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About Ganesh yantra Locket

What is Ganesh yantra lockets

The Ganesh Yantra lockets are lockets are pendants that have Lord Ganesh murti engraved on it on one side and the Ganesh Yantra engraved on the other side of the pendant. We at Rudra Centre offer a wide range of Ganesh Yantra lockets which are meticulously crafted in various designs. All the Ganesh Yantra pendants that we offer also have the mantra engraved of Lord Ganesh on it which amplifies its power. Lord Ganesh is one of the prime deities in Hinduism. He is worshipped before all the other Gods and before beginning a new venture, a relationship, new house, new office and like, Lord Ganesha is worshipped. He is the God who removes obstacles, offers success, wit and strength to overcome difficulties and He blesses his devotees with peace, success, and abundance. Thus, wearing the Ganesh Yantra benefits the deity in all spheres of life and it is highly recommended for people who worship Lord Ganesha and who wish to gain peace, wit, knowledge and success in their life.

You can buy the divine Ganesh Yantra locket online at the best price online from us at Rudra Centre. You can browse through our range of Ganesh Yantra pendants that are crafted with finesse and which are activated. Our wholesome and authentic range of Ganesha pendants are available in pure silver and Gold platting.

Why buy energised ganesh yantra locket

Energised Yantras or Yantra lockets are activated tools which act like a medium and bridge among the wearer and the Supreme. Energised Yantras do not need any kind of ‘Pranpratishthana’ ritual to be performed as they are already energised. A yantra that is not energised is just a piece of metal that does not offer any benefits whereas, an energised Yantra is a mystical ‘Jagrut’ (alive) instrument that emits powerful energies which are divine and beneficial. These activated Yantras possess the divine energies of Lord Ganesh and bless the wearer abundantly by offering a range of benefits. Yantras work in the form of energies which form a protective shield around the aura of the wearer and safeguards him/her from negative energies, evil eye and from ghostly encounters. These energies also help in cleansing the aura through the process of mantra chanting. Hence it is always advisable to chant the mantra of the respective Yantra that you behold.

We at Rudra Centre thus make sure that all our products are energised and blessed before being dispatched to our clientele. The Ganesh Yantra pendant that we offer is already energised thus allowing the end user of this locket to wear the pendant directly without performing any rituals or sanctifying it. Also, we offer a range of designs which gives you options to choose from. Thus, it is highly recommended to purchase and wear a Yantra that is energised in order to experience the divine benefits it offers in all realms of life.

How to wear ganesh yantra locket

The Ganesh Yantra locket can be preferably worn on Tuesday or Wednesday which is known as the auspicious days associated with Lord Ganesh in Hinduism. The Shree Ganesh Yantra possesses powerful vibrations that create a serene positivity around the wearer. The Ganesh Yantra benefits the wearer by establishing vibrations that are of high amplitude. You can wake up early on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning, cleanse yourself by taking a shower, and with a peaceful mind place the Ganesh Yantra locket near the idol of Lord Ganesh in your puja altar, offer incense stick fumes to the Yantra locket, offer flowers and now focus on the Ganesh Yantra locket and chant the Ganesh Mantra for 108 times !!Om Gang Ganapataye Namah!! Once you are done doing that you can wear the Ganesh Yantra Locket.

The Ganesh Yantra Lockets that we offer are already energised, you can wear the pendant as you receive it as it is blessed by the in-house karmkandi pundits. Buy the energised Ganesh Yantra lockets online from Rudra Centre and experience the divine magic it brings into your life through the power of strong will and mantra chanting.

Ganesh Yantra locket benefits

The Ganesh Yantra locket benefits the wearer in many ways. Given below is the list of benefits the Ganesh Yantra pendant offers

  • Removes obstacles that create hindrances in success and growth
  • Offers good luck
  • Attracts happiness and blesses the wearer with affluence
  • Brings out leadership qualities and authoritative powers
  • Offers wealth, peace, positivity and abundance
  • Opens doors for new opportunities and undertakings and thus helps the wearer to progress in life
  • Fills life with bliss
  • Makes one witty and boosts creativity

There are many other benefits the Ganesh Yantra locket offers. The wearer of this Holy Yantra experiences a positive change in his professional and personal life.

Ganesh yantra locket Pricing

The Ganesh Yantra locket pricing depends upon the metal, size and design of the pendant. We at Rudra Centre offer a range of Ganesh Yantra pendants online at the most economic prices. The Ganesh Yantra locket pricing that we at Rudra Centre offer range from Rs. 480/- and goes up to Rs. 1,400/-

Mantra for ganesh yantra locket

Om Gang Ganapataye Namah