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About Goddess Shawls

What are Goddess Shawls?

Hindus worship Gods and Goddesses as idols and images in order to feel the Divine connection. The Goddess Shawls come with images of powerful Goddesses, either printed or woven in the shawl. These shawls are in bright colours with Goddess faces, full-figure images added with appealing design styles. Besides Goddess images, Hindu Prayer Shawls with Mantras, like the Gayatri Mantra or praise of Divine Mother, such as, 'Jai Mata Di', printed shawls and stoles are also popular. Goddess Durga, Laxmi and other Goddess images are seen in these Shawls.

The Goddess Shawls and Goddess Scarves are made of soft fabrics like pure Cotton, soft Woollen fabric, Art Silk etc. The shawls come in various designs like, the Art Silk Goddess Shawls are mostly woven with Golden Silk thread and look glorious with deftly woven Goddess images and associated symbols, Jacquard woven in soft Woollen fabric, Cotton Shawls with expressive Goddess prints on them and Goddess Scarves with prints of images and praise of Goddesses are admirable. The bright colours elevate the spiritual and holy mood.

Uses of Goddess Shawls? How to Use Goddess Shawls

  • The Goddess Shawls are primarily used to wrap around during worship, so be it in your regular worship at home or during special puja ceremonies at home or otherwise. They are widely used during Navratri when the Goddess Parvati or Durga are worshipped, as the Goddess is worshipped ritualistically during all nine days. The Shawls are apt for Jagaratas, Mata Ki Chauki functions etc. The Cotton printed Goddess Shawls are also tied around the head during Yatras and pilgrimages
  • The Goddess Shawls can also be used as altar Cloths for your Puja altar, lending its brightness with its colour and adding to the Divine aura of the altar. The Goddess images printed or woven bring their positive vibration to the altar too
  • These beautiful Goddess Shawls, Goddess Scarves and Hindu prayer Shawls are excellent gifts for other devotees, as they will appreciate the spiritual value of the Shawls
  • The Goddess Shawls can also be given to the Panditji who performs a Puja ceremony at your home/ workplace/temple, as a part of the donation along with the Dakshina
  • The Cotton Goddess Shawls and Hindu Prayer Shawls are used for donating or welcoming guests in special Puja ceremonies or occasions
  • The soft Cotton Shawls are often used to tie on the head by those going for pilgrimage/Yatra, especially to places like Vaishno Devi, etc.
  • Pujaris and Pandits drape the shawls or stoles around their neck as a part of the ritual and showing reverence to God

Goddess Shawls Benefits?

The Goddess Shawls are attractive and are available in various colours and designs making them suitable to wear with all types of attire. They are easy to maintain and can be used on a daily basis. Some useful benefits of Goddess Shawls are:-
1) Wrapping the Goddess Shawls or wearing the Goddess Scarves or stoles with images of Goddesses, makes the devotee feel protected and safe.
2) They serve to cover the Head and Torso, which is a ritual followed especially by female Hindu devotees while offering puja, at home and in temples.
3) The Goddess Shawls add to the holy atmosphere when performing Puja, a religious ceremony and also displays one's faith in the Divine.
4) They provide slight warmth if the weather or temperature is cooler.
5) As an altar Cloth, it provides a stable base for God idols and pictures ensuring they don't slip.
6) The colourful Shawls serve as spiritual adornment for your Puja altar.

Why are Goddess Shawls Considered Auspicious?

Goddess images are auspicious by themselves and hold Divine energies. As the Goddess Shawls and Goddess Scarves or stoles have Goddess images, Mantras, auspicious Symbols and names, the Shawls are considered auspicious and should be treated with respect.

Where Can I Buy Goddess Shawls?

Rudra Centre has an extensive collection of the best quality Goddess Shawls, made of different soft fabrics like pure Cotton, Art Silk and Jacquard fabric. Each Shawl has exquisite Goddess images on them and is available in various lovely designs, with auspicious symbols and figures in the borders and body, printed Mantras and praise of the powerful Goddesses. The pallet of colours ranges from bright to subtle, suitable for all age groups. The Shawls look elegant when worn giving the feeling of warmth of the Divine Goddesses. When used as altar Cloth they add to the beauty of the spiritual aura. You can choose from our collection of Goddess Shawls, Hindu Prayer Shawls, Goddess Scarves and order them online. Our efficient team will ensure that you receive your order in a few days, safely packed.

What are the Different Types of Goddess Shawls Available?

  • Goddess Durga Shawls - Jacquard weave in soft woollen fabric with knotted tassels, the image of Goddess Durga seated on Tiger looks reassuring and protective. Jai Mata Di, text on the border adds more power to the Shawls. Available in Golden Ash, Ash, Indigo, Red, Denim and Deep Pink.
  • Durga Shawls in Cotton - Goddess image printed on the soft Cotton fabric of different colours, with the print in Red Colour, is a popular choice of devotees.
  • Mahalaxmi Shawls in Cotton - Neatly printed Maa Mahalaxmi images in Red colour on a variety of colours like Yellow, White, Pista Green, Pink etc. The Shawls have Om and other auspicious symbols on the borders.
  • Jai Vasavi Shawls in Art Silk - This collection is of grand looking Shawls, handcrafted by South Indian artisans. Silk is excellent in holding the positive energies, it nurtures the devotee's spiritual progress. The Shawls are made of different Eye-pleasing colours, with Golden Silk thread weaving of Goddess Vasavi and knotted Golden Tassels at the border. They are apt for wearing during temple visits.
  • Gayatri Mantra Shawls - The powerful healing Gayatri Mantra in soft Jacquard fabric with knotted tassels, Cotton Fabric in bright Yellow colour with Gayatri Mantra printed on them are beautiful and awe-inspiring.

We also offer Jai Mata Di Shawls, printed on bright yellow Cotton fabric. Jai Matadi Stoles in bright Red colour.

Are these Goddess Shawls Handmade?

The Art Silk Shawls are hand woven skilfully by South Indian artisans who weave the Goddess images with dexterity.

Is it Safe to Buy Goddess Shawls Online?

When you buy Goddess Shawls online with us, you can rest assured you will receive the exact Shawl that has been described. We take utmost care to ensure that the Goddess Shawl or Stole you have selected, the fabric, colour etc, is exactly what you receive.

Why Should You Buy Goddess Shawls From Rudra Center?

Rudra Centre is the first organization across the globe that holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Sacred Rudraksha, Vedic Jyotish Gemstones, Yantras and Hindu ritual paraphernalia based on years-old research and experience. The Goddess Shawls in our collection are made of the best quality fabric and are run through quality checks for colour, weave, print, and fabric. The Goddess Shawl designs we have are the best in the market. The prints and weaving of Goddess images are done with perfection, neatly. When you place your order of Goddess Shawls, our efficient team ensures that you receive the exact shawl you have ordered, within a few days of you placing the order. It is our endeavour to make your buying experience with us easy, seamless and satisfactory.