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About Fragrant Sindoor Tilaks

Fragrant Sindoor Online

What is Sindoor?

Sindoor or Vermillion is applied to the deity idols. There are different types of Sindoor. The Red Sindoor, often called Kumkum, is worn on the forehead by married women; they apply it as it signifies the love and longevity of their spouse. Sindoor has been mentioned in the old scriptures and Puranas as well. The famous epic Ramayana has an event where Lord Hanuman asked Sita why she wears Sindoor and she replied that it shows her love for her husband, Lord Rama. Later Lord Hanuman came completely clad in Sindoor but the Orange Sindoor. Upon asking why He did clad himself with Sindoor, to which Lord Hanuman replied he too wanted to express His love and devotion towards Lord Rama. Such is the significance of Sindoor (Red or Orange) and that is why it is used to date.

What are the different types of Sindoor?

Kumkum Powder

We have Haldi, Red Kumkum (called as Sindoor too), Kuber Kumkum and a lot more available at nominal prices. All the products are of top quality and have a good shelf life. The Kamakhya Sindoor is directly sourced from the Kamakhya Devi temple in Assam. It is to be used for Puja purposes since it has the energies and blessings of the Goddess.

Tilak Sticks

Sindoor/Tilak is made in a stick form for applying on the forehead of the sadhaks/worshippers and deity idols. The Tilak sticks come in different colours and the set also includes a Tilak stamp. We have a pure Sandal stick for making its paste and we provide the stone slab too.

Sandal Paste

You can find Red Sandal Paste, Sandal Paste, Aragaja Paste, Punugu Paste, Mysore Sandal Paste of premium quality and Ashtagandha Paste in our range of products. These are used while performing Puja rituals to apply to deity idols or photo frames.

Deity, Chakra and Purpose associated with particular Sindoor

Red Sindoor is mainly used for applying Tilak to the deity idols and photo frames. Red Sindoor (Red Kumkum) also has importance for married women as it indicates the marital status of women. As it is applied on the forehead which implies an association with Ajna Chakra. Applying Sindoor improves concentration and keeps the mind calm. It is beneficial for Third Eye or Ajna Chakra.

Importance of Sindoor

It signifies the feminine aspect and is usually applied to the Goddesses’ idols in the temples and offered to other deities as well. Hindu women follow this custom of applying Red Sindoor once they are married. It is considered to be a sign of respect for the husband. Most importantly, the red colour signifies fertility, female energy and strength. Many women fill their parting line on the head (known as ‘maang’ in Hindi) with Sindoor (Red Vermillion) but as the times have evolved modern women prefer applying a small amount of Sindoor on the forehead.

Where to buy Sindoor?

Genuine quality Sindoor should be preferably bought from a reputable dealer like Rudra Centre. The most naturally prepared Sindoor and other powders, pastes, etc. for Puja are available in our collection. With a wide array of Sindoor and Tilak online, we also specialize in providing precisely inscribed Yantra, idols of deities and all types of Puja accessories. Products like Sindoor may have synthetic substances that are harmful to the skin so it is necessary to check the details and genuineness before buying.

Why Rudra Centre is the ideal place for buying the best Sindoor online?

We are a certified spiritual organization with expertise in holistic healing. Our huge collection of Sindoor has Hanumani Sindoor (Orange Sindoor), Madurai Turmeric powder, Javadhu powder, Abeer, Gulal, Kuber Kumkum powder, Kadamba powder, Theertha Abhishek powder, Kasthuri Turmeric powder, Javadhu Vibhuti, Sugandh Sargam powder, Punugu Exotic Tilak, Aragaja Exotic Paste, Red Sandal Powder, Tilak sticks with Tilak stamp, Ashtagandha Powder, Kamakhya Sindoor, Hindu Tilak set, Red Sandal Stick, Mysore Sandal paste (premium quality), Cow Dung Ash, Sandal Stick, Mysore Sandalwood Powder, Exotic Sandal paste, Navgraha Vibhuti – Bhasma, Brihadeeswar Vibhuti, Meenakshi Kumkum Powder, Kesari Gandh, etc. These products are genuine and prepared with utmost care to ensure that they do not cause any allergic reactions to the user and the Puja rituals are carried out smoothly. We also offer assistance on live chat and call to assist our customers with any queries they may have. Make your Red Sindoor online purchase at Rudra Centre today.

Sindur Price

There are different types of powders and pastes for Puja rituals in this category available for reasonable prices. Their rates may vary depending on the quantity of the product. Buy Sindoor online and get at the best prices from us.