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Significance and Uses of Hanuman Locket

Lord Hanuman is worshipped by devotees all over the world. Rudra Centre's collection of Hanuman Lockets include Gemstone Hanuman Lockets, carved skilfully from natural Gemstones like Gomed or Hessonite, Coral, Pearl, Blue Sapphire. They are crafted in detail and neatly in miniature size idols of Lord Hanuman, which can be set in pure Silver or Gold and worn.

Gemstones have healing properties and each one has its individual qualities. Wearing the Lord Hanuman Lockets in Gemstone brings the dual benefits of the Gemstone and Lord Hanuman's attributes to the wearer.

The Hanuman Lockets are available in various designs:-

(1) Lord Hanuman Head
(2) Lord Hanuman carrying the Dronagiri Mountain (Sanjeevani booty)
(3) Lord Hanuman sitting in a valiant posture with one Knee folded down and one Knee folded up, His Gada held in one hand.

Mighty Lord Hanuman is well known for His unconditional devotion to Lord Rama and for His dedication to serving the Lord. Lord Hanuman is well known for His immense physical power and strength, courage, faith in the Divine. Lord Hanuman also has many spiritual powers and devotees look up to Him for His supreme protection.

The Hanuman Lockets are miniature idols that can also be placed in the Puja altar, Work or Study table and worshipped.

The Hanuman ji ka Lockets are used as a protective talisman, which provides protection from Black Magic, Evil Eye etc.

Gomed Gemstone acts on the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra and the Hanuman in Gomed are good for those who wish to activate and balance their Crown Chakra.

Coral Hanuman can be worn for stability and security as Coral Gemstone works on the Root Chakra.

The Hanuman Lockets are excellent for those who fall ill repeatedly and for healing diseases.

Children can wear Hanuman ji ki Lockets for protection and good health.

These mini Hanuman idols can be worshipped for victory over enemies and challenging situations in life.

Wear Hanuman Lockets to feel the energy of Lord Hanuman's mighty power with you, to feel secure and protected.

The Gemstone Hanuman Lockets can be given as gifts to friends and families.

Benefits of Hanuman Lockets

The Hanuman Lockets at Rudra Centre are made from natural Gemstones and are very well crafted. The Lockets are attractive min Lord Hanuman idols, which can be made into Lockets and also worshipped as an idol by keeping it in Puja altar etc. Powered by Lord Hanuman's attributes and the Gemstone's qualities, these Lockets are essential for everyone.

Lord Hanuman provides invincible protection to His devotees from harm, danger, enemies, Black Magic, Evil Eye, lower energies. His healing energies has the capability to heal diseases of all kind, including fatal ones. Lord Hanuman epitomizes devotion, faith, courage, discipline, physical and mental strength. He bestows all these attributes to the wearer/worshipper of the Hanuman ji ka Locket. Lord Hanuman inspires and gives the courage and confidence to go through challenges, ensures victory over enemies and all situations, heals psychological problems, solves career and family issues, helps to succeed in ventures, brings prosperity and happiness.

1) Hanuman in Gomed Benefits - Gomed or Hessonite activates, balances the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra, which helps to stay in connection with one's higher self and Divine realm. Gomed Gemstone is ruled by Planet Rahu which makes this Hanuman in Gomed Locket important for getting relief from the negative effects of malefic Planet Rahu. Wearing the Locket removes sufferings, unhappiness, helps to overcome depressive thoughts, brings innovative ideas and confidence. It helps to heal skin problems, protects from Black Magic, Evil Eye, lower energies, supports in releasing fears and heals marital discord.

2) Coral Hanuman Benefits - The carving of Lord Hanuman in Coral is done dexterously and clearly depicting Him carrying the Dronagiri Mountain. The Coral Gemstone is connected to the Muladhara and Root Chakra, activates and balances the Muladhara and brings stability and security. The Locket is extremely effective for protection from ill effects of malefic Planet Mars or Mangal as Lord Hanuman is the Deity who rules Planet Mangal and Coral Gemstone is ruled by Mangal. Coral boosts courage, reduces anger and aggression, motivates to take action confidently, brings harmony between married couples, helps in regulating Blood Pressure, prevents abortions and supports in healing physical ailments. It is a stone that leads the wearer to victory, a quality which is augmented by Lord Hanuman.

3) Pearl Hanuman Benefits - The Lockets look beautiful and soothing. Pearl helps to balance mentally and emotionally, brings love, harmony, clarity, faith, empathy, enhances creativity, intuitive power. Pearl is associated with the Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra, activates, cleanses and balances it. The nurturing, gentle energies of Pearl and Lord Hanuman's powers work wonders when the Pearl Hanuman is made into Locket and worn or worshipped as an idol.

It is recommended to buy Gemstone Hanuman Lockets from a trustworthy, reputed shop or dealer of Gemstone Jewellery so that you get a natural Gemstone Locket. Heated or treated Gemstones lose their healing properties and do not bring the desired outcome.

Why Buy Hanuman Locket from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre's collection of Hanuman Lockets are carved diligently from 100% natural, unheated Gemstones, which provide maximum benefits. Our motto is to provide our customers with the best quality product, which will bring maximum benefits to them. The particular Gemstones from which the Hanuman miniature idols are made have been chosen as Lord Hanuman's attributes and the healing qualities of the Gemstones are complementary to each other.

We offer our services of an in house jeweller, who can make the Hanuman Locket for you in Gold or Silver, as per your choice. You can just order online and get your desired Hanuman Locket, without having to step out to visit a jeweller, explain the design etc. Our online shopping facility is seamless and can be done in easy steps.

Our superior quality Hanuman Locket prices are the most economical and affordable, as we aim to provide maximum customers with the benefits of these Hanuman ji Lockets.

Once you order Hanuman Lockets online with us, we ensure you receive the exact piece you ordered, within a few days at your doorstep.

Buy Online Hanuman Lockets at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre offers superior quality Hanuman Lockets carved from 100% natural Gemstones. The Hanuman ji ka Lockets are available in Gomed(Hessonite), Coral, Pearl, Blue Sapphire Gemstones. They are miniature idols of Lord Hanuman which can be made into Lockets in Silver or Gold and also can be kept in Puja altar, work/study table and worshipped. Each Locket brings the numerous blessings of Lord Hanuman and the benefit of the particular Gemstone. Pick your choice of Gemstone Hanuman ji ki Locket and order online with us. Buy online Hanuman Lockets at the best prices with us.