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Kuber Yantra Locket

Lord Kuber is the administrator and distributor of wealth and worshipped for attracting riches and opulence. To worship Him, Kuber Yantra is used. We have made Kuber Yantra available in the form of a locket, which makes it easier to carry, and faster to absorb the energies of Lord Kuber Yantra. The mystical geometry of this Yantra is responsible for the good vibrations that attract riches and abundance to your home.

Kuber Yantra Locket Price, Online Shopping, Original

We have original Kuber Yantra Lockets online that you can shop from Rudra Centre today. Experience the subtle changes in your energy field and opportunities that attract your way after wearing the authentic Kuber Locket made as per the ancient texts and energized with sacred Vedic Mantra chanting and rituals by our well-versed Pundits. The benefits and details of yantra lockets from our collection are below:

Shree Kuber Wooden Locket Yantra

The Kuber Yantra is imprinted on a wooden locket with Lord Kubera's image on the other side. It is covered with crystal glass that gives a magnified view of the locket. Wearing this locket is a sure way to attract opportunities turning into reality, prosperity, and the constant flow of money.

Kuber Yantra locket on Rosewood

Kuber Yantra is embossed on a high-quality rosewood disc to make a beautiful Yantra Locket. It is lightweight, artistically designed, and has a smooth texture. The Kuber Yantra Locket attracts new opportunities and increases the wealth of the wearer. The warming energies of Rosewood protect the wearer from negative forces and give confidence with stability.

Kuber Yantra Locket - Copper

Made in pure copper, the Kuber Yantra pendant has a rustic touch and features the yantra on one face and Lord Kuber's image on the other. It draws/opens new income sources, and also helps the wearer to grow in different aspects of life- be it a career, business, or other ventures. This yantra locket can be paired with ethnic or traditional outfits and it is also right to wear everyday. Both big and small sizes are available in this design.

Lord Kuber Yantra Locket - Gold Plated

The Gold Plated Kuber Yantra Locket is made of 100% pure copper with an acrylic glass covering. This locket has the Kuber Yantra inscribed on one side and Lord Kuber image on the reverse side. It looks artistic and carries the energies to attract new income sources, riches, prosperity, and abundant wealth to the wearer.

Kuber Yantra Locket - Silver

Kuber Yantra Locket in Silver (Silver - Moon planet energy) is appropriate for everyday wear and crafted with artistic perfection. The Yantra and Lord Kuber’s images are engraved on the front and back of the locket respectively. This Kuber pendant benefits the wearer with the ability to save and accumulate money, brings good fortune and a good mindset.

Kuber Yantra Locket - Silver - Large - Design II

This is a bigger size of the Kuber Yantra Locket in pure silver (Silver - Moon planet energy) with a more detailed etching of the Yantra and Lord Kuber’s image. This auspicious Yantra not only brings wealth to the wearer but also gives attractive powers and a good mindset.

Kuber Yantra Locket in pure Gold

The pure Gold locket featuring Kuber Yantra on the front and Lord Kubera photo etched on the back is an attractive possession to have. Kuber Locket's price may vary depending on the rate of the metal at the time of purchase. It draws money, royal prosperity, and worldly comforts to the sadhak/worshipper.

Kuber Yantra Locket Uses

The elegantly made Yantra Locket is suitable for wearing every day. It can be paired with any type of outfit because of its minimal design and classy appeal. The yantra locket can also be carried in your handbag, purse, or wallet if you are not able to wear it. Due to its compact size, it is very convenient to wear or keep the locket near yourself.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

We have a great collection of spiritual products including yantra lockets, yantras, meditation accessories, deity idols, Rudrakshas, Gemstones, and other spiritual items. You can buy the best Kuber Yantra lockets from Rudra Centre. We provide authentically sourced Yantras of genuine quality that are long-lasting and equally effective. The etching on the lockets is done precisely by fine artisans as per the Vedic scriptures. The diagrams are accurate to offer you the best of its benefits. With our worldwide shipping, you can buy Kuber Yantra Locket online and get fast and safe delivery at your doorstep. Choose from our wonderful selection and if you have any queries while purchasing the Yantra locket, you can connect with our product experts.

Why buy Energized Yantra?

Energizing the Yantra maximizes its power, which is really good for the sadhak/worshipper to tap its full potential. This process enhances the effectiveness of the Yantra and brings wealth to one's home. An energized Yantra locket should be preferred over a non-energized one to receive the divine grace of the ruling deity. One can only get a completely energized Yantra locket from a trusted seller like Rudra Centre that is not just into spiritual products but in transforming lives through healing, meditations and workshops too.

Mantra for Kuber Yantra Locket

Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaya Dhana-Dhanyadi, Pataye Dhana Dhanyadi Samruddhim Me, Dehi Dapaya Swaha