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Fresh Leaves Uses

During Hindu Puja rituals, Yajnas, Homams, and auspicious ceremonies, the use of Fresh Leaves and Flowers as an offering to the Divine Deities, is a practice followed since time immemorial. It is also common to offer fresh leaves, like Durva Grass, Bel Patra, Tulsi leaves during daily Puja (worship) at homes and in temples. These Pooja leaves are from different Trees and Plants, they have specifications in order to be suitable for offering and they each have special meanings that are considered sacred.

Each type of fresh leaves is offered to a specific God or Goddess, as it is supposed to be the favorite of that Deity. For example, Bel Patra or Bilva leaves are offered on Shivling as it is said to please Lord Shiva, Durva Grass is favorite of Lord Ganesha and is essential leaves for Ganesh Puja, etc. These fresh leaves also have natural therapeutic qualities, for which juices or pastes of these leaves are used to heal diseases and ailments.

The Trees and Plants of the various fresh Pooja leaves grow commonly and are available in the local markets in India. However, the Hindus who live outside India and certain parts of India, do not have easy access to the fresh leaves for Pooja.

Rudra Centre offers the complete range of best quality Pooja Leaves for you to buy online. These Fresh Leaves which we offer are selected carefully by our team, expertly packed to reach your doorstep fresh and in perfect condition for you to use. Our aim is to provide you with the fresh leaves you require, in all seasons, under one roof, without having to step out of your home. Our international clients and clients in India have appreciated the quality and freshness of the Pooja leaves when they have ordered online with us. The price of fresh leaves which we offer is the best.

List of Fresh Pooja Leaves Available with Us:

Durva Grass - Primarily offered to Lord Ganesha, Durva is a variety of grass. These Ganesh Pooja leaves have three blades on the tip of the Grass shoot, without which, it cannot be used for Pooja purposes, etc. Durva Grass is an integral part of Lord Ganesha’s worship. Used during Vinayaka Chavithi (Ganesh Chaturthi) in Temples, Puja Pandals and at home, Ganesh Puja) for worshipping and pleasing the Lord during the festival. Durva is said to have the highest ability to attract the Ganesha principle. Durva Grass is also tied around the finger in certain rituals by the worshipper. Durva Grass also has medicinal values.

Bel Patra - Also called Bilva leaves, are leaves of the Bel (Bilwa) Tree is said to be a favorite of Lord Shiva and compulsory for His Worship. Offered on top of the Linga, these leaves for Shiva Puja can be used when they have 3 leaves on one stalk. The easiest way to please Bholenath Shiva is to offer Bel Patra and Water on the Shivlinga. Available with us are the special rare Char Dal Bel Patra and rare Panch Dal Bel Patra, which have four leaves and five leaves on a stalk, respectively, and are very auspicious.

Tulsi Leaves - High on medicinal value, the Tulsi leaves are offered to Lord Vishnu, the preserver and protector of creation and all that is. The Tulasi plant is worshipped as a Goddess by Hindus and is also known as Hari Priya, Hari is Lord Vishnu. The Tulsi leaves are the only Pooja leaves which can be reused, meaning, after being offered, it can be washed and used again. Tulsi leaves and plants have a purifying effect. So the Tulsi leaves are offered in Naivedyam, Prasadam, etc.

Mango Leaves - The Mango leaves are considered auspicious and are harbingers of prosperity and fertility. Used to place on the mouth of the Puja Kalash(pot) during Puja rituals, a string of Mango leaves are used as Torans to hang outside the main entrance door during auspicious occasions and festivals.

Betel Leaves - The auspicious Betel Leaves are offered a Pooja leaves along with Betel Nut and a Coin during Puja ceremonies. It is known as Pan or Paan.

Banana Leaves - Used to offer Naivedyam, distribute Prasadam, etc. A traditional Indian meal is best served on Banana leaves.

Other Puja Leaves and sacred Plants available are - Neem leaves which have many medicinal benefits.

Sacred Plants - Nepal Rudraksha Plant, Betel Plant, Shami Plant: worshipped to please Shani Dev and to be protected from ill effects of malefic Shani (planet Saturn), Amla Plant, Vishu Kani Kona Plant which is associated with Lord Krisha and worshipped in South of India in Vishu.