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About Gemstone Dowsers

Rudra Centre presents an extensive and exclusive collection of gemstone Dowsers made of Rudraksha and Gemstones. Dowsing pendulums you can buy online are widely used for detecting blocked Chakras, and healing and balancing them. Gemstone pendulums are used as a tool that tune to the energies of a person and provide answers to various aspects of life.

Crystal pendulum dowsing is utilized to identify and seek the exact reasons behind the imbalances that lead to poor health and identify appropriate therapies. Gemstone pendulums are also used to find imbalance in Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress.

Uses and Benefits of Gemstone Dowsers and Pendulums

In our living surroundings, we subconsciously imprint the energy of our anxieties, disappointments, rage, and even disease. They are imprinted in distinct energy frequencies characterized by ideas, emotions, and so forth. Then, when we interact with these energies in our daily lives, they continually remind us of the ideas and feelings that brought them to us in the first place. We may become stuck in a rut when it comes to energy. Dowsing pendants work in a subtle but active manner to help us to break these patterns and energetic routines into new clear and balanced habits more aligned with our natural energies.

Dowsing is your perfect intuitive guide. You can choose the right business, career, life partner and job through dowsing. Gemstone pendulums pick up subtle vibrations to relieve emotional or physical pain caused due to chakra imbalance.

Crystal pendulums are used as intuitive guidance to choose and make decisions relating to career, business and relationships. They are also known as divination dowsing pendulums for divination pendants because of their guidance. Dowsing crystals are also used for identifying blocked or underactive chakras and finding the reasons for the underlying imbalance.

Various Types of Gemstone Dowsers

We at Rudra Centre offer a wide-ranging collection of Rudraksha and Gemstone dowsers. Dowsing crystals and dowsing pendants to buy online with us at the best pendulum cost it is available from us online.

Rudraksha Dowsers can be custom made of any mukhi Rudraksha being a popular one the big size energized 6 mukhi Rudraksha Dowser from Nepal.

Gemstone dowsing pendulums for sale are available in a vast array to choose from our collection. Below is an example of various types of dowsing pendulum for sale we have online:

Sphatik Dowser - This gemstone pendulum with a silver chain is made of natural Sphatik gemstone. Buy Clear Sphatik dowsing Crystals to harmonize the aura around you and to remove all the negative energy around.

Amethyst Dowser - This gemstone pendulum with a silver chain is made of natural Amethyst gemstone. Amethyst is a gem of spirituality and contentment. Purchasing Amethyst dowser online is a powerful choice as it has the renowned ability to absorb negative energy while releasing positive energy. It is seen as a stone of wisdom as it increases one’s psychic awareness and encourages peace and stability.

Green Jade Dowser - This gemstone pendulum with a silver chain is made of natural Green Jade gemstone. Green Jade is related to heart chakra and can attract and improve love of all kinds. It is also a gem of fidelity and generosity. Buy Green Jade dowser online to improve your relationships.

Sunstone Dowser - This gemstone pendulum with a silver chain is made of natural Sunstone. The stimulating qualities of Sunstone further promote energies of fearlessness, energy and positivity when used in Reiki for Chakra healing. Buy Sunstone dowser online to boost your vitality.

Howlite Dowser - This gemstone pendulum with a silver chain is made of natural Howlite gemstone. The Howlite dowser further promotes gentle energies of patience, calmness and relieves stress when used in Reiki for Chakra healing. Buy Howlite dowser online to find relief from stressing situations.

Red Jasper Dowser - This gemstone pendulum with a silver chain is made of natural Red Jasper gemstone. Jasper is a stone of tenderness and relaxation. It increases one's ability to relax and brings tranquility, comfort, wholeness, healing, and gentle wind-ups. It is occasionally called the nurturing stone for its nurturing and protective energies.

Black Tourmaline Dowser - This gemstone pendulum with a silver chain is made of natural Black Tourmaline gemstone. Black Tourmaline brings good luck, success, fame, popularity, happiness and prosperity. Black Tourmaline activates the heart Chakra which is the seat of abundance and fulfilment of all desires. It promotes creativity, imagination and expression skills.

Seven Stone Dowser - This seven stone dowser with a silver chain is made of natural gemstones which correspond with the seven major Chakras. The power of seven gemstones helps dispel fears and the negative thought patterns and stimulates the corresponding chakras. This dowsing crystals combination is made of the following gemstones:

  • Amethyst for Crown Chakra - It opens you to the deeper experiences of our soul and initiates wisdom and understanding.
  • Lapis Lazuli for Third eye chakra – It helps promote self-awareness and unveils inner truth.
  • Turquoise for Throat Chakra – It encourages clear communication and brings mental peace.
  • Green Jade for Heart Chakra – It heals guilt and increases self-trust.
  • Yellow Jade for Solar plexus – It brings cheerfulness and vitality.
  • Orange Jade for Sacral Chakra – It encourages interconnectedness and brings joy.
  • Red Jasper for Root Chakra – It restores balance and brings strength.

Buy a Seven Stone dowser online to balance your seven chakras.

Buy Online Gemstone Dowsers at best Prices from Rudra Centre

When it comes to Gemstones Rudra Centre has an international sourcing and distributing network from all parts of the world, and two decades of experience in gemstones therapy, gemstones research and dealing only with natural and untreated, unheated, gemstones.

We are a largely established provider in the market at the forefront of the highest quality gemstones and Rudraksha beads. Pendulum dowsing online and spiritual pendulums for sale were never easiest to find of the highest quality and wide range of variety as we offer for sale. If you are looking for beautifully shaped and designed real crystal pendulums, we have a wide collection of them to buy.

Rudra Centre is the world's first ISO 9001:2015 accredited Rudraksha and Gemstones organization. We are the leading global suppliers of authentic, superior quality and the widest range of spiritual and healing products and services. Our core strength is our deep knowledge and research on the products and the correct methodology of their usage as per Vedic wisdom.

With over 22,000 testimonials from satisfied clients worldwide and an international distribution network, we are sure to satisfy your spiritual needs.