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About Knowledge Yantra - Pocket Size

Knowledge Yantras

Yantra is a mystical diagram that inculcates astrological benefits to a person or a dwelling when installed in a specific manner. The common yantras have squares, triangles, floral patterns etched on them; however certain yantras have a more complex and detailed designs on them. They are also inscribed with the beeja or moola mantras of the deities that they represent. They are generally made of heavy shining brass. Yantras are designed to serve different purposes in life. Some of the yantras available are the protection yantra, knowledge yantra, prosperity yantra etc.

Yantra for knowledge

Knowledge yantra as the name suggests bestows an individual with knowledge, wisdom, intellect, creativity in arts and music, communication and power of thinking. Yantra for knowledge from India can also awaken one's spiritual knowledge. The Saraswati yantra is the most preferred knowledge yantra as Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, speech and music. A knowledge yantra must be placed on the study table or desktop of a student; alternatively it can also be placed in an altar. The placement of the yantra should be such that it should face East.

Pocket sized yantras can be carried by students in their pockets or wallets during exams, tests or even interviews to feel the presence and blessing of the divine.

Types of Knowledge Yantras

The different types of knowledge available are as follows:

  • Gayatri Yantra
  • Ganesha Yantra
  • Saraswati Yantra