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The word “Garnet” originates from the Latin word – Garanatus, meaning SEEDLIKE. This is a reference to the blood red seeds of a pomegranate. The blood-red stone is basically for people born in the month of January. It is also available in colours like orange pink, purple and green. Garnet Stone is known as the ‘stone of health’ and relates to all aspects of life, personal and professional. The stone is available in various forms and can be worn as Garnet mala, Garnet necklace or Garnet stones embossed in rings and bracelets. All these forms of the Garnet produce equal results when worn by the person who requires it.

Why Garnet Stone? Garnet necklace or Garnet mala beads are essential for enhancing good health and positive energy. The stone is also used for its therapeutic effects to calm the mind and body. Garnet is commonly used by those with the star sign Aquarius (Kumbh) and the stone comes in various shapes and sizes. It deals in proxviding solutions for several matters such as hurdles in personal and professional fronts, health issues and returning of peace to the mind and body.

Ways to wear Garnet Stone: Women generally like to wear the Garnet necklace in gold as it looks excellent in jewellery, whether for regular usage or special occasions. The stone has been in great demand in recent times and the Garnet necklace online business is rising with each passing year. However, it is essential that wearers acquire real Garnet necklace or mala for optimal positive outcome.
It is important to know the benefits of Garnet before using it.

Garnet Stone- mala/ necklace: Benefits
  • Garnet stone is believed to be a very good cure for depression. It is also good for healing blood-related ailments, as it is known to normalize blood circulation in the body.It is essential for blood purification and hence, helps in safeguarding the condition of the heart.
  • It is known to increase the haemoglobin count in the body and works to reduce the incidence of haemorrhage and skin irritations.
  • Garnet stone relates to human body parts like the spine cord and lungs; it is effective in healing these organs, in case of any disorders relating to these.
  • The stone is believed to be good for travellers as it ensures their safety while they’re on road. It is also popular for bringing good luck in relationships, love life and in the fulfilment of goals.
  • For business people, Garnet stone is beneficial if kept in the cash box (galla). In astrology, the stone is trusted to work best for people who born between the dates 1 and 9; it is mostly recommended for upcoming entrepreneurs, politicians and professionals in the medical field.