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Heera Shankh

What is a Heera Shankh?

Heera Shankh also called Pahadi Shankh is made out of a shining mineral that is found in the mountainous region. It has a slightly dull texture and diamond-like stones are studded inside due to fossilization over the years. This makes the Heera Shankh unique from all other varieties of Conches. The inner part of these kinds of conches has shining stones embedded. It is a hard stone and the legend associated with it states that Dakshinavarti Shankh turned into stone which later was known as the Heera Shankh. This Shankh carries elevated energies and the potential of bringing Goddess Laxmi’s blessings when worshipped properly.

The Heera Shankh is primarily used for worshipping Goddess Laxmi and bringing Her divine blessings. Goddess Laxmi is the presiding deity of this Shankh. Chanting the right mantras enables the sadhaks/worshippers to attain spiritual refinement, progress and prosperity. This Shankh is commonly used for Laxmi Sadhana. It is advised to handle the Heera Shankh with extreme care. Our collection includes stunning Heera Shankhs that are named after different Goddesses like Mahadriga, Prakruthi, Bhoojhooshi Vidhya, Kaivalya Padavi Rekha, Visalakshi, Garuda Pari Samsthita, Swetha Dhayini, Dhathri Roopa, etc.

Heera Shankh Benefits

  • It cleanses the negativities from surroundings and brings positive vibes
  • It attracts opportunities of abundance, wealth and prosperity
  • Placing it in the bedroom brings peace to the married couples
  • It is beneficial for students as it bestows knowledge and intellect
  • It radiates positive energies that bring tranquillity to the home or office
  • It increases the revenue and sales when placed in shop/showroom
  • It blesses the devotee with the grace of Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth
  • Worshipping the Heera Shankh with Sphatik Mala brings opulence
  • It gives protection from misfortune
  • There is no scarcity of resources when this Shankh is worshipped
  • It eliminates the negative forces around
  • It helps in achieving spiritual growth
  • Keeping it in the puja altar purifies the environment

lacement of Heera Shankh

It is to be kept on the Kurma Shankh Stand and it can be placed in the living room, office desk, or reception desk, bedroom, puja altar, etc. The main factor to be considered while placing a Heera Shankh is its direction. Place the Heera Shankh on Kurma Stand in a horizontal position in such a way that the opening of the Shankh faces upwards and the swirled opening faces the North. While performing Laxmi Sadhana, the sadhaks/worshippers should place the Shankh in front of him and face in the East direction. Use the Black Agate Rosary for chanting the mantras.

Is it safe to buy Heera Shankh online?

Heera Shankh should be of high-grade quality since it is used for worship rituals. Buying Heera Shankh from an authentic company like Rudra Centre is safe. We tick the best on our genuineness, positive customer reviews, and our variety and authenticity in spiritual products and holistic healing solutions.

Where to buy Original Heera Shankh?

At Rudra Centre, we source such valuable items authentically and make them available for sale after a quality check.

Why do we recommend you to buy Heera Shankh from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre has a fine collection of Heera Shankh in exquisite textures. The positive testimonials and reviews of our 22,000+ clients show our excellent credibility is not just in Heera Shankh but every product that comes under the SpiritualReligious items and Holistic Healing solutions. You can shop from our diverse range of unique Heera Shankh to place in your puja altar. We deliver across the world so order your favourite Shankh online today. The Heera Shankhs in our collection come with a Black Agate Mala (Hakeek) Rosary of 108+1 beads and a gold polished tortoise shaped (Kurma) stand in pure Brass. In this category, some of the Heera Shankhs have a gold polished Matsya shaped (fish) metal stand with them. Also, we have spiritual products like idols of Gods and Goddesses, puja accessories, meditation accessories, Yantras, gemstones with certificates of authenticity, Rudraksha beads, etc. The choicest and rarest Heera Shankhs with exceptional patterns is exclusively available only at Rudra Centre.

How to clean Heera Shankh?

Heera Shankh is a precious possession and should be always kept clean. It has to be wiped with a dry cloth and a brush with soft bristles can be also used to clean the inner corners of the Heera Shankh. Chemical detergents should not be used as they may degrade the texture of the Shankh.

Original Heera Shankh Price

Shankh (Conches) in our collection are unique and different, but their prices remain constant. Prices may vary depending on the size of the Shankh available in our set of products.

Beeja Mantra for Heera Shankh

Ayeim Yam Ram Shreem Yam Forum Kreem Phat