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What is a Kapoor, Dhoop Aarti lamp?

A Kapoor, Dhoop Aarti lamp is also known as the Camphor lamp or aarti diya is a utensil or a vessel in which incense sticks like dhoop and also camphor cubes are burned. These Dhoop sticks and camphor emit soothing refreshing aromas when lit and fill the Vastu with positivity, peace, serenity and divinity. The aroma that arises out of burning items plays a significant role in activating deity during worship. Offering fumes of the burning camphor and dhoop sticks to the deity idols or deity photographs through the camphor lamp and also offering fumes to every corner of the house every day appeases the deities, invites positive energies and destroys the negative energies present around or in the Vastu (house, office).

Almost every Hindu household has an aarti diya with a handle or a Kapur lamp which is generally used for everyday prayers and especially lit during the evening time. There is a rich history behind lighting the dhoop lamps, if you want to buy an aarti set or a kapoor aarti diya, you can purchase it online from Rudra Centre at the best prices. We have a huge collection of arati lamps which you can either use for daily puja or on special auspicious events or festivals. All the various designed pooja aarti diyas are displayed on our website, you can simply visit our website and browse through the magnificent collection of Camphor lamps displayed and accordingly buy the lamp that best suits your interest.

What are the uses of Kapoor, dhoop aarti lamps?

The Kapoor, dhoop, aarti lamps are used during performing an aarti or a daily puja. It is a ritual of offering fumes of the camphor and dhoop sticks to the deities. Listed below are a few of the uses of the camphor lamp and aarti diya.

  • Used to light camphor and dhoop
  • Used during puja ceremonies and auspicious festivals and events
  • The kapoor, dhoop aarti lamps are used in homes and also temples by the Pundits while performing aartis.

The aarti diyas have played a significant role since ancient times. These divine items hold positive energies and help the devotees to connect to the divine energies and elevate their spiritual qualities.

What are the benefits of kapoor, dhoop and aarti lamps?

  • The Kapur lamp or the diya for aarti hold many benefits given below are a few of the many benefits it offers
  • The dhoop lamp are designed keeping in mind its use, the Kapoor lamp is made in metal which is durable and heat resistant
  • The aarti diya with handle is easy to hold during an aarti or puja
  • The camphor lamp or the aarti set is easy to clean and maintain
  • The diya for aarti or the Kapoor lamp has a long life and can be stored and used as long as one wants
  • The aarti diya is light weighted and designed keeping in mind the end-user
  • The Aarti diya or the Aarti diya set can be gifted to your loved ones and forms a special gift on auspicious occasions

Benefits of burning Camphor and Dhoop

  • Camphor has cleansing properties that work towards purifying the air in the Vastu (house/office)
  • The pleasant aroma of the fumes that are emitted by the dhoop and Camphor create smoke which helps to kill all the harmful bacteria’s present in the air
  • Attracts positivity and wards off negative energies
  • The pleasant aromas emitted by the Camphor and dhoop calms the mind fills one with divinity
  • It makes the people attending the puja and aarti get into the puja mode through the fragrances and the spiritual aura that is activated
  • The fumes emitted from Camphor and dhoop help to release fears and generate healing effects
  • It rejuvenates the senses
  • Brings one closer to the deity energy
  • Elevates one spiritually

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