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What is Tarpan grass?

Tarpan or Tarpana (Arghya) is a term used for rituals where we do offerings. It is a Vedic custom that signifies offerings made in respect, remembrance and honour of the divinity and other souls. The term Tarpan itself means a substance that can be offered during an offering ritual. The word Tarpan is derived from the word ‘trupt (satisfy)’ which denotes an act of pleasing/satisfying others. The ritual of Tarpana varies and the hand posture differs while making offerings to

  • Tarpan to the Supreme deities (Gods and Goddesses),
  • Tarpan to the Saints
  • Tarpan to the Pitru (deceased/ departed ancestors)

The offerings that we do for deities and sages are known as Tarpan while the Vedic practice of making an offering to the departed ancestors is known as Tilatarpana. Today, people often use the term ‘Tarpan for their Pitru (deceased ancestors)

The grass used for the offering ritual of Tarpan is known as the Tarpan grass. The actual name of this grass is Kusha.

We at Rudra Centre offer Tarpan grass which is used for making offerings to deities, saints and ancestors. We also offer the rare Sanjeevani grass and Darbha grass which are offered to Lord Ganesh and while chanting mantras and to sprinkle water from the Kalash around the Vastu where puja is performed. You can buy the tharpanam set online from us.

Where can I buy tarpan grass?

You can buy the Tharpanam set or the Tarpan grass which is originally known as the Kusha grass online from Rudra Centre at the best prices. Being one of the market leaders, we never compromise on the quality of products and services we offer. The Tarpan Grass, rare Sanjeevani grass and Darbha grass that we at Rudra Centre offer can be used for various puja rituals and the Tarpan grass is specially used while performing the ritual of Tarpan. The benefits these divine sets of grass offer make them auspicious. Browse through our range of tharpanam sets or individual grass sets which are displayed online on our website and choose the one that best suits your taste. The Tarpan and other grass-like (Sanjeevani) and dharba that we offer are energized and blessed by our in-house pundits.

Why Rudra Centre is the best place to buy Tarpan

We at Rudra Centre are one of the renowned e-commerce companies to have established trust and earned accolades from our clients globally for our products and services. We are the first ISO certified e-commerce company to have formed a website for Rudrakshas and Gemstones. We deal in a plethora of spiritual and religious products and services. We are one of the pioneers who deal in supplying authentic, natural and genuine Rudrakshas, gemstones, Vastu products, Puja articles, Puja samagri, Holy books. Aarti CDs and much more across the globe. We have more than 20,000 happy clientele and our family of clients is growing every day. Offering genuine and quality products and apt customer service is what helps us to be the market leaders.

Understanding the importance of puja articles, we make sure that all the puja articles including all the varieties of grass that we offer are blessed by our in-house karamkandi pundits from Varanasi and Banaras. Our displayed range of Holy grass collection includes Darbha, Sanjeevani and Kusha grass. You can browse through our online range which is displayed on our website and buy the one according to your need and the occasion.

What are the uses of Tarpan?

As mentioned earlier Tarpan can be used to make offerings to the Gods, saints and ancestors but the way of the offering differs. Mentioned below are the various uses of Tarpan

  • For Deity Tarpan, the offering is made by adjoining both the hands and stretching them in front and allowing the Tarpan to flow over eight fingers, it is known as Dev Tirtha
  • For Rishi (saint) Tarpan, the offering is made by adjoining both the palms and the offering is dripped from between both the palms. It is known as Rishi Tirtha
  • For the deceased or ancestors, the offering is made to drip or flow over the left hand. This is known as Pitra tirtha.
  • The Darbha grass is used during religious ceremonies while performing the fire ritual
  • The Darbha grass is used to sprinkle water from the Kalash in which the mantras are chanted as the grass is said to absorb all the positive frequencies
  • The Sanjeevani Grass dear to Lord Ganesh is used to offer to Lord Ganesh. The 21 twigs of Sanjeevani are dipped in water and are said to cleanse all the negative energies from the atmosphere

If the question ‘where can I buy holy grass’ crosses your mind, you can browse for the tharpanam grass online at Rudra Centre.

Importance & significance of Tarpan grass

The Tarpan grass or the tharpanam set plays a significant role in Hinduism.

  • The Tharpanam grass is the ritual that offers freedom to our ancestors from any of their unfulfilled desires. The ritual of Tarpan is performed so that our deceased ancestors can continue their journey to the heavens peacefully without any desires that keep them holding back.
  • The Tharpanam set helps to cleanse the air by absorbing all the negative energies in the air and thus helps to spread positive energies in a Vastu
  • Helps to attract the divine frequencies of Lord Ganesh and blesses the worshipper and person performing Tarpan
  • When we call out the names of specific deities during mantra chanting and Tarpan, we do it with a powerful will, requesting the Gods and Goddesses to protect us and to look after our welfare.