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Laxmi Yantra

Yantra are diagrammatic representations of specific mantras related to different Deities or planets. They are featured in the form of symmetrical geometric diagrams. The sacred geometry connects with the cosmic energies of the associated Deities and radiates its energies in the surrounding to spiritual elevate the sadhak/worshipper and dispel negative energies. Laxmi Yantra is endowed with divine blessings of Goddess Laxmi, who is bestower of wealth, opulence, fortune, auspiciousness and abundance. She is the divine consort of Lord Vishnu. She is the power through which one executes their laksha/goals for the cosmic growth and maintenance. The objective of life is to realise all objectives including Dharma (Conduct), Kama (Desire), Prosperity and Moksha (Liberation). Maa Laxmi guides one to achieve all 4 objectives.

Significance and benefits of Laxmi Yantra Locket

Yantra lockets can be used in place of Deity pendants as they not only serve as a constant reminder of the divine blessings but also resonate with divine energies of the yantra. An energized Lakshmi Yantra pendant provides blessings of Goddess Laxmi and also acts as a good fortune talisman that can be worn every day. Wearing a Laxmi Yantra locket bestows uninterrupted flow of income, wealth gains, and attracts riches and materialistic comforts. It also promotes positivity and brings contentment, bliss and harmony in life. One should also wear Laxmi Yantra Locket to overcome financial difficulties and related miseries, this yantra also brings financial luck, and all the desires of sadhaks/worshippers find a way towards fulfillment. The sadhak/worshipper of Laxmi Yantra never lacks materialistic comfort, resources or money. Maa Laxmi being associated with planet Venus, this Yantra helps balance the effects of the planet Venus, which is associated with riches, love, materialistic pleasures, beauty and opulence. The Yantra is highly beneficial for businessmen, public administrators, servicemen, professionals who wish to attain greater success in their respective field and all those who wish to attract immense abundance in their life.

Puja and Mantra of Laxmi Yantra Locket

Laxmi mantra should be chanted regularly to derive continuous results of the Laxmi Yantra locket. You can chant the mantra in your mind or chant by performing puja. To perform Laxmi Yantra locket puja, you can perform the puja as per your faith or follow a simple puja. You can choose to perform the puja on a Friday, dedicated to Goddess Laxmi. Rise early and after taking a bath set up a table facing east for puja or in a puja room. Place the Yantra in the puja altar along with an image of Goddess Laxmi and your Ishth Dev. Then light a ghee or oil lamp or incense stick. Then gaze at the Yantra and chant the Laxmi mantra for 21 times and 108 times. You can also play an audio of the mantra. After some time close your eyes and sit in silence. You will feel your mind being drawn inwards and naturally slipping into meditation. Laxmi Mantra: Om Shreem Hreem Shree Mahalaxmiyei Namah

Why buy Energised Yantra

When a Yantra is energised as per the rituals prescribed in ancient texts, it is ideally brought to life. Due to energization the Yantra is tuned with the cosmic energies and can optimally resonate its benefits. While a Yantra which is not energised will still function, one cannot ascertain about the time it might take to show effects which can range from years to even decades. Energising the Yantra prevents the delays and uncertainties and helps quickly fulfil the intention or desire of the worshipper. At Rudra Centre all Yantras are energised as per Yantric rites and blessed to ensure efficient functions at peak, right from the time of purchase.

Variety of Lakshmi yantra locket with us

You can choose from a beautiful collection of Mahalakshmi Yantra lockets to experience the divine blessings throughout the day. The Lakshmi Yantra locket price varies as per the metal using in making the locket.

Laxmi Yantra Locket in rosewood: This Lakshmi Yantra pendant featuring Laxmi Yantra printed in colour on Rosewood makes a stylish spiritual accessory.
Laxmi Yantra Locket in copper: This Yantra pendant featuring Yantra etched on one side and Maa Laxmi image on reverse side with antique finish has a classic appeal.
Laxmi Yantra Locket with gold plating: This gold plated Mahalaxmi locket with acrylic glass cover, featuring Yantra and image of Maa Laxmi on either side is light weighted.
Laxmi Yantra Locket in silver: Made in pure silver, we have two variants of Yantra lockets. One designed as a coin with Yantra and an image of Goddess Laxmi etched on it and other features a motif of Maa Laxmi attached to Laxmi Yantra coin.

Why buy Lakshmi Yantra locket from Rudra Centre

When it comes to spirituality one must not compromise on quality. Rudra Centre is a trusted brand dealing in finest quality spiritual and healing products. We provide a wide range of Yantras designed in Meru form, lockets, rings, frame, desktop of various Deities. These Yantra made in finest quality metals are designed as per design prescribed in ancient authentic texts. These Yantras being duly energised as per Vedic rituals are ready to use. So, if you are looking for the best Lakshmi Yantra locket online then your search ends with us. These Laxmi Yantra lockets with fine finish and lightweight look elegant and are very comfortable to wear every day.