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Kosha Books, Pancha Kosha Books

“Kosha” means treasure of knowledge, and Kosha on various deities have all the deep research and information about them. These books contain the details about the particular God, their mythological mysteries, ancient lore, stotras, thousand names, and everything related to the deity. Our wonderful range of Kosha books is rich in knowledge and will help you know so many new things about the respective Gods and Goddesses.


Vishnu Kosha

This book extensively covers the information on Lord Vishnu, His ten avatars, His other forms, and His family. There are different names of Vishnu and their pictorial representation, which makes it great for understanding.

Lalita – Kosha

Lalita or Maa Shodashi is one of the Dus Mahavidyas, and this Kosha has everything about the Goddess. It has a thousand names of the Goddess and Sanskrit texts with English transliteration. This Kosha is a useful book while offering prayers to Goddess Lalita.

Durga Kosha

Durga Kosha has a thousand names of Durga “Sahasranamam”, mantras, worship rituals, and all about Durga. This comprehensive work by Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao glorifies the Goddess and elaborates Her magnificence.

Srividya – Kosa

Srividya revolves around esotericism and occultism, and this book is an excellent source to find the details of Srividya and everything about its philosophy. It also gives information about the practice of Srividya, making the Kosha a comprehensive guide.

Hanuman Kosa – Set of 2 Volume

In Hanuman Kosa, the author Prof. S.K. Ramachandra Rao gives details of Lord Hanuman, the puja rituals, and interesting facts about God. This set of 2 volumes is all-inclusive and describes Lord Hanuman in the best way.

Siva-Kosha – Set of 2 Volume

Lord Shiva, the God of gods, is worshipped by a large number of devotees across the world. The Siva Kosha displays the modern thoughts on Shiva along with a traditional approach. Prof S.K. Ramachandra Rao has written this book with a view to providing information to students and scholars interested in learning about Indian culture.

Salagrama Kosha

Salagrama Kosha is a set of two volumes, with one describing the Salagrama (representation of Lord Vishnu) and the other volume elaborating the rituals of worship and puja accessories. It is one of the major contributions to Indology by Prof. S.K. Ramchandra Rao.


Books in this range are written in simple English for easy understanding of everyone. The Sanskrit terms are also translated into English which makes it convenient for all the readers. Scholars or students around the world who are interested in learning about the Hindu Gods and their history can refer to these English Kosha books.


The books are available in the hardbound format as they are a compilation of old tales and lore related to the deities. Bound neatly, the books are of high quality and extremely durable. The Kosha books are quite hefty with a lot of in-depth information.

Where to buy it?

Books with mythological stories and information should be bought from an authentic source to be sure that the given facts are true. There might be duplication of the original books. So buying from a trusted seller like Rudra Centre is always recommended. Checking the name of the author is important as it helps in knowing if the book is genuine.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is a world-renowned brand in the field of spiritual items. We have genuine spiritual products and gemstones of the highest quality. We carry a wide collection of books on Gods, Goddesses, spirituality, mythology, puja rituals, shlokas, stutis, chaaleesa, etc. Our special range of Kosha Books and Pancha Kosha Books has original books with reliable information. You can buy Kosha books online from us to understand the deities and their tales.

Kosha Books Price

The price of Kosha Books is minimal, and they are available for sale at Rudra Centre. Prices may differ based on the set of volumes and editions of the books. The knowledge that these books offer is invaluable and a great source to learn about Hindu deities and mythology.