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Tilaks (Powders & Pastes)

Wide range of Fragrant Sindoor/Scented Tilaks for Puja and other purposes. Kumkum powder, Turmeric powder (Haldi), Ashtagandha, etc. are the basic essential items that are required for daily Puja. You can buy Sindoor online at the best price from our large collection today. We have the purest pooja powders and sindoor to use while worshipping and during other religious events.

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Rudra Centre Online Collection

Mehandi coneMehandi cone
Mehandi cone
Product Code: PI83 INR 20
Haldi - KumkumHaldi - Kumkum
Haldi Kumkum
Product Code: HKC06 INR 25 - 125
Kesar Ashtagandha PowderKesar Ashtagandha Powder
Kesar Ashtagandha Powder
Product Code: KAP01 INR 35
Kesar - SaffronKesar - Saffron
Kesar (Saffron)
Product Code: PI18 INR 51 - 750
Hanumani SindoorHanumani Sindoor
Hanumani Sindoor
Product Code: PI50 INR 75 - 300
Javadhu PowderJavadhu Powder
Javadhu Powder
Product Code: SI06 INR 100
Red Sandal pasteRed Sandal paste
Red Sandal Paste
Product Code: PI46 INR 120 - 240
Ashtagandha pasteAshtagandha paste
Ashtagandha Paste
Product Code: PI47 INR 120 - 240
Colourful Tilak Sticks - Set of 4Colourful Tilak Sticks - Set of 4
Colourful Tilak Sticks & Powders
Product Code: PI56 INR 125 - 270
Roli AsliRoli Asli
Roli Asli
Product Code: EXH85 INR 125
Madurai Turmeric PowderMadurai Turmeric Powder
Madurai Turmeric Powder
Product Code: SIP03 INR 130 - 350
Kuber Kumkum PowderKuber Kumkum Powder
Kuber Kumkum Powder
Product Code: PI119 INR 135 - 210
Product Code: PI101 INR 140 - 250
Kesari GandhKesari Gandh
Kesari Gandh
Product Code: PI01 INR 155 - 1,250
Product Code: PI48 INR 175 - 250
Meenakshi Kumkum PowderMeenakshi Kumkum Powder
Meenakshi Kumkum Powder
Product Code: SIP01 INR 180 - 550
Holi GulalHoli Gulal
Holi Gulal
Product Code: HLG03 INR 200
Holi Pichkari - Water Spray GunHoli Pichkari - Water Spray Gun
Holi Pichkari - Water Spray Gun
Product Code: HP01 INR 200
Holi Gulal - Set of two colorsHoli Gulal - Set of two colors
Holi Gulal - Set of two colors
Product Code: HFG02 INR 200
Oudh Powder from South IndiaOudh Powder from South India
Oudh Powder from South India
Product Code: OPS01 INR 225 - 1,025
Tilak sticks with Tilak stampTilak sticks with Tilak stamp
Tilak sticks with Tilak stamp
Product Code: PI57 INR 225 - 1,350
Kadamba PowderKadamba Powder
Kadamba Powder
Product Code: PI118 INR 225 - 750
Red Sandal PowderRed Sandal Powder
Red Sandal Powder
Product Code: PSW02 INR 230 - 375
Theertha Abhishek PowderTheertha Abhishek Powder
Theertha Abhishek Powder
Product Code: PI24 INR 260 - 525
Kasthuri Turmeric PowderKasthuri Turmeric Powder
Kasthuri Turmeric Powder
Product Code: SIP04 INR 275 - 525
Herbal Tooth PowderHerbal Tooth Powder
Herbal Tooth Powder
Product Code: PI104 INR 275
Sandal PasteSandal Paste
Sandal Paste
Product Code: PI45 INR 300 - 3,500
Cow Dung AshCow Dung Ash
Cow Dung Ash
Product Code: PI108 INR 300 - 1,200
Haldi Kumkum SetHaldi Kumkum Set
Haldi Kumkum Set
Product Code: SI09 INR 300
Guggal PowderGuggal Powder
Guggal Powder
Product Code: PI05 INR 325 - 1,500
Durva Grass PowderDurva Grass Powder
Durva Grass Powder
Product Code: PI129 INR 325
Bel Patra powderBel Patra powder
Bel Patra Powder
Product Code: PI128 INR 325
Exotic 108 Herbs powderExotic 108 Herbs powder
Exotic 108 Herbs powder
Product Code: EH02 INR 350 - 725
Sugandh Sargam PowderSugandh Sargam Powder
Sugandh Sargam Powder
Product Code: SIP06 INR 355 - 650
Aragaja Exotic PasteAragaja Exotic Paste
Aragaja Exotic Paste
Product Code: PI58 INR 360
Punugu Exotic TilakPunugu Exotic Tilak
Punugu Exotic Tilak
Product Code: PI53 INR 360
Ashtagandha PowderAshtagandha Powder
Ashtagandha Powder
Product Code: PI55 INR 380 - 500
Rudraksha Face PowderRudraksha Face Powder
Rudraksha Face Powder
Product Code: RFP01 INR 425 - 1,400
Mysore Sandal paste (premium quality)Mysore Sandal paste (premium quality)
Mysore Sandal Paste (Premium Quality)
Product Code: PI123 INR 425 - 1,145
Kamakhya SindoorKamakhya Sindoor
Kamakhya Sindoor
Product Code: PI04 INR 575 - 3,200
Holi Gulal - Set of six colorsHoli Gulal - Set of six colors
Holi Gulal - Set of six colors
Product Code: HFG01 INR 600
Hindu tilak setHindu tilak set
Hindu Tilak Set
Product Code: PI43 INR 600
Rudraksha PowderRudraksha Powder
Rudraksha Powder
Product Code: PI100 INR 675 - 1,100
Red Sandal StickRed Sandal Stick
Red Sandal Stick
Product Code: PSW04 INR 675
Holi SetHoli Set
Holi Set
Product Code: HFS01 INR 875
Mysore Sandalwood PowderMysore Sandalwood Powder
Mysore Sandalwood Powder
Product Code: PSW05 INR 955 - 1,850
Mogra PowderMogra Powder
Mogra Powder
Product Code: PI63 INR 1,050 - 2,100
Kasturi powderKasturi powder
Kasturi powder
Product Code: PI59 INR 1,050 - 2,000
Heena PowderHeena Powder
Heena Powder
Product Code: PI65 INR 1,130 - 2,200
Khus powderKhus powder
Khus powder
Product Code: PI62 INR 1,350 - 2,700
Sandal StickSandal Stick
Sandal Stick
Product Code: PSW03 INR 1,600
Exotic Sandal pasteExotic Sandal paste
Exotic Sandal Paste
Product Code: PI70 INR 2,800


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