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About Mantras, Bhajan, Aarti & Puja Vidhi

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Hindu religion has diverse methods and traditions of offering worship to God. There are beautifully composed devotional hymns that are sung in the praise of a deity; they are called “Aarti” and “Bhajan”. We have books with these God Bhajans and Aarti, their Puja Vidhi and Mantra related to them. These books can be also gifted to your loved ones who love learning new Bhajan and Aarti.


Chalisa meaning 40 verses is a compilation of forty verses in the praise of a deity and there are different Chalisa in this collection. Shani Chaaleessaa and Shree Soorya Chaaleesaa are available with English transliteration which makes it easy to read and remember. Reading the Chalisa brings the blessings of the respective deity.

Mantra books include Sakala Devta Gaayatree Mantras, Mantra, Practical of Mantra, Practicals of Mantras Tantras, Mantrapushpam, The Mantram Handbook, Meditation and Mantras, Understanding Mantras, Mantra to Hindu Gods and Goddesses – Set of IV Volume. All these books are informative and there is so much material to learn about the Mantras. The Mantras are translated into English making it easy for everyone to learn and know its meaning.

You can find various Aarti Sangrah books with compiled Aartis of the different deities. This collection has Prabhu Darshan – Aarti Sangrah, Aarti Sangrah – I, Aarti Collection, 24CT Gold Plated Aarti Collection - Pocket Edition, Daily Bhajans and Aartee evam Bhajan Sangraha. The devotional hymns are put together in these books so you can get Aarti of all Gods to be sung during Puja.

Also, we have books on Puja Vidhi for many different Pujas including Shree Anjaneya Pooja, Nitya Laghu Poojaa, Sri Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat Puja and Katha, Varalakshmee Vrata Pooja, Jai Shree Santoshee Mataa Poojaa and Story, Shree Ganaesha Poojaa Shree Vinaayaka Chaturthee Poojaa, Shree Shiva Pooja, Shashthee Subrahmanya Vrata Pooja, Sri Lakshmi Kubera Dhanakarshana Puja Book, Shree Satya Naaraayana Vrata Pooja, Sanatan Pooja Vidhi, Shri Pratyangira Puja Vidhanam, Shri Surya Upasana, Sampradaya Vrata Puja Vidhi, Navgraha Upasana - Navgraha Shanti Padhati and Sampurna Puja Vidhi. These books are very helpful and act as a guide while performing the Puja of any deity.

Apart from the abovementioned books, there are Purushasooktam, Gokulaashtamee, Shiv Shakti Aaraadhanaa, Gayatri – The Profound Prayer, and Bhajan books. They help in learning prayers and various Shloka of Gods that can be recited when you worship God.


Books in this category have shlokas and stotra in Sanskrit and they are transliterated in English for everyone to understand. Some books also have Hindi texts and with the English translation, it becomes easy to recite and know the meaning of the Aarti, Bhajan, Shloka, etc.


This collection has books in both paperback format as well as hardbound. The quality of the books is exceptionally good as they are neatly bound and made with the best material. Finest Bhajan and Aarti books are available in this collection.

Where to buy it?

Spiritual books should be bought from an authentic source as it is very important to check whether the shloka, stotra, bhajan, puja vidhi, and other such texts are correct. The worship that you offer to God is successful if the pronunciations of the spiritual Mantra are right so always take a look at the name of the author of the book. It helps in knowing if the book is original with reliable information.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre offers a wide range of spiritual books, gemstones, and other puja related items. You can completely rely on the information that you find in the books as they are sourced from genuine publishers. If you have any queries or doubts while buying any book, you can seek advice from our experts.

Bhajan, Aarti, Mantra Books Price

You get the best books on Bhajan, Aarti, and Mantra at minimal prices at Rudra Centre. The books are available for sale and can be used while conducting Puja and holy rituals.