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Incense Diffuser (Includes Incense)

What is an Incense Diffuser?

An incense Diffuser is a device for dispersing the scent of incense in the air. These diffusers come in various sizes and designs with intricate carvings that reflect attractive patterns in the surrounding area. An Incense Diffuser essentially uplifts the mood with the pleasant smell of the Incense brick lit on it.

What is an Incense Burner/ Diffuser made of?

The beautiful Incense Diffusers have different parts that are to be put together before burning the Incense brick. It contains an Iron Diffuser, Cork Coaster and a Copper Plate to place the Incense brick. All these parts are made of high-quality material and should be assembled properly. The Electric Incense Burner is made of steel with wooden handles for safe use.

Incense Burner Types

Incense Diffuser

The traditionally styled diffusers have a hollow cylindrical diffuser with different artistic designs. A tea light candle is placed inside the diffuser and a copper plate is kept above it. The Incense cake is placed on the copper plate which produces fragrant smoke after the tea light candle inside is lit.

Electric Incense Burner

This is the easiest device to handle as the Electric Incense Burner has to be plugged in and the Incense brick is placed on the plate. It starts burning and emits the fragrance in the area around.

Exotic Incense Burner

It has a tripod stand and the tea light candle has to be placed on the base. The tripod holds the copper plate where the Incense brick is kept.

What is an Incense Burner used for?

  • It can be placed in home, office, shop, etc.
  • Incense bricks for Chakra healing can be burnt with an Incense Diffuser
  • It can be used while meditating
  • It is kept in halls or event venues during ceremonies
  • It can be used instead of an air freshener
  • It is used in spas and hotels to create a refreshing ambience
  • It can be also placed in the room while doing Yoga
  • The Incense Diffuser is appropriate for placing in-home on special occasions or festivals as the wonderful aroma brings positivity
  • The Electric Incense Burner can be placed in puja altar

Is it safe to buy an Incense Diffuser online?

It is completely safe to buy an Incense Diffuser online but the most important factor is the seller’s genuineness. Reading all the information about the product and researching about the brand is helpful. There is a possibility of getting low-quality Incense Diffusers at higher prices. To ensure that you get the best Incense Burner/ Diffusers, connect with a reputable seller such as Rudra Centre.

Where to buy good quality Incense Diffusers?

You can get excellent quality Incense Diffusers at Rudra Centre at minimal prices. All the Incense Diffusers in our collection are made with sheer finesse and look elegant. Their strong make assures durability and can be used over the long run for various purposes. The quality of Incense Diffusers is incomparable which makes it essential for every household.

Why do we recommend you to buy Incense Burner/ Diffusers from Rudra Centre?

We have the widest range of Incense Diffusers and a variety of Incense bricks. With over 2 decades in the world of spiritual products, we strive to provide only the top quality products to our customers. Thousands of positive testimonials from our satisfied customers display our credibility. Select an exquisite Incense Diffuser from our collection and install it in your space to bring positivity. The fine craftsmanship involved in making the Incense Diffusers is visible through their detailed designs. You can get an Exotic Diffuser and Electric Incense Burner online in our collection. We also offer safe and fast delivery worldwide to ease spiritual shopping for our clients. Buy Incense Diffuser online from us and place it in your home to enjoy the serenity. We have high-quality Incense Burners for sale.

Can these Incense Diffusers be presented as a gift?

The Incense Diffusers are apt for gifting and it makes for a thoughtful gift. It can be a great option to gift on special ceremonies, religious occasions and also an amazing return gift at weddings. Incense Diffusers can be definitely presented as a gift to corporate employees, friends, colleagues, family, etc.

What are the key features of these Incense Diffusers?

  • It enables the aroma to spread in the space slowly
  • It is safe and easy to use
  • It is compact and can be carried while travelling
  • The Incense Diffusers come with a Cork plate which protects your floor/ table from heating
  • The smoke produced after placing the Incense cake on the diffuser lasts for more than 30 minutes
  • Various designs on the diffuser create beautiful kaleidoscopic patterns that reflect on the ceiling or the walls around

How to clean Incense Diffusers?

Use a solution of dish soap and water to clean the Incense Diffuser. It should be wiped with a clean, dry cloth on a daily basis to keep it free from stains and dirt. A brush can also be used to remove the dust particles that settle on edges and inner corners if the Diffuser has minutely detailed carvings. Always clean the Incense Diffuser after every use.

Incense Burner Price

The Incense Diffusers have reasonable rates while the Electric Incense Burner price is on the higher side. Even though the prices are nominal, the quality of diffusers remains superior.