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Hanuman Chowki

What is Hanuman Chowki?

Hanuman Chowki is a star-shaped altar with a Panchmukhi Hanuman idol inside it. The entire set is made in Brass and designed with perfection to make an aesthetically attractive Hanuman Chowki. It can be a useful gifting option for colleagues, friends and family members on auspicious occasions or festivals. The Punchmukhi Hanuman idol holds powerful energies that strengthen the sadhaks'/worshippers' mentally and physically. This Hanuman Chowki is basically a special altar and perfect for Lord Hanuman devotees.

Why do we use Hanuman Chowki?

Lord Hanuman, an incarnation of God Shiva and son of Vayu (Wind God) is majorly known for His sincere devotion towards Lord Rama (an incarnation of God Vishnu). He is called by other names like Pawanputra, Bajrangbali, Maruti, Kesari Nandan, etc. Lord Hanuman is worshipped for strength, courage, removal of fears and protection from negativity. The Hanuman Chowki is specifically created for devotees of Lord Hanuman. It is useful for praying to God every day and invoking His presence in your space. Punchmukhi Hanuman signifies various deities such as Hanuman, Narasimha, Garuda, Varaha and Hayagreeva. The five faces of Lord Hanuman denote His control over the five senses, five directions and the five elements or Panch Tattvas.

Worshipping the Panchmukhi Hanuman brings blessings of mental stability, clarity, removal of fears, bravery, elimination of hurdles & malefic effects of planetary defects, protection and removal of negative forces, evil spirits, & better health, wisdom, progeny, intellect, devoutness, and sense of confidence and joy. Panchmukhi Hanuman worship has to be adhered carefully as the energy of Lord Hanuman and the geometry of Lord Hanuman resides in the idol and yantra. The combined energies of the idol and the Yantra diagram is powerful; it attracts positive energies that forms a protective shield around the sadhaks'/worshippers' and his/her dwelling. This Panchmukhi Hanuman Chowki is prominently helpful for those facing a struggle in life due to an unfavourably positioned Saturn and Mars in the horoscope. It is effective in the removal of the malefic of planet Saturn or Shani and Mars or Mangal which helps the sadhaks’/worshippers live a stress-free and successful life.

Material Used in Making Hanuman Chowki

It is made in pure shining brass and has a strong build for durability. The Chowki or altar is in a star shape and displays Lord Hanuman seated inside with a dome-shaped glass on top. It has Hanuman Yantra imprinted in high quality to last a long time. The Hanuman idol is surrounded by different images of Lord Hanuman in a dome-shaped glass. This makes the Hanuman Chowki more attractive and appealing for placing in any dwelling.

Benefits of Hanuman Chowki

  • It safeguards the dwelling from negative influences and evil spirits
  • It removes the malefic effects of planet Saturn and Mars
  • It instils courage and confidence in the sadhaks'/worshippers'
  • It gives mental and physical strength
  • It helps face challenges and overpowers problems
  • It makes the sadhaks'/worshippers' fearless
  • It enables spiritual progress and helps control all the senses
  • It bestows good health and abundant prosperity
  • It brings success and wards off negative energies around
  • It invites auspiciousness to the space and blessings of Lord Hanuman

Where to place Hanuman Chowki?

Hanuman Chowki is designed as an altar with Lord Hanuman idol which is appropriate for placing in offices, shops, factories, etc. It can also be placed in a showroom or puja altar to seek blessings of protection from Lord Hanuman. The right direction for placement of Hanuman Chowki is North, East and North East but seek advice from our holistic experts. Keeping the altar in the appropriate direction and worshipping on a regular basis is important.

Why use Energized Hanuman Chowki?

An energized Hanuman Chowki gives wonderful results and tends to be more beneficial than a non-energized variant. The presence of Lord Hanuman is invoked in the Chowki (altar) through the process of energizing. It involves Vedic mantra chanting which enhances the elevated powers of the presiding deity. This benefits the sadhaks'/worshippers tremendously and bestows the blessings of Lord Hanuman. We present a fantastic range of Hanuman Chowki which is energized by our Rudra Centre karmkandi Pundits. It is advised to recite the mantra provided with it every day in order to see faster positive effects.

Why buy Hanuman Chowki online from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre has a diverse collection of spiritual items ranging from puja accessories, sacred Rudraksha beads, natural Vedic gemstones to beautifully carved idols of Gods and Goddesses, Yantras, Yantra Lockets, etc. In this category of Hanuman Chowki, we have a unique Hanuman Chowki made of the best quality material. With our safe and quick delivery across the globe, you can receive the Hanuman Chowki at your home. Get the most finely crafted Hanuman Chowki from us at the lowest prices. Every product at Rudra Centre undergoes a proper quality check before it is available for sale. Over 22,000+ positive testimonials from our clients prove our genuineness and authenticity. You can also connect with our experts over live chat or call if you have any queries while purchasing Hanuman Chowki or other products.

Hanuman Chowki Mantra

Panchasyachutamaneka vichitra veeryam |
Sri shanka chakra ramaniya bhujagra desam ||
Peethambaram makara kundala noopurangam |
Dhyayethitam kapivaram hruthi bhvayami ||