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About God Singhasan

Hindu God Thrones

What is God Singhasan?

A miniature throne for placing the God and Goddess idols in a puja altar is known as God Singhasan. Using the thrones is the right way for placement of God idols. These thrones are made in pure silver, wood and brass and embellished with beautiful accessories.

What is the use of God Singhashan?

  • Deity idols can be placed over it
  • It is also perfect for placing Yantra idols
  • Shree Shaligram can also be kept on the throne
  • All kinds of auspicious idols in the puja altar can be placed on the throne/ Singhasan

Importance & Significance of God Singhasan

Hindu worship practices involve praying to the deity idols. These idols are installed in a safe and sacred place i.e. puja altar. While some place the idols on an altar cloth, some prefer keeping the idols on a throne. It signifies the higher position of the deity and it is generally used to revere the God idols in the home.

Types of God Singhasan

Wooden God Thrones

We have elegant God thrones made in wood with detailed design and storage drawer. Such all-inclusive wooden thrones are helpful and of great use during puja rituals. They are available in small, medium and big sizes.

Silver God Thrones

Made in pure Silver, God thrones look magnificent when placed on the puja altar. God Singhasan designs in our collection are beautiful and exquisite craftsmanship is visible. They also come with an umbrella that adds a royal touch to the throne.

Decorative God Thrones

Small Puja Singhasan for God with floral designs and attractive accessories are apt for use in festival Puja and ceremonies. The decorative pieces elevate the festive vibe and enhance the puja set-up. All the gems embedded on the throne are fixed perfectly and stay intact even after heavy usage. We also have a simple version of the God throne in Brass created to offer a minimalistic Pooja Singhasan online.

Where to buy God Singhasan at the best price?

Spiritual products are to be bought from genuine sources to receive original and high-quality products. A reputable company like us - Rudra Centre, we have God Singhasan at minimal prices and the quality is absolutely premium and the price is the best that you can get. The prices may vary as per the material of the Singhasan and its design as well. At Rudra Centre, we have a beautiful array of God Thrones in a variety of stunning designs.

Why is Rudra Centre the best place to buy God Singhasan online?

Rudra Centre is a certified seller of Rudraksha beads and has been in the world of spiritual products and healing solutions for over 2 decades. We constantly aim at making the best products available for our customers and provide amazing service. The God Singhasan/ Thrones are meticulously made by experienced craftsmen. These deity thrones can also be gifted to dear ones on ceremonies that mark new beginnings. Shopping for spiritual products is easy at Rudra Centre as we deliver all the items worldwide. Our large collection also includes puja accessories, 100% natural Vedic gemstones, impeccably designed Yantras and so much more. You can also connect with our experts if you have any queries while buying God Singhasan or any other product.

What are the available sizes of God Thrones?

God Singhasan in our collection is available in various sizes and their prices differ accordingly. Both small and big size God Singhasan of top quality can be found in our huge range.

In which direction should God Singhasan be placed?

The deity thrones have to be placed in the right direction for placing a God idol. It may be different for every deity so one can seek expert advice if there are any doubts.

How to clean God Singhasan?

Thrones made in Silver can be cleaned with toothpaste or by making a paste of water, vinegar and baking soda. These are easy and simple methods to clean the Silver thrones and remove the tarnish and dirt. One can also get it polished by a jeweller. For wooden thrones, dry cloth or soft brush can be used to wipe and dust off the dirt. Brass thrones can be cleaned by rubbing rock salt and tamarind. Lemon and baking soda also work well for restoring the shine of items made of Brass.

God Singhasan Price

We have high-quality Singhasan for God online at reasonable prices. Pure Silver God Throne prices also vary depending on the rate of Silver at the time of purchase. The design, intricate carvings, decorative embellishments and weight of the throne also affect the price.