Essential Oils as Scent Diffuser Oil is the easiest way to infuse the aroma in the bloodstream and is also a safe way. The Essential Oils also give relief in Skin irritation, pain, muscle cramps when applied on the affected area by mixing with a carrier Oil and has other such healing effects. Each Essential Oil used as Diffuser Oil has its own individual properties and healing benefits on the Chakras and physical ailments.

Diffuser Oil Side Effects - Though using Essential oils (which are concentrated plant extracts), as Diffuser Oil is said to be a safe process, yet care should be taken to use the right quantity or else it may cause irritation, sneezing, or other side effects. Consult an Aromatherapy expert to understand which would be the best Diffuser Oil for you. However, Aromatherapy using the Diffuser Oil method is very popular and has proved successful in Chakra healing and healing of certain ailments. The apt time to use them is especially during Yoga practice and Meditation.

Where to Buy the Best Diffuser Oils

Rudra Centre offers a wide range of natural and best Diffuser Oils, which are used in Diffuser Oil burners for healing purposes. Our collection of Aromafume 7 Chakra Diffuser Oils aids in balancingthe Chakras(energy centers) of the body, aligning them, and ensures that the energy flows through the body easily. There are specific Diffuser Oils for each Chakra of the body that we have. You may also choose to buy a Diffuser Oil set with us. Besides the Chakra Diffuser Oils, there are Aromatic Solution Oils, like, Rose Oil- Water Solution, Kewda Oil- Water Solution, etc. Our collection of the best Essential Oil Diffusers are very popular. These scented Oil Diffusers are made of Ceramic, Rock, and Metal, deftly designed into beautiful Diffusers for you to choose from. Buy Diffuser Oil online with us at the best Diffuser Oil price.

List of the Best Diffuser Oils/Diffuser oil TypesWith Us

The use of Diffuser Oils has increased over the years because of the relaxing, lingering aroma that calms down the mind, helps to heal certain ailments, etc.

Chakra Healing Aroma Oils

Aromafume Muladhara Diffuser Oil (Meant for the Root /Base Chakra), Aromafume Swadhishtana Diffuser Oil - ( For Sacral Chakra), Aromafume Swadhistana Diffuser Oil (Solar Plexus), Aromafume Anahata Diffuser Oil (Heart Chakra), Aromafume Vishuddha Diffuser Oil (Throat Chakra), Aromafume Ajna Diffuser Oil (Third Eye Chakra), Aromafume Sahasrara Diffuser Oil (Crown Chakra)

Other Oils:-

These are concentrated oils that can be mixed with water and used for bathing various Hindu Deities, and it also attracts positive vibrations.

Sandal Oil: Water Solution - Used for bathing God idols.
Rose Oil: Water Solution - Goddess Lakshmi is said to be pleased with this particular fragrance.
Kewda Oil: Water Solution - Offered to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu
Kesar Oil: Water Solution - Used for bathing Lord Krishna.

Diffuser Oil Benefits/ Diffuser Oil Effects

  • The Essential Oils, when used as Diffuser Oils, relieve stress, calm down nerves, and helps to relax.
  • The Diffuser Oils balances and aligns the Chakras of the body.
  • They provide relief from pain, muscles are soothed,giving relief in cramps,
  • Used extensively in Aromatherapy, the Diffuser Oils help to clear congestion of Lungs and helps to breathe freely.
  • Helps in overall good health and living.