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About Ganesha Lockets

Significance and Uses of Ganesha Lockets

They are very popularly worn by devotees all over the world as Lord Ganesha is revered and worshipped ardently by Hindus. The Ganesha Gemstone Lockets are made of various natural Gemstones. The Ganesha Lockets are miniature idols of Ganesha which are worn as Lockets.

Rudra Centre has a wide choice of Ganesha Gemstone lockets for sale, which are made from 100% natural Gemstones of different kinds. The Lord Ganesha Lockets are available in various sizes, though they are miniature idols of the Lord. They are crafted by deft hands and look wonderful. Made in Gemstones like Pearl, Coral, Gomed or Hessonite, Emerald, Ruby, Rose Quartz and other Gemstones, these miniature idols can be set in Silver, Gold, German Silver and worn. Alternately the Lord Ganesha lockets can be installed in the Puja Alter, work or study table and worshipped. The Lockets are available in various designs, depicting Lord Ganesha sitting with His lower right hand raised in blessing posture and the other option of Lord Ganesha Locket is of Lord Ganesha head. The Ganesha idols are valuable for devotees.

Lord Ganesha is the first God to be worshipped before starting any Puja, religious ritual, auspicious occasion and festivals. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is often depicted in images sitting on His Mother's lap. Lord Ganesha epitomises auspiciousness. Known by many names, He is popularly called Ganapati, Vighnaharta, meaning the one who removes all obstacles(Vighna) from the life of His devotees.

The Lord Ganesha Lockets in Gemstones can be worn on a daily basis to garner His blessings or worshipped as an idol.

These Gemstone Lord Ganesha Lockets are auspicious gifts for loved ones.

Benefits of Ganesha Lockets

The Ganesha Gemstone Lockets with us, at Rudra Centre, give maximum benefits as they are carved from natural Gemstones. Besides the Ganesha Lockets, which can be set in metal of the buyer's choice. We also have readymade lockets in pure Silver which look trendy and are designed to hold the idol securely. They can be worn in Red/Black thread which comes with the Locket or can be worn on a chain made of Silver, Gold, German Silver. The Gemstone Ganesha Lockets are available in different sizes.

Lord Ganesha is pure consciousness and enormously powerful with numerous attributes. He sweeps away all hurdles from the path of the devotees to pave the way to success, blesses them with wisdom, knowledge, good fortune, prosperity, wealth, enhances intellect, artistic skills like dancing and bestows abundance. Lord Ganesha brings Riddhi(wealth, prosperity), Siddhi(spiritual attainments), Buddhi (intellect). He blesses with rewards for good work and deeds, signified by the sweet He holds in His left lower hand, in His idol.

The Gemstone Ganesha Lockets empower with the healing qualities of the individual Gemstones and Lord Ganesha's blessings.

Pearl Ganesha Locket - Exquisitely carved from Pearl Gemstone, it looks soothing. Pearl Gemstone is associated with Moon energies and balances emotions and mind. It brings prosperity, love, internal and external beauty and brings glow, it harmonizes relationships, enhances creativity, intuitive skills and heals physical ailments like skin problems, fertility problems etc.

Coral Ganesha Locket - The attractive Red Coral Ganesha Lockets bring significant benefits. The Red Coral healing properties compliment the blessings of Lord Ganesha. The Gemstone is connected to the Muladhara/Root Chakra and Lord Ganesha is the Lord of the Muladhara, the Gemstone is also said to remove obstacles and challenges, which is powered by Lord Ganesha in the Locket. Coral brings stability, confidence, courage to face challenges, passion, physical strength and stamina, eliminate anger, irritation and calms down the wearer, motivates to be active. The Coral Ganesha Locket is excellent for Athletes/sportspersons, those in Police services, Soldiers, Surgeons etc. The Ganesha Locket in Coral blesses with success, prosperity, removes financial debts and miseries, helps to heal ailments and diseases like arthritis, rheumatism, menstrual problem, impotency and is said to prevent abortion. It harmonises and heals discord between married couples. This is an excellent Locket for those who are facing delays in marriage, finding it difficult to conceive a child. The Coral Ganesha Locket is truly a meritorious one.

Gomed Ganesha Locket - Made of natural Hessonite or Gomed Gemstone these Ganesha Lockets are help to get relief from anxiety, tension, nervousness, depression, bringing success, prosperity, clarity, confidence, harmony in married life and health benefits. Gomed is beneficial for giving relief from the ill effects of malefic Planet Rahu. Along with the grace of Lord Ganesha, this is a desirable Ganesha Locket.

Ruby Ganesha Lockets - The lovely Ruby Ganesha can be worn for good health, stamina, name, fame, prosperity, creativity etc. It is an excellent stone for those who are seeking a higher position in administrative services or are Politicians.

Emerald Ganesha Lockets - The eye-pleasing Emerald Ganesha heals the Heart or Anahata Chakra and attracts prosperity. Wearing the Locket or worshipping it blesses with love, compassion, forgiveness for self and others, removes financial woes, brings peace, money, romantic love, enhances intuitive power and is good for healing grief.

Browse our site for more options of Ganesha Gemstone Lockets in Red Jasper, Sphatik or Crystal Quartz, Tiger Eye, Amethyst, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Sunstone, Black Jade and Rose Quartz. These are ready-made, in Pure Silver and designed perfectly.

Why Buy Ganesha Lockets from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre is the first organization across the globe that holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantra and Hindu ritual paraphernalia based on years of research and experience.

Rudra Centre offers Ganesha Lockets made from 100% natural Gemstones which are unheated/untreated and provide optimum benefits. The Lockets are well crafted and can be worn on a daily basis to garner benefits. The Lockets are actually miniature idols of Lord Ganesha and can be worn or worshipped in the Puja Alter, work/study table can be carried in purse/wallet. We offer a wide variety of Gemstone Ganesha Lockets for our customers to choose from. Our collection also offers cleverly designed readymade Lockets in pure Silver, which ensures that the Gemstone Ganesha stays in touch with the wearer's body.

Ganesha Gemstone Locket price with us is the most economical and affordable. Ordering your choice of Gemstone Ganesha Locket online with us can be done in easy, simple steps. Our efficient services ensure that you receive the exact Ganesha Gemstone Locket that you have ordered within a few days, safely packed.

Buy Online Ganesha Lockets at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre offers a wide range of beautiful Ganesha Lockets made from unheated, natural Gemstones. They are skillfully carved and are miniature idols of Ganesha which can be set in pure Silver, German Silver or Gold. We provide the service of our in house expert Jewellers who can set the Locket, exactly as it should be done. our collection also includes Ganesha Gemstone Lockets which are already made into Lockets in pure Silver. Choose from the many options and book your Ganesha Locket online with us. Ganesha Gemstone Locket for sale with us are available at the most economical price. Buy Ganesha Lockets at the best price with us.