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Significance and Uses of Krishna Lockets

Lord Krishna is one of the most adored and worshipped Deities of the Hindu pantheon of Gods. The Krishna Lockets with us, at Rudra Centre, is made from Pearl Gemstone, carved with precision. Lord Krishna is depicted standing on a Lotus, with His legs crossed, His Flute held in both His hands, ready to play it. The Pearl Krishna looks soothing and is a miniature Idol, which can be made into a Locket in Silver or Gold. This Krishna Gemstone Locket is sure to enhance the overall appearance of any man or woman who wears it. The Lockets bring the double benefits of Pearl Gemstone and Lord Krishna's numerous blessings.

Lord Krishna is the 8th Avatar of Lord Vishnu, who had stolen the hearts of everyone since His childhood, with His 'Leela' of stealing White Butter that used to be made by the Gopis and other childhood pranks. Lord Krishna was the King of Dwarka. His eternal love for Radha is quoted and songs about their love for each other are sung to date. Lord Krishna's important role in the Epic Mahabharata is undeniable and the sermons or basic principles of life He imparted to Arjuna during the battle of Kurukshetra is the content of the sacred 'Bhagavad Gita', which has gained international fame due to its deep meanings about the truth of life. The Flute was His constant companion and it is said in the ancient texts when Krishna played His Flute it was mesmerising and left everyone spellbound. Lord Krishna answers the call/prayer of all His devotees.

Pearl Gemstone is known as "Queen Gem" and worn as jewellery for centuries. The beautiful Pearl Gemstone formed in Oysters, Mussels, Clams and it takes years to form. With its soothing energies, Pearl benefits the wearer in many ways.

For those looking for love, romantic relationships, marital bliss, the Krishna ji ka Locket is perfect.

Pearl Krishna Lockets can be used to enhance your physical beauty.

For those prone to restlessness, anger, the Pearl Krishna Lockets has a soothing and calming effect.

The Pearl Gemstone Krishna Lockets serve as beautiful gifts for friends and family. They are like love charms, and so are great as gifts for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

The Pearl Krishna mini idols can be used for worship in the Puja altar, Study/work table.

Benefits of Krishna Lockets

The lovely collection of Lord Krishna Lockets at Rudra Centre are carved from Pearl Gemstone. The mini Idol is carved in detail and is suitable for worshipping in your Puja altar. The Pearl Krishna Lockets are sure to win appreciation when worn.

Lord Krishna is worshipped as Balgopal(child Krishna) and as a teenager and adult form. He provides protection from all evil energies and enemies, brings love, joy, harmony and happiness in marital life and satisfactory conjugal life. Ailments and diseases, including chronic illnesses, are healed with Lord Krishna energies. He bestows prosperity, wealth, success, name, fame, new opportunities. The devotee is blessed with material comforts, peace and enhanced spiritual awareness and evolution. For couples who are facing difficulty in conceiving a child, it is recommended to worship Lord Krishna for His blessings of a healthy child. Worshipping Lord Krishna with true devotion leads to Moksha.

Pearl Gemstone is connected to Planet Moon, soothes emotions and mind, balancing these aspects, brings love and compassion for self and others. The healing properties of Pearl Gemstone compliment Lord Krishna's blessings, which makes the Krishna in Pearl Lockets desirable for everyone.

Some benefits of Krishna Lockets are:-

  • The Pearl Krishna Lockets work on the Sacral or Swadhisthana Chakra, activates, balances and strengthens it. As the chakra is considered the 'seat of self', a balanced Sacral Chakra is essential.
  • The Krishna Gemstone Lockets are harbingers of love and are good for inviting romantic love and having a peaceful, loving married life. It is also good for attracting a loving life partner.
  • Pearl Gemstone is associated with the Moon and brings mental and emotional balance.
  • The beautiful Pearl Krishna enhances creativity and memory power. It is excellent for improving intuitive power and for spiritual growth by the grace of Shri Krishna.
  • The Krishna in Pearl bestows prosperity, wealth, name, fame and popularity.
  • Pearl Krishna Lockets are favourable for married couples who are finding it challenging to conceive a child. Lord Krishna blesses such couples with healthy babies, coupled with the fact that Pearl Gemstone acts on the Sacral/Swadhisthana Chakra, which includes the womb.
  • Pearl soothes down anger and is popularly worn for this healing property.
  • The Locket helps to reorganize random emotions, which can otherwise be very overwhelming.
  • Krishna ji ka Lockets are potent in healing diseases, chronic illnesses. Pearl helps to purify Blood, regulates high blood pressure, supports the healing of fertility issues. It heals in diseases and ailments related to the Kidneys, Heart, Urinary tract, headaches etc.
  • Krishna in Pearl brings all-around happiness and well being for the devotee.

  • Why Buy Krishna Locket from Rudra Centre

    The Krishna Lockets at Rudra Centre are beautifully crafted from superior quality Pearl Gemstone and are mini idols of Lord Krishna. They can be worshipped on the Puja altar and made into lovely Lockets in Gold or Silver. The Pearl Gemstone has been selected to make the Krishna Lockets as the healing properties of the Pearl Gemstone compliments Lord Krishna's blessings. The Krishna Lockets provides maximum benefits to the wearer.

    We provide the services of an expert team of in house jewellers, who can make the Lockets for you, exactly as they should be made to touch your body. If you choose to avail of this service, you don't need to step out to visit a jeweller and go through selecting design etc. We are a one-stop-shop for spiritual jewellery and provide our customers with a perfect final product.

    We are reputed for providing superior quality spiritual products at the best price in the market. You can order your Krishna Gemstone Lockets online with us in simple, easy steps and your order will be delivered to you in a few days.

    Buy Online Krishna Lockets at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

    Rudra Centre offers a collection of Lord Krishna Lockets made in Pearl Gemstone, crafted skilfully in detail. They are mini Krishna idols that can be made into Lockets in Silver or Gold and can be kept in the Puja altar, work table, to worship. The benefits of the soothing Krishna ji ka Lockets are innumerable. They can be worn by both men and women and are irresistible. Pick your Krishna Locket and buy online with us at the best price.