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About Gemstone Yoni base with Shivling

About Gemstone Shivling With Yoni Base

Shivling or Shivalinga is worshipped as the abstract form of Supreme Lord Shiva, from time immemorial. They are charged with the immensely powerful energies of Lord Shiva. Shivling worship is prevalent in temples and at home or dwelling, by conducting Abhishekam(sacred bath). Gemstone Shivlings with a Yoni base are considered highly powerful. Gemstones have innate healing properties, as they are nurtured by Mother Earth and are natural.

The Shivling is considered the union of the Lingam and the Yoni base, denoting the union of Lord Shiva and Devi Shakti (consort of Lord Shiva), the Divine male and female, respectively. It is in this union from where creation manifests. Gemstone Yoni base Shivling comprises a particular gemstone Lingam mounted on the Yoni base made from another gemstone. This produces a combination of two different gemstones to form the Shivling, which along with the power of the Shivling, adds to the benefits bestowed on the devotee who worships it. For example, Narmada Lingam on Green Jade Yoni base will bring the benefits of Narmada Lingam, as well as Green Jade. Similarly, Parad (solidified Mercury) Lingam with Black Jade Yoni base, brings benefits of Parad and Black Jade and so does other combinations of gemstone Shivling with Yoni base. The gemstone Shivling with Yoni base radiates high-frequency vibrations where it is installed. The gemstone Shivlings amplify the attributes and vibrations of the gemstones that the Lingam and Yoni base are made of.

Installing the Shivling with Yoni base brings positive and beneficial energies in the dwelling, it benefits the worshipper mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Placement: It is installed with the Yoni facing North direction and West face of Lingam towards you.

Gemstone Shivling with Yoni Base Price

The price of the gemstone Yoni Base Shivling depends on the size/weight of the Lingam and the gemstone Shivling Yoni base, what gemstones the Shivling is made of determines the price, as each natural gemstone is priced differently.

It is important to keep a gemstone Yoni base Shivling which is made of genuine, natural gemstones. Heated, treated, Lab-created gemstones do not have the properties of natural gemstones. Therefore for the optimum benefits of worshipping the gemstone Shivling Yoni base, buy the Shivling from a reputed, trusted shop or dealer.

Where to Buy Gemstone Yoni Base Shivling

Rudra Centre has an extensive collection of high quality, genuine, natural Shivling with Yoni base, of different sizes, in a variety of combinations of Lingam and Yoni base. Carved smoothly and carefully, the Shivlings are apt for your home, office, or any dwelling. The natural gemstone combinations of the Lingam and the Yoni base have given the best outcome. You can choose and buy the Gemstone Yoni Base Shivlings from us at the best price in the market.

List of Some Shivling with Yoni Base

Sphatik or Quartz Crystal gemstone Lingam on Yoni base of Orange/Green Jade, Black Agate, Labradorite, Mariyam gemstones. Sphatik gemstone is one of the most desired gemstones as Shivling which clears negative energies from space, amplifies the vibrations of the Shivling, retains the energy of Mantra chanting, calms down the mind, helps to achieve goals, and fulfills desires along with many other healing properties.

Parad or solidified Mercury gemstone Lingam on Black/Green/Orange/Yellow Jade, Black Agate gemstones Yoni Base. Parad Lingam is said to be one of the best and most powerful, as it is considered one of the purest and most auspicious of all minerals. It purifies the energy of the space it is installed in, brings good fortune, prosperity, wellbeing to the worshipper, and other benefits.

The unique Narmada Lingam on Black/Orange/Yellow/Green Jade, Labradorite gemstones Yoni Base. The Narmada Lingam is naturally molded into the shape of Lingam by the River Narmada, in Madhya Pradesh, the only place where it is found. The auspicious Narmada Lingam opens the Chakras of the body and helps to raise the Kundalini energies, a quality which makes the Narmada Lingam Shivlings sought after by spiritual seekers. It helps to correct Vastu Dosh of the dwelling and has a long list of attributes.

Also available with us are other gemstone Lingams on the various gemstone, Marble, and Stone Yoni base.

Benefits of Worshipping Natural Gemstone Shivling With Yoni Base

Worshipping and meditating on Gemstone Yoni Base Shivling bestows with calm, peace, positive transformation, good health, longevity, removes fears, protects from all negative energies, brings prosperity, name, fame, unity, blissful married life, and spiritual growth. The healing properties of the natural gemstones of the Shivlings work in favor and add to the benefits. Above all Shivlings are worshipped to gain Lord Shiva's blessings and fulfill desires.