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Famous Books on Numerology

Numerology is the art of analyzing one’s personality traits and characteristics from the numbers in their birth date, birth month, and year. Our range of advanced Numerology books has some of the best books with reliable information. Numbers play an important role in our lives and the concept of Numerology helps in predicting future happenings or events.


Wonders of Numbers

Wonders of Numbers by Pt. Gopal Sharma is a great creation that emphasizes the power of numbers. It covers topics like how to choose friends, how to find fortunate years, months and days and a lot more interesting things.


Cheiro’s Numerology focuses on the significance of the birth numbers, what they represent, and their effects. This book also has the remedies to remove the negative effects of the unlucky numbers. It is written so proficiently using layman’s terms that even a beginner can get to learn a lot about Numerology.

The Book of Fate and Fortune

This book explains the science of Numerology and its relation with human life as well as the occult significance. It is one of the best Numerology books by Count Louis Hamon (Cheiro) and helps understand the system of Numerology very easily.

Cheiro's Astro - Numerology and Your Star

Cheiro's Astro - Numerology and Your Star is a guide to learn how to calculate the Astro-Numerology of a person. The topic is explained very well in this book and it focuses on how the numbers and positions of planets affect the personality traits of a person.

Wonderful World of Numbers

It is truly a wonderful book on Numerology as the author Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi has given the easiest methods to find out your lucky number and root number. Wonderful World of Numbers also tells the future prediction for people with different ruling numbers from 1 to 9.

Magic of Numbers

With simple narration and graphic illustrations, Magic of Numbers by Pt. V.K. Sharma is a good choice to learn the details of every number and graph mathematically. Apart from this, it also gives information on the date of birth with month, lucky number, lucky colors, lucky gems, and more.

Diagnosis of Diseases By Palmistry and Numerology

A fascinating topic like the diagnosis of diseases by Palmistry and Numerology is explained in this book. Dr. Satish Chandar Agarwal has been practicing Astrology for the past 30 years and his rich experience in the field reflects in the books as he shares wonderful knowledge.

Secrets of Numerology

The Secrets of Numerology is based on real-life cases and gives knowledge about the Indian system of Occult Science. Things like making your numerical chart and analyzing your character can be learned from this book.

Lucky Numerology 1 - Money, Position, Fame

Learn Numerology from this amazing book by Veejay Raj who is a Master Numerologist. This book helps people succeed by understanding the concept of Lucky Numerology and applying it in their lives.


All the books in this collection are in the English language and the terms are quite easy to understand. The overall proficiency is excellent and quite helpful for beginners who want to study Numerology. This collection is also useful to those who want to research in this field.


The books are available in Paperback format which lessens the cost and weight. You can carry these copies anywhere you want to and also gift to your dear ones.

Where to buy it?

When it comes to buying books, it is necessary to ensure that you get the original copy. You can check the back cover of the book to check the details. There can be duplicate copies in the market so always buy books from a trusted seller like Rudra Centre.

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Rudra Centre has a wide range of spiritual books that are original and have the best information. We deliver across the world so you can order your favorite Numerology book online from us. You can even seek advice from our experts if you have any questions while buying the books.

Numerology Books Price

The books are priced reasonably and you can get at the best rates from Rudra Centre. The knowledge that you get from these books is invaluable and worth the price.