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Ganesha Shawls

What are Ganesha Shawls?

Shawls with Ganesha images imprinted artistically are known as Ganesha Shawls. In the Hindu religion, Lord Ganesha is revered before undertaking any new task or business. Lord Ganesha blesses us with the will to carry out the tasks without any stubborn obstacles. These Ganesha Shawls signify the power of the deity and bring inspiration. They are designed to suit the traditional attire and look absolutely amazing when worn. The Shawls can be used by everyone and should be stored in a safe place. Get high-quality Ganesha Shawls in cotton, silk and jacquard for puja ceremonies and religious events from our wonderful selection.

Ganesha Shawls Benefits

  • It attracts positive energies
  • It promotes harmony and happiness
  • It enables spiritual progress
  • It looks attractive and a great adornment with traditional clothes
  • The jacquard shawls are good for wrapping around the body during winter or in cold weather
  • Jacquard Ganesha Shawls give warmth
  • The shawls can be worn by both men and women

Why are Ganesha Shawls considered auspicious?

Lord Ganesha is the prime deity worshipped at the beginning of every ritual/commencing any venture or task. The presence of Lord Ganesha brings divine energies that enable us to carry out the task or event without any problems or obstacles. This is why Ganesha is known by the name “Vighnaharta”- the one who removes obstacles. Followers of the Hindu religion worship Lord Ganesha before starting any function or Puja for His blessings. Shawls with Ganesha print are auspicious because of the glory of God. He bestows knowledge, success and intellect. Devotees worship Lord Ganesha for wish fulfilment and good luck.

Uses of Ganesha Shawls

  • It is used in religious ceremonies,
  • It is suitable for use during Puja rituals,
  • It is adorned with traditional attire while visiting the temple or a religious event,
  • The shawl is laid on the altar as an altar cloth,
  • It is draped during spiritual ceremonies,

Is it safe to buy Ganesha Shawls online?

While buying Ganesha Shawls the most important thing to check is its fabric. It is safe to buy Ganesha Shawls online from a certified organization like Rudra Centre. Check the product details to know the type of fabric, length of the shawl, and the print/weave.

Where to buy Ganesha Shawls?

Ganesha Shawls can be bought online and offline as well from Rudra Centre. The quality of fabric matters which makes it mandatory to check the product descriptions. It is recommended to buy spiritual products from a seller with high credibility and positive customer reviews. The best Ganesha Shawls in cotton, woollen fabric, etc. are available in our largest collection of authentic spiritual items.

Why should you buy Ganesha Shawls from Rudra Centre?

We at Rudra Centre have the most beautifully woven Ganesha Shawls in different types of fabrics. The designs are rare and unique in their own way. The shawls are available in various colours for our valued customers to choose from a wide variety. We provide delivery around the world so one can buy spiritual products from the comfort of their home.

Are these Ganesha Shawls handmade?

The Ganesha Shawls are weaved beautifully and made of top quality fabric. It is long-lasting and does not wear out even after washing multiple times. All the Ganesha Shawls are woven with perfection by the most skilful experts.

What are the different types of Ganesha Shawls available?

Cotton Shawls

Our collection has Shawls of soft cotton fabric for daily Puja rituals and temple visits. The shawls are imprinted with “Shri Ganeshaay Namah” in a symmetric pattern. They are available in a colour combination of yellow and orange. Other variants of the shawl have the Shri Ganesha image and auspicious symbols like “Om” imprinted. This variant of the cotton shawl comes in brown, yellow and pink colours. They can also be used as altar cloth during Puja ceremonies.

Silk Shawls

Ganesha Shawls are also made of good quality silk fabric with gorgeous designs. You can find Murugan Silk Shawls in our range of products. The edges of the shawls are accentuated with beautiful tassels. They are available in different colors like pink, maroon, saffron and purple. We also have Om Vinayaka Shawl in Art Silk in pink and purple colour. The shawls are designed traditionally with Lord Ganesha images and lamp images.

Jacquard Fabric Shawls

Made of soft Jacquard fabric, the Ganpati shawls are appropriate for use during special rituals and ceremonies. They can also be gifted to dear ones and family members. Other colors like dark green, golden ash, coffee brown, ash, orange and red are also available. The shawls have Lord Ganesha images weaved with precision.

Ganesha Shawl Price

The shawls are priced as per the design, fabric and size. These are the important factors that affect the price of the shawl. Buy Ganesh Shawl and Murugan Shawl from our range of spiritual products.