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About Durga Idols

Durga Idols: Buy Durga Idols for Home, Cost of Durga Idols, Bengali Durga Idol Online

Goddess Durga is popularly known as Devi, Shakti and is considered as the root cause of creation, maintenance and destruction. Whenever demonic forces torment the divine, godly men, Durga through Her inconceivable energies checks such forces at once. The Shiva Purana mentions Her conquest over the demonic king Mahishasura. Armed with the celestial weapons, Goddess Durga takes on all the demonic forces. Therefore, one must worship Durga for driving away all the negativity from their personal and professional lives. Durga is honored with devotion during the festival of Durga Puja in her ten divine forms kushmanda, chandraghanta, brahmacharini, shailaputri, skandamata, katyayani, kalaratri, mahagauri, Mahakali and Durga.

Rudra Centre has a wide range of Durga idols in different gemstones. These idols are made from a single piece of natural gemstones, giving you grace of the deity as well as power of gemstone’s energy.

Durga Idol In Blue Sapphire, Small Durga Idol For Car Dashboard

Rudra Centre offers Durga Idols made of natural Blue Sapphire. Worshiping Durga daily keeps all the negative energy at bay. On top of this, the Blue sapphire stone is associated with intuition, concentration and clarity of thoughts. Placing this idol in your abode would attract opportunities of success and strengthen your spiritual progress.

Durga Murti in Sphatik (Crystal), Durga Maa Idols for Home

Rudra Centre offers Durga Idols made of natural Sphatik or Crystal. Worshiping Durga daily keeps all the negative energy at bay. On top of tis, the Crystal stone is associated with retaining the energy of meditation and mantra chanting. Install this Murti in the north direction in your temple room or meditation room. Buy Durga idols online made of crystal stone at best price.

Durga Idol In Green Jade, Durga idols for Temple, Cost of Durga Idols

Of all the gemstones, the mineral Green Jade is associated with love, compassion, trust, reliability, peace, protection and tranquillity. Worshiping or meditating on Durga idol made of Green Jade balances your Heart Chakra. Buy Durga murti online at best price from Rudra Centre.

Maha Kali in Gomed, Durga Maa Idols buy Online

Maha Kali is one of the fiercest manifestations of Durga. She is associated with Kala or the Great Time that plays the most essential role in creating, maintaining and destroying the material manifestations of the cosmos. Meditating on Maha Kali in Gomed or Hessonite gives you strength to start and finish your undertakings on time and manifest Divine abundance. Buy Maa Durga murti idols online at best price

Maa Durga Idol in Ruby, Durga Idol Face, Statue of Durga Idols, Durga Maa Idols buy Online

Rudra Centre offers Maa Durga idols made from a single piece of Ruby mineral. Ruby is associated with brilliance, power and vision. It also influences Manipura Chakra. Having this deity at your place gives you the divine grace of Durga and power of Ruby stone. Best for businessmen and industrialists having leadership role in their profession. Buy Durga statues online at best price.