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Purana meaning “ancient” or “old” is a compilation of theologies, mythological stories, and narratives along with various traditional practices and customs. These books have Sanskrit texts & scriptures and we have a huge collection of the best Purana Books for a better understanding of the upcoming generations and everyone across the globe. You can get the original Hindu Puranas books from Rudra Centre with a high-quality binding that makes them long-lasting. Great sages have imparted this knowledge in Hinduism, and it has evolved into a variety of versions over the years.


Shiva Purana has chapters on mythology and the relationship between Gods. Many different versions have been developed over the period and you can get Shiva Purana, Shiva Puran, Siva – The Siva Purana Retold, and Siva Mahapurana – 3 Volume Set in our collection.

We have different versions of Devi Purana so everyone can refer to it according to their preference. While the “Devi Bhagwat Purana” and “Devi Bhagavatam” are the shorter versions, “Devi – The Devi Bhagavatam Retold” and “Srimad Devibhagavatam – Set of 2 Volume” contain the original Sanskrit texts with English translation.

We have “Ganesh Puran” with Ganesh Aartee, 108 names of Lord Ganesha and Ganesh Siddhi Yantra. The other book “Ganesha Purana” has philosophy related to Lord Ganesha and stories of mythology. It is one of the major Hindu ancient texts and is highly revered by Ganesha devotees.

The Vishnu Purana and Visnu Mahapurana elaborate the different avatars of Lord Vishnu and give details of creation and cosmology.

Garuda Purana revolves around Lord Vishnu, the mythology, cosmology, good versus evil, and the theory of heaven and hell. Our collection of Purana books has Garuda Purana, The Garuda Mahapuranam, and The Garuda Purana.

This range includes The Agni Purana, Sri Vedavyasa Agnimahapuranam - 2 volume set, and The Agni Purana - Set of 2 Vol. Agni Purana broadly covers the concepts of Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Shaktism, and Smartism without inclining towards a particular theology.

Our selection of Purana books also includes Narada Purana, Sri Kandha Puranam, Guru Charitra, Candipathah, Markandeya Purana, and The Linga Purana. These books focus on the respective deity and their philosophies and mythological stories.


This collection has books in the English language and they also contain Shlokas and texts in Sanskrit with English translation. The simple English used in the books makes it very easy to understand the Puranic texts.


You can find books in Paperback format as well as hardbound since the Puranas have stories and narratives about the history of the universe, sages, kings, etc. The tightly bound books are durable and you can even pass them down to your future generations.

Where to buy it?

Spiritual books especially the books on Puranas are to be bought from an authentic source to ensure that the information and ancient texts are correct. Checking the names of the author is an important step while buying the Purana books. You can even take a look at the synopsis of the book to understand its essence and contents of the book.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

We have the original Puranas books in English with rich knowledge of the topic. With over 22,000+ positive testimonials, we have been providing authentic spiritual items and gemstones for over 2 decades. You can contact our experts if you need any guidance while buying the books. The best Purana books are available in our select range for all the knowledge seekers.

Purana Price

The prices of books on Puranas are varying according to the set or a single book you purchase. You can buy Purana online from us at the lowest prices.