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About Iolite Shivling

About Iolite Shivling

The Shivling is worshipped as the infinite formless Lord Shiva. The Shivling denotes the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti from where all creation manifests. Gemstone Shivlings are said to possess high-frequency vibrations and are favored by devotees for worship. Iolite Shivlinga is made of the beautiful Violet-Blue or Indigo color Iolite gemstone. Iolite is known as a spiritual stone, besides its other healing properties, and is an apt gemstone for Shivlings as the worship of Shivling by itself promotes spiritual understanding and growth, which is also an attribute of the Iolite stone. Iolite gemstone is used in Vedic Astrology as an alternate gemstone for Blue Sapphire.

The name iolite is derived from the Greek word 'Ios' meaning Violet. Iolite gemstone is composed of Cordierite mineral and has the interesting property called Pleochroism, producing different colors visually when seen from different positions.

Iolite Shivlinga Price

The Iolite Shivlinga price is based on the factor of its size or weight, color, and origin. India is a known producer of Iolite stone and its high quality is appreciated in the gemstone market. Buy Iolite Shivlinga online from a reputed and trusted shop or gemstone dealer to install at home, business place, office, or Shop.

Where to Buy Iolite Shivlinga

Rudra Centre offers a huge collection of superior quality, genuine, real lustrous Iolite Shivlings of different sizes. Our Iolite Shivlings are crafted smoothly and enhance the spiritual aura when you install them in your Puja Alter. Buy Iolite Shivlinga online with us by picking your choice. Iolite Shivlinga price with us is the best in the market when you buy Iolite Shivlinga online with us. Once you place your order, our efficient team will deliver your order, safely packed, to your doorstep.

Placement of Shivling

The Yoni of the Shivling should be facing the North direction. The West face of the Lingam/Linga should face you to be worshipped.

Iolite Shivling Benefits

Iolite Shivling is for installing in the Puja Altar of your Home or workspace. Worship of Shivling is done by performing Abhishekam with a mixture of Cow's Milk, Water, Curd, Honey, Clarified Butter, or Ghee along with chanting the Mantras of Lord Shiva. Meditating on the Iolite Shivling aligns the energies or the worshipper with the energies of Lord Shiva.

Shivling emanates positive vibrations wherever it is kept, affecting the space and the inmates of the place. In the case of Iolite Shivling, the Iolite gemstone's energies too have its beneficial effects. Iolite Shivling bestows the benefits of the Shivling worship and the healing properties of the Iolite gemstone. Iolite Shivling worship gives virtuous blessings by the grace of Lord Shiva.

  • Worshipping the Iolite Shivlinga ushers in prosperity, fame, and name.
  • Iolite gemstone helps in activating creative visualization and creative self-expression. Be it any artistic pursuit like singing, dancing, painting, writing, etc., worshipping the Iolite Shivling inspires to help with its energies.
  • Lord Shiva leads the worshipper to spiritual awakening and growth. Iolite stone favors spiritual growth, adding to the spiritual insight of the worshipper by guiding in the right path.
  • Iolite Shivling brings balance to all those who feel disorientated, unbalanced and to regain physical balance too. Aligns physical, emotional, and spirit.
  • It aids in coming out of debts and helps in managing financial affairs efficiently.
  • Iolite Shivling brings harmony in family relationships removing disagreements and conflicts.
  • Iolite Shivling worship works on the Third Eye or Ajna Chakra and helps to focus and concentrate which is very much in sync with Lord Shiva's blessings of activating the inner vision.
  • Worshipping Iolite Shivling supports in communicating with your inner self, recognizing the true you.
  • It helps to get out of addictions and detoxifies the body and mind.
  • Iolite Shivling worship guides you to the right path, strengthened by Lord Shiva's quality.
  • Coupled with the attributes of Iolite gemstone, the Iolite Shivling heals Eye problems, migraine, and other diseases.
  • Iolite Shivling protects, gives confidence, brings peace, transforms you for the best that helps you in your life journey.

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