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About Diya Wicks, Mouli, Janeu

Diya Wicks, Mouli, Janeu

What is Diya Wick, Mouli and Janeu?

Puja requires a set of ingredients which majorly include Diya Wicks for an oil/ ghee lamp, Mouli for tying around the objects in Puja or around the wrist and Janeu for men. These items are significant and have to be of genuine origin and quality. A Puja is effective when the purest of offerings and ingredients are used. We suggest you buy pure cotton Diya Wicks, Mouli and Janeu from our collection. The prices are minimal and the quality is genuine as always. Our large variety provides plenty of options to choose from and conduct your Puja.

What is the material used for Diya Wicks, Mouli and Janeu?

Cotton Wicks

Thick Cotton Wicks, Thick Round Cotton Wicks, Long Cotton Wicks, Oiled Cotton Wicks, Akhand Jyot Cotton Wicks for Diya (oil lamp) and regular cotton wicks are available in our collection. They are purely made of cotton for puja rituals and other religious ceremonies. They are available in different sizes and sets for the convenience of our valued customers. These readymade Cotton Wicks save the time and effort of an individual. We recommend these to everyone and especially the working class who are always in a hurry. The pooja Cotton Wicks make morning prayer rituals easier and they are a must-have for every Hindu household.


The high-quality Janeu thread bundle in our range does not wear off quickly. Janeu is a sacred thread worn by men to signify that they are bound to keep the three Gunas- Raj, Tam and Satv in control. The knots in the Janeu thread mean that the man wearing it has not forgotten his responsibilities and is bound to the three Gunas. Usually, there is a ceremony held when a boy is at his young age and is adorned with a Janeu. This is a Hindu practice observed by men. It is also said to display the belief one has in the Hindu religion. Buy Janeu thread online from us and the Janeu price varies depending on the set of threads.


Mouli is a coloured holy thread and a part of the puja ingredients. It is made of natural cotton and often tied around the Kalash and offered to God in the Puja rituals. You can buy sacred threads online from our collection. When it is tied around the wrist, it shows the connection between the soul and God. It is also known as Raksha Sutra as it protects the wearer from evil forces and negative spirits.

Organic Wicks

Organically made Lotus Stem Weeks from the Lotus stem fibre and Banana Stem Wicks prepared from the Banana tree are pure and unique. These natural wicks are useful for lighting lamps during special Puja ceremonies as well as daily Puja.

Ghee Wicks

We have different types of Ghee Wicks or known as “Diya Batti” in Hindi in regular and small sizes. Vegetable Ghee is used to soak the cotton wicks and they are to be used directly without adding oil to the lamp. This is a time-saving item and beneficial for many. You can also get Cow Ghee Cotton Wicks for pooja and Shwetark Wicks with Ghee from us. It improves immunity, stability and intellect. Using Shwetark Wicks made of Shwetark roots is good while meditating. It represents Lord Ganesha and is considered to be spiritual.

Diya Cotton Wick, Mouli, Janeu Benefits

  • Lighting a lamp is easier with Diya Wicks
  • Lotus Stem Wicks bring the blessings of Goddess Mahalakshmi and good luck
  • Banana Stem Wicks negate the negative Karma and the dwelling remains disease-free
  • The Mouli tied on the wrist before any Puja acts as a protective shield
  • Wearing Janeu is auspicious for men
  • Genuine quality Diya Wicks from Rudra Centre last a long time
  • Burning a lamp with Diya Wicks removes the negativity and darkness from life

Uses of Diya Wicks, Mouli, Janeu

  • Diya Wicks are used to lighting a lamp
  • Mouli is a part of puja ingredients
  • Mouli thread is also tied on the wrist before the Puja
  • Some even tie Mouli thread around the tree trunk for wish fulfilment
  • Janeu is worn by men

Where to buy Diya Wicks, Mouli, Janeu?

Diya Wicks, Mouli and Janeu are the Puja essentials that one should always have stocked up at home. It is necessary to buy good quality puja items for receiving blessings. Always ensure if the supplier or dealer is genuine and has strong credibility. Using or buying low-quality products should be avoided for spiritual purposes. It is important to offer only the purest of items to the deities.

Why buy Diya Wicks, Mouli, Janeu from Rudra Centre?

We are the pioneer supplier of original spiritual products like puja accessories, meditation accessories, Rudraksha beads, natural gemstones and more. Over the 2 decades, we have been serving thousands of customers around the globe. Our flawless service and high-quality products are the reason we have been on the top. Buy Diya Wicks, Mouli and Janeu to conduct your puja with ease. We provide fast and safe worldwide delivery which allows our customers to shop from any part of the world. If there are any queries while shopping, you can easily get in touch with one of our client coordinators.

Diya Wicks, Mouli, Janeu Price

Items for daily Puja and special Pujas such as Diya Wicks, Mouli and Janeu have nominal rates. There are variants of these products so the prices differ as per the quantity and design.