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Books on Upanishads

Upanishads form the part of Vedas and we have a diverse range of books on Upanishads. This Sanskrit term translates to “sitting down near” which refers to the student sitting down near the teacher (Guru) while gaining spiritual knowledge. The books in collection present the study of Upanishads and explain them in simple English language.


Taittiriya Upanishad

Translated by Swami Gambhirananda, Taittiriya Upanishad comprises a Samhita, a Brahmana and an Aranyaka. The Shlokas are in Sanskrit with English translation for everyone to learn and gain knowledge.

Sri Suktam

This book with Sri Suktam is good for reciting the Sri Suktam every day in front of the Shree Yantra. This hymn is recited to please Goddess Lakshmi as the fifteen verses of Sri Suktam form the sound body of Lakshmi.

The Mandukya Upanishad

The Mandukya Upanishad is a part of Atharva Veda; it confers the ultimate reality, the goal of existence and the knowledge of Brahman or Atman.

Chandogya Upanisad

Chandogya Upanisad is translated by Swami Swahananda and this book has the word by word English translation of the Sanskrit texts.

Chanakya's Chant

Chanakya has been one of the most prominent political strategists in the history of India. Chanakya’s Chant is an interesting story based on two parallel worlds of Chanakya and Gangasagar. This thrilling plot has been well-received by a large audience.

Kautilyas Arthashastra

The book features various strategies and tactics for governing the economy and accumulating wealth. Written by Chanakya in the ancient times, this book has such wonderful techniques that it is relevant in the modern world as well.

Shree Sukta

This book has the original Shree Sukta with explanatory notes to recite daily while worshipping Goddess Lakshmi. There is no other hymn equal to Shree Sukta when it comes to seeking blessings of Lakshmi.

The Eternities - Vedanta Treatise

The Eternities – Vedanta Treatise explains the age- old philosophy of Vedas and the techniques of living the life.

The Principal Upanishads

Upanishads are said to hold the deepest secrets of unseen reality and The Principal Upanishads is an English translation of the Vedas compiled together. The value and significance of these holy texts are explained in the book.

Hindu Dharma

Guru has always been in a very significant and high position in the Vedic Dharma. Written by Pujyasri Candrasekharendra Sarasvati Svami, Hindu Dharma is a book that emphasizes the importance of Guru in our life.

112 Upanisads - Set of 2 Volume

A set of 2 Volumes, 112 Upanisads is an exhaustive introduction and index of verses. With Sanskrit texts translated in English, it becomes easy for everyone to understand the Upanishads.

The Kautiliya Arthasastra - 3 vol set

This is a set of 3 Volumes of The Kautilya Arthasastra where you can find the modern commentary on the ancient texts, its scrutinized study and the profound Arthashastra developed by Chanakya.

Purusa - Sukta and Vedic Sacrifice

The most popular Vedic hymn Purusa - Sukta is explained in this book along with the concept of Vedic sacrifice. It also revolves around the concept of Purusamedha and the traditional interpretations are believed to remove the misconceptions.


The Upanishads are in Sanskrit but the books have English transliteration with additional explanatory notes. It becomes very easy for each person to acquire the knowledge of our ancient Hindu scriptures through these books. The lucid and simple English makes the Upanishads easy to understand.


This collection has books in Paperback format as well as hardbound. The books are durable and tightly bound which shows its high quality.

Where to buy?

Books with such ancient holy texts should be brought from an authentic seller to make sure that you get the original copy. These Upanishads hold great significance and it becomes important to check the author’s name while buying the books. There are Upanishads in Hindi too and we have the English copies available.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre offers the original gemstones and spiritual items across the globe. You can order the Upanishad books from any part of the world as we ship worldwide. We have the Upanishads books with original Sanskrit texts and meaningful English translations. If you have any queries while buying books or other items from us, you can get in touch with our experts.

Upanishad Books Price

The prices of the Upanishad books differ as per the set of the volumes. Buy books on Upanishads online today from our select range.