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Garlic Oil
Product Code : PEO20

INR 640 | USD 8.00

Basil Oil
Product Code : PEO11

INR 715 | USD 8.94

Lemon Oil
Product Code : PEO36

INR 795 | USD 9.94

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About Essential Oils

About Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils are concentrated volatile fragrant compounds extracted from Plants, Herbs, Seeds, Leaves, Fruit, Bark, Flowers, etc. These Oils are termed essential because of the characteristic "essence" or aroma/scent which it is extracted from its natural source. The Oils retain the natural fragrance of the Plant. These oils are used extensively for therapy purposes ranging from skin treatment to Cancer remedies. They are also popularly used for soaps, in cosmetics, like, Creams, Lotions, Attars, Perfumes and also as flavouring agents for food.

In recent years, Essential Oils has been used by Holistic Healers for Aroma Therapy, which has gained in popularity. An alternative branch of medicine claims that natural Essential Oils have corrective effects on the body. They calm the body and mind and stimulate glands and hormones which is said to heal some ailments and diseases. Each Essential Oil has its respective healing properties and benefits.

The extraction process used in Essential Oils is mostly Steam Distillation and other methods like Cold Pressing, Solvent Extraction, etc. The extraction process of natural and pure Essential Oils has to be organic. Chemical process used for extraction does not yield natural Essential Oils and so it is not suitable for using for Aroma Therapy.

Essential Oil Price

Essential Oil price primarily depends on the extraction process by which the aroma or essence has been isolated from the source and on supply and demand of the particular pure Essential Oil, like the Almond Oil or Armoise Oil may cost more than other Essential Oils as the source of extraction is costly or rare. So, every Essential Oil price is different for the same quantity. When you buy Essential Oils online shopping, you have to be careful so that you buy natural and pure Essential Oils. It can be difficult for a common person to ensure that the Essential Oil is pure and organically extracted. The Essential Oils wholesale suppliers are aware of the method of extraction which is used for the bulk Essential Oils they have as they supply in huge quantities to stores or industries. If you find cheap Essential Oils online, they may not be pure Essential Oils. Purchase Essential Oils online from a trusted and reputed store or dealer. For Aroma Therapy using organically extracted pure Essential Oils gives the desired outcome.

Best Place To Buy Essential Oils Online

Rudra Centre has a wide collection of the finest quality, organically extracted, natural, pure Essential Oils for sale online for you to choose from. We have the best Essential Oils online which are available at the best Essential Oil price. The range of Essential Oils we offer is also used to strengthen the main Chakras of the body, as support to healing Chakras. Our collection also includes a natural Essential Oil set, consisting of some of the most useful and admired Essential Oils from Seeds/Flowers, in a pretty box. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones. Order Essential Oils online with us and you will be delivered your order within a few days.

List of Top Essential Oils We Offer

1) Lavender Oil
2) Harshingar Oil
3) Chamomile Roman Oil
4) Jasmine Grandiflora Oil
5) Lemongrass Oil
6) Tea Tree Oil
7) Eucalyptus Oil
8) Frankincense Oil
9) Ylang Ylang Oil
10) Lemon Oil

Usage of Essential Oils

Buy organic Essential Oils from us and use them to benefit from their healing properties.

  • Add a few drops to your bathwater (preferably hot water)
  • Add a drop or two to massage oil when taking massage
  • Use in a diffuser at the home, office, shop by adding a few drops in a bit of water and let the aroma relax you and also be benefited from the other healing properties of that pure Essential Oil.
  • You can also rub a drop in your palms and apply it on body parts or inhale your hands to get relief.

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