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About Haldi Turmeric Bracelets

Significance of Haldi Bracelet

The Haldi Bracelets are made of natural Haldi (Turmeric) Beads strung in thread with or without Silver Capping. Haldi or Turmeric is an Indian Herb which has many medicinal and healing properties. The Haldi beads are made from natural Turmeric Bulbs. Since ancient times Haldi or Turmeric has been used as a purifying agent in Ayurvedic treatments and continues to be valued for the same quality.

Haldi powder or paste is accepted unanimously in India as a potent antiseptic medicine. It is also popular as a home remedy for physical ailments and has healing properties, including being an excellent immunity booster. In recent years, the super Herb, Haldi, has become popular in other countries too for its healing attributes. Haldi powder or paste is used in Indian cuisine on a daily basis as a spice, because of its antiseptic and medicinal properties and of course because it adds its Yellow colour to the dish.

Turmeric is used in Puja rituals to Deities. Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu are said to be pleased with natural Turmeric offerings. To appease the powerful Goddess Baglamukhi and Planet Jupiter, Turmeric is used. Chanting Mantras of Goddess Baglamukhi and Planet Jupiter with the Haldi Mala is a regular practice as it helps to win the favours and get relief from malefic effects of Jupiter if unbalanced in the birth chart.

Wearing the Turmeric Bracelets can heal ailments like Jaundice, cold and cough, body/bone pain etc. Wearing Haldi Bracelets or Malas in Vedic Puja rituals, Havana is a tradition which has been followed down the ages as it adds to the merits received from the rituals.

Uses and Benefits of Haldi or Turmeric bracelets

Natural Haldi or Turmeric Bracelets have healing powers, have spiritual significance and other metaphysical properties. It may seem surprising that this Indian spice which is used daily in kitchens can be beneficial in other ways. We have all experienced our Mothers or Grandmothers giving us Haldi Milk to drink or apply Haldi paste to a painful swelling, etc. This is so because Haldi acts as a healing agent. It is a healing herb and spice for Indian homes. Wearing the Haldi Bangles or Bracelets keeps the Haldi Beads in touch with the body that acts energetically and benefits the wearer. Rudra Centre has a collection of genuine, natural Turmeric Bracelets strung in different styles.

Some benefits of Haldi Bracelets are:
  • Wearing the Turmeric Bangles or Bracelets protects the wearer and his/her aura. It keeps lower energies, ill intentions of others at bay.
  • Haldi Bracelets can be worn to heal physical ailments like cold and cough, bone pains etc. and is a super immunity booster.
  • It purifies your energies and keeps it positive.
  • Turmeric Bracelets can be worn to clear the Chakras of your body.
  • Turmeric is connected to fertility as per Ayurveda. Wearing the Haldi Bracelet is said to help in gradually healing fertility issues.
  • It is believed that wearing the Haldi Bracelets during Vedic Puja rituals, Homam, etc. adds extra merits to the performed spiritual activity as prayers get conveyed to the Divine faster.
  • The Bracelets help in getting respite from ill effects of malefic Planet Jupiter or Guru if not placed favourably in the Birth chart and adds more power to the Planet if placed in suitable position in the birth chart. Chant Planet Guru Mantras wearing the Bracelet to win His favour.
  • Wearing the Turmeric Bracelet is said to aid in being victorious over enemies and in court cases.
  • Haldi is favoured by the powerful Goddess Baglamukhi, one of the Das Mahavidya and wearing the Haldi Bangles while worshipping Her or chanting Her Mantras has profound impact on the wearer.
  • Wear the Turmeric Bracelet to augment spiritual growth and help in speeding up spiritual attainments.
  • The Haldi Bracelets make auspicious gifts for your loved ones.

Buy the Haldi Bracelets from a reputed and trustworthy shop or dealer of spiritual jewellery, so that you get to buy a Bracelet made of genuine natural Haldi.

Haldi Bracelets Designs, Gold and Silver Turmeric Bracelets

Rudra Centre's collection of Haldi Bracelets are made of natural Beads of Haldi and strung in different designs. We use only genuine, natural Haldi beads, shaped into smooth round beads, for optimum outcome. Our Haldi or Turmeric Bracelets have given meritorious outcomes to our customers who have worn them.

The Haldi Bracelet options we offer are:
1) Turmeric Bead Bracelet strung neatly with 21 Beads of Haldi in thread, secured with Silver clasps. It is comfortable and lightweight to wear on a regular basis.
2) Turmeric Bead Bracelet in Silver Wire - This Bracelet looks beautiful with 13 perfectly made Haldi Beads strung in pure Silver wire, with pretty Silver Flower caps. The Bracelet suits all types of attire, is comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Buy Haldi or Turmeric Bracelets Online at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre offers Haldi or Turmeric Bracelets made from natural Haldi, carved into perfect round Beads. The Turmeric Bracelets are available strung in Silver wire, with Silver Flower Caps or available strung in thread with Silver clasps. They are suitable and comfortable for wearing on a regular basis. Endowed with many healing benefits, the Haldi Bracelets are a must add to your spiritual jewellery kit. Choose Haldi Bangles for yourself and as gifts for loved ones and order online with us. Your order will be delivered within a few days of placing the order, safely packed. Buy Haldi or Turmeric Bracelets online at the best price in the market with us.