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Significance of Diyas

Lighting Diyas or Oil Lamps, is part of Hindu Puja ritual and has been practiced since ancient times. The significance of lighting a Diya is profound in Vedic rituals. In temples a Diya is always seen lit near the Deity. In Puja altars at home, a Diya is used for performing Aarti of the Deity and a Diya is lit and kept through the day or through the Puja duration. Lighting a Diya is significant in inviting the fire energy, which purifies the atmosphere by eliminating negative energies. Lighting Diyas bring prosperity and good luck.

When we light a Diya it signifies that we are surrendering our self to the Divine, acknowledging Him as the truth. The flame of the Diya signifies illumination of my mind, knowledge that shows us the way with its light. The Oil in the Diya symbolizes our negative aspects, be it thoughts, intentions, envy and other lower emotions. The wick stands for our ego, which is lit to dissolve the ego, or rather burn it out along with our negativity, leaving us to face the truth about self. The flame also represents our soul.

When conducting a Puja ceremony, the Pandit always lights the Diya first, to invoke the Divine energies, the Deity of worship in that ceremony. The Sankalpa or intention of conducting the Puja is also set after lighting the Diya.

Different kinds of oils are also used for Diyas during Puja purposes, like, Ghee(clarified Butter), Mustard Oil, Til Oil(Sesame Oil or Gingerly oil) etc. Many times the oil of Diya is selected as per the Deity being worshipped.

Diyas for Pujas and Diwali

There are different Diya types as they are made of different materials, such as, Brass, Silver, Earthen/clay and other materials. Brass Diyas are very popular and found in almost every Hindu house. Earthen Diyas have been used since times unknown, as they are made from the most easily available, natural material, Earth, and which can be easily moulded to any shape. The clay Oil Lamps are the purest form of lamps and said to be endowed with good Spirit. Earthen Diyas were also used as a source of light as there was no electricity in ancient times. The tradition of lighting Earthen Diyas continues till date during the festival of Diwali or Deepavali. The Diya is also known as Deep, Deepam, Diyo, Diva etc.

Diwali is famous Worldwide as the 'festival of lights', a festival which denotes the victory of good over evil. Legend has it that the kingdom of Ayodhya was completely lit up with Diyas to welcome Lord Shri Rama, post 14 years of exile in the forest and after defeating Ravana, it is since then that Diwlai is celebrated by lighting Diyas. The word Deepavali is a compound of 'Deep' meaning Diya, and 'vali' means rows. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides in brightly lit houses and therefore Diyas and lights are the order of Diwali as Goddess Lakshmi is the deity invoked in this festival to bless the house with prosperity, wealth, abundance. It is a delight to see Diyas lining houses, offices, shops spreading its light, joy and positivity everywhere in India. Each day of Diwali, a certain number of Diyas is to be lit, which has its own significance. Beside the Puja Alter, Decorative Diyas are lit outside the entrance of the dwelling to usher in the auspicious energies.

During the festival of Diwali (Deepavali), Diyas start from simple Earthen or clay Diyas to beautiful decorative Diyas of all sizes and designs, including designer clay Diyas and Diyas of other materials, like Gemstone Diyas etc. In today's time candles, tea-lights are also lit in the festival of Diwali, along with clay Diyas. People want to decorate their houses with the best of things and the Diyas are a big part of it. Therefore, decorative Diyas, designer Diyas are available at the click of a button, during Diwali Diya online shopping.

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Rudra Centre has an amazing array of Decorative Diyas, of different sizes, in some of the most alluring designs. Our collection includes a wide range of choice for you to choose from, with Colourful Diyas which are Earthen, available in sets of twos or fours, are painstakingly pottered by deft hands, painted with stunning colours, adorned with ideal accessories and look outstanding. There are beautifully handcrafted Gemstone Diyas , Tea-light lamps in lovely Agate Gemstone holders of various colours and other designer Diyas which are irresistible and perfect for your home or workspace for the Diwali festival. Our extensive offering of Diwali Diyas for sale online are most popular. Our Gemstone Decorative Diyas are packed in pretty boxes, available in sets and are ready for gifting to your near and dear ones during the festival of Diwali. You can choose from the variety of decorative Diyas we offer and buy online with us. When you place the order of decorative Diya online with us, we deliver it to you, safely packed within a few days. Buy fancy Diya online with us at the best Diya price.

Fancy and Colorful Decorative Diyas for Sale with Us

Our collection of fancy and colourful decorative Diyas are of the best quality.

1) Decorative Earthen Lamps - Made of clay, we offer numerous designs and styles of the Earthen Lamps or Diyas. Handmade with care and precision, the Diyas are painted in bright festive hues with Fabric colour. They are in various sizes, with traditional aesthetic decorative designs, in which you can use any Oil. The option of Earthen Lamps with wax is also available. The Decorative Earthen Lamps come in sets of four or two Diyas, they truly match the festive mood of Diwali and are must buy.

2) Agate Gemstone Diyas with Wax Candles - These are available in various colours, like Blue Agate, Green Agate, Rainbow Colour Agate and many other colours. Agate Gemstone Diyas are designed to hold a T-light Candle, polished top, the sides are organically patterned in electroplated Gold/Silver and Rose Gold finish, making them elegant. Beside the benefits of the transmuting Fire energy, adding the festive lights to your home in Diwali, Agate stone brings its qualities along with the warm glow of the lamp. Agate gemstone is a calming stone, bringing inner balance. They come in single pieces or sets of two and are packed in beautiful gift boxes, they make appreciative gifts for Diwali.

3) Gemstone Diyas - As Gemstones are blessed with natural healing qualities, the Gemstone Diyas we offer not only serve as decorative lamps but also bring their individual healing benefits into your house. Available in different sizes and shapes, like star shape, normal Diya shape, designed to hold four wicks and other designs. They are carved from natural Gemstones into neat shapes with smooth finish and are reusable. You are presented with a variety of Gemstone Diyas to choose from, like, Jade stone of different colours, Rose Quartz, Sunstone, Unakite, Agate Diyas of various hues and a pallet of other beneficial gemstone Diyas. They are available in sets of twos or fours and also come in gift packing. Spread the joys of Diwali at home, workspace and gift them to near and dear ones.

Other Decorative Diyas include aesthetically designed, bright, Wooden Diyas, lovely Floral decorative Diyas, mesmerizing painted Brass Diyas designed like blooming Flowers and other Decorative Diyas, which hold T-light candles.