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What Is Fiction Books?

Stories created and written from the imagination of an author in a book form are fiction books. They have a huge market and are favorites of a large population who love reading or are passionate about reading. Statistics show that fiction books have always rated high in popularity and climbed the ladder to reach the top of the charts of most popular books. Indian fiction book authors have been internationally acclaimed and awarded too, like, Jhumpa Lahiri, Arundhati Roym, to name a few.

Reading has been a popular pass time, hobby, and mode of relaxation down the ages. The categories are many, like, fiction books, historical, science-fiction, thrillers, comedy, autobiographies, fantasy fiction books, or Historical fiction books. Readers indulge in them for entertainment, information, knowledge, etc. Despite virtual books in today's world, the charm of holding a physical book in hand and reading is a special experience.

Everyone could do with a bit of inspiration, and Inspirational fiction books have always been sought after. The demand has increased with time. Sometimes this category of the book has topped the chart of popularity.

Historical and Inspirational Fiction Books

1) The Shiva Trilogy comprising of the three best Indian Historical Fiction books authored by Amish Tripathi, has stayed on the bestseller list. They are :

(i) The Immortals of Meluha(Shiva Trilogy 1) - Based on Lord Shiva, this book narrates beautifully the story of a fearless Tribal warrior named Shiva who had been entrusted to protect the empire of Meluha. With historical and mythological background, the story in this part of the Shiva Trilogy is about the rise of the powerful Lord Shiva who sticks to His principles, is dutiful, loving, committed, strong, brave, courageous, and with super qualities. This thrilling and adventurous story of a common man who wins the heart of the people of Meluha falls in love with Sati and becomes revered as a trusted leader, protector, and an understanding friend to many. The book clearly defines good and evil.
(ii) Secret of the Nagas - The 2nd Shiva Trilogy is about the adventurous tale of Shiva's search for the Naga who murdered His friend Brihaspati. We read about the rise of evil and suspicious activities of people of various Kingdoms and places through which Shiva travels in His hunt for the Naga. An enthralling book which is keeps you glued.
(iii) The Oath of the Vayuputras - The concluding part of the Shiva Trilogy is about Shiva's war with His enemy the Nagas, the loss of many lives, including those who are close to Shiva. The breathtaking culmination to the story of Shiva.

2) The Alchemist - One of the highest-rated inspirational books which continue to inspire readers ever since it was published. Delightfully told through the story of the young Shepherd boy Santiago, whose magical journey while traveling the world gives us inspirational life lessons, the most prominent one being to follow your heart.

3) Collection of Devdut Patnaik - A prized collection of fiction books based on Gods/Goddesses, mythology associated with them. The books of this collection include- 7 secrets of Shiva, 7 Secrets of Vishnu, 7 Secrets of Goddess, 7 Secrets from Hindu Calendar Art. Well written, these books are popular, especially among devotees who are keen to get a different perspective on their Divine Deity.