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Jacquard Shawls

What are Jacquard Fabric Shawls?

Jacquard is a soft fabric that has an intricate design pattern woven instead of stamped or print or dyed. Shawls made of Jacquard are a bit thicker and have a beautiful sheen. These shawls are appropriate for wearing with traditional outfits as well as other ethnic clothes. They are priced reasonably and come in a large variety of colour options. Our widest range of Shawls has images of deities woven on Jacquard fabric.

Jacquard Shawl Benefits

  • The thick fabric of the shawls gives warmth in cold temperature
  • The Shawls have finely woven designs
  • Jacquard is a soft fabric and does not irritate the skin
  • Good for the ones who appreciate the Gods or deities on their outfit

Uses of Jacquard Shawl

  • The shawls can be used for draping large size God idols in temples
  • A jacquard shawl is useful in cold weather
  • It can be worn during Puja rituals and religious events
  • It can be used as an altar cloth
  • The Jacquard Shawls can be accessorized with ethnic dresses
  • These shawls can be worn while meditating or performing Sadhana

Where to buy Jacquard Shawl?

One should always buy spiritual items from authentic sources to get only the best products. It is necessary to check the quality of the fabric while buying items like Jacquard Shawls. There are different types of fabrics which is the reason it is recommended to verify if the seller has genuine quality Shawls in Jacquard. Buy Jacquard Shawl online from Rudra Centre, the first ISO certified Rudraksha organization. We are a specialist company in Holistic Healing solutions and spiritual products and accessories which includes Yantras, Gods & Goddesses idols, Shivling idols, gemstone jewellery, shawls, etc. When buying Jacquard Shawls online, it is recommended to check the product description properly.

Why should you buy Jacquard Shawl from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre provides impeccable service and all types of spiritual products of high quality. Our client coordinators are available on call and live chat to provide assistance and resolve queries. We have a wonderful selection of Jacquard shawls with different designs like Sai Baba, Radha Krishna, Lord Buddha, Durga, Gayatri Mantra, Meditating Shiva, Mahadev, Ganesha, Shiv Parivar, Om symbol, etc. These shawls are available in various colours that can be paired with ethnic wear and draped during religious ceremonies. The artistic weaving of designs displays marvellous craftsmanship. Buy a Jacquard Shawl from our collection and receive the order at your home with our worldwide delivery.

Are these Jacquard Shawls handmade?

Jacquard Shawls have designs woven and not printed or dyed images. This makes the Shawls unique and the designs remain as they are for a long time. They are weaved by experienced weavers who have been in the field for years.

What are the different types of Jacquard Shawls available?

Shiva Shawls

You can get a huge variety of Shiva Shawls in Jacquard fabric from our collection. Shiva is depicted in the standing position and the meditation pose on the shawls. There is also a Shiva Parivar (Shiva family) Jacquard Shawl in colours like red, blue, ash, violet, etc. Accentuated with tassels at the edges, these shawls are perfect for wearing with traditional clothes during Puja and other rituals. Lord Shiva is the Supreme deity who destroys the negativity and wearing the shawls with such divine designs is a good omen.

Goddess Shawls

Durga, the feminine power who protects Her devotees and ends the demons is worshipped by many. Our collection of Jacquard Shawls has the image of Goddess Durga seated on a lion woven in the shawls and “Jay Mata Di” on the edges. The tassels beautify the shawls even more which makes them suitable to wear with casual apparel too. Subtle and bright colours like golden ash, ash, indigo, red, denim and deep pink are available in Durga Shawl.

Ganesha Shawls

Woven with great precision, Ganesha (Obstacle remover deity) Shawls in the soft Jacquard fabric are available in multiple colours. All of them have a common design that features Lord Ganesha in different forms. Their borders have varied patterns and tassels attached at the edges.

Radha Krishna Shawls

Radha Krishna signifies the unconditional and eternal love between two souls. The Radha Krishna Shawls from our range can be gifted to loved ones and friends. There are colour options available at Rudra Centre. Different designs of Radha Krishna are woven in soft Jacquard fabric for wearing with traditional attire. Other Jacquard Shawls designs include Sai Baba Shawl, Lord Buddha Shawl, Gayatri Mantra Shawl and Om Shawl. They are also referred to as Jacquard Scarves since their designs are simple and suitable for everyday wear.

Jacquard Shawls Price

Jacquard Shawls are inexpensive and their prices may change according to the set of shawls one purchases. The designs are distinct from each other but the price of the shawl is in a similar range.