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About Lapis Lazuli Stone or Lajward Stone

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We, at Rudra Centre, bring to you the finest range of original and genuine Lapis Lazuli gemstones which are astrologically approved and lab-certified. These gemstones are 100% natural, lustrous, non-heat treated and of superior quality. The blue sheen of the Lapis Lazuli resembles the starlit night sky. It offers a range of benefits to the beholder and also pacifies the malefic of planet Jupiter. We provide Lapis Lazuli gemstone which is suitable to be worn by all, regardless of one’s natal chart or sun sign. It can be worn as a ring, bracelet, pendant.

About Lapis Lazuli

The name Lapis is derived from Latin, in which Lapis means "stone" and Lazuli is Medieval Latin word 'Lazulum' taken from the Arabic word Lazaward, meaning the Blue colour of the stone. Lapis Lazuli or the Lajward stone is a semi-precious gemstone which is a mineral of an Aluminium Silicate comprising of less concentration of elements like the Calcite and Pyrite. On the Mohs scale, it weighs 5 - 5.5 on hardness. It was primarily sourced from Afghanistan during the early years of 7th millennium BCE. Even today the Lapis Lazuli is majorly found in Afghanistan while it is also found in countries like the USA, Canada, Argentina, Russia, Chile and Pakistan.

Astrological Benefits of Lapis Lazuli

According to the Vedic astrology, this gemstone is associated with the planet Jupiter. Being the largest planet, Jupiter is known to possess the quality to expand and it causes expansiveness of consciousness. As per astrology, if the planet Jupiter is positioned in the correct house in the natal chart, it brings Raj Yog (kingly luck and abundance). Also, planet Jupiter is known as the Guru (teacher) who teaches native life lessons and bestows immense wisdom, offers success, prosperity and fame. When placed in the wrong house, Jupiter causes troubles in all areas of life such as health, professional life and personal life. It makes one sick and vulnerable to diseases, causes misfortune, losses in career and unstable personal life. In order to pacify the malefic effects of Jupiter, one may wear Lapis Lazuli healing crystals set in an ornament like the bracelet or a Ring.

Lapis Lazuli Zodiac

According to Hindu astrology zodiac sign and positioning of the planets play an essential role to shape up an individual’s behavioural traits and their overall personality. When the planetary positioning is inappropriate the astrologers often suggest performing specific puja to pacify the malefic of the particular planet causing the Dasha. They also suggest one to wear a gemstone according to the related problem and as per the zodiac. As mentioned before each zodic is associated with a certain planet and a specific gemstone. The Lapis Lazuli birthstone month is the month of September. People born in the month of September must wear the Natural Lapis Lazuli. Wearing a stone as per the zodiac plays a key role according to Hindu astrology.

Lapis Lazuli Price

The price of Lapis Lazuli varies depending upon its colour, carats, clarity, cut and authenticity of the gem. The Lapis Lazuli value depends completely upon the above-mentioned factors. The Lapis Lazuli buying process can be made simpler through us. We at Rudra Centre offer you a wide range of Lapis Lazuli gemstones which are non-treated, not heated and are genuine. If you want to purchase a Lapis Lazuli buy it online. In order to make your shopping experience less time consuming we bring to you the option of shopping online. The Lapis Lazuli stone price per carat or the Lapis stone price starts from INR1,238/- and above. In order to know the price per carat or price per kilo, you can browse through our online portal which makes the Lapis Lazuli buy online option easy and feasible.