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Incense Stands

What is an Incense Stand?

Incense Stands are designed to hold the incense sticks that are placed in front of God idols, in the puja altar or at the entrance of the home. They are usually made of plastic, brass or Silver in different designs and appealing patterns. Offering the fragrant incense fumes to deity idols while worshipping pleases the God or Goddess and elevates the ambience as well. Additionally, it also cleanses the energy in the surroundings and creates a pleasant environment. Incense Stands are convenient and handy to keep the incense sticks burning on the altar.

What are Incense Stands used for?

As the name suggests, an Incense Stand is an object used to hold the incense sticks. Burning incense sticks has numerous benefits like the alleviation of negative energies, bringing peace and serenity to the dwelling and positive vibrations. The refreshing fragrance produced by burning an incense stick soothes the mind and emits energies of relaxation. It is the aroma that relieves stress and the surroundings have a spiritual vibe. One can also use the Incense stand for lighting the incense sticks while meditating or doing Yoga. It sets the right mood for carrying out such activities and keeps the mind fresh and more focused. Incense stands are an essential part of every Hindu ritual and puja ceremony and other religious/ spiritual practices. It is suggested to avoid using incense sticks made of synthetic ingredients.

How to use Incense Stand?

Incense sticks or Agarbatti should be infixed in the holes of the stand or holder. The stand has to be kept on the puja altar to offer fragrance to the deity idols. It can also be kept near the main door of the home or office to attract positive vibes and fills the ambience with joy and cheer.

Where to buy the best quality Incense Stands?

Spiritual products should be bought from trusted sources to get genuine products. To ensure that a seller is credible and trustworthy, one can check the user ratings and reviews. This gives an idea about the seller’s genuineness, service and quality of the products too. Best Incense Stands made in heavy shining brass and pure silver are available at Rudra Centre.

Why Rudra Centre is the best place to buy Incense Stands?

Rudra Centre has a beautiful collection of Agarbatti Stands online that are designed and crafted with finesse. We offer worldwide delivery so our customers can easily place an order from the comfort of home and receive their favourite spiritual products at the doorstep. 22,000+ positive reviews from satisfied clients over 2 decades are a testimony of our strong credibility. You can also find a great variety of deity idols carved in gemstones and metals, puja accessories, meditation accessories, Yantras, Shivling idols and a lot more in our largest range of spiritual products. We have wooden Incense Burner, Floral Agarbatti Stand in Brass, Incense Tower Stand, Designer Incense stands, Kalash Incense Stand, etc. Buy Incense Holder online from Rudra Centre at the best prices.

What are the ideal places to keep an Incense Stand?

The Incense Stand can be placed in the puja altar or in the living room. When incense sticks are burnt, it evokes a sense of calmness and invites positive energies into the dwelling. Placing an incense stand at the entrance of home or office and burning incense sticks in it uplifts the mood. It is advised to regularly clean the stand.

What are some key features of these Incense Stands?

  • The stands are made of high-quality material that is long-lasting
  • The designs are unique and attractive
  • Some of the stands in our collection are designed in such a way that there is a space beneath to collect the ash of the incense sticks
  • Each of the stands can hold at least 5-6 incense sticks
  • The stands are appropriate for placing in home, office, shop or any puja altar
  • The Incense stick stands are also suitable for gifting to dear ones on special occasions
  • The strong make of the stands ensure their durability
  • They can also be used in religious ceremonies and puja rituals
  • These stands are compact in size and easy to store when they are not used

How to clean Incense Stands?

Brass incense stands can be easily cleaned with ingredients available at home. Take a teaspoon of baking soda and squeeze some lemon juice in it to make a paste. Now rub this paste on the incense stand and wash it with water. This will restore the shine of the incense stick holder and remove all the dirt as well. For cleaning the silver incense stands, regular toothpaste can be used and then rinse the stand with water.

Incense Stand Price

The Incense Display Stands in our collection are priced depending on the design of the stand, the material used for making it and the intricate carvings. Each of the stands- be it wooden or metal goes through a strict quality check and only then made available for sale. Buy Agarbatti Holder online from us and get it delivered to your home safely.