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Lord Shiva Idols: Get Shiva Murti Online At Best Price, Shiva Idol Online Shopping

Being a part of the Holy Vedic Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, Lord Shiva is regarded as the Aadiyogi, the foremost of all the yogis. It is Him from whom the science of yoga originates. His trident represents the three gunas. The snakes around His neck show that He is beyond the power of death and poison, it also symbolizes Kundalini energy. The sound of His two-sided drum or damaru maintains the rhythm of the heartbeat and creates the sound AUM in the overtones. His Third Eye symbolizes the all-knowing awareness of the very Brahman. As per ancient texts, Lord Shiva along with His consort Goddess Parvati reside in Mount Kailash. His carrier (vahan), Nandi, means the one who is joyful and serves His Master, patiently waiting to hear the Lord's order and words. Worshiping and meditating on Lord Shiva is the greatest spiritual experience one can ever have.

We at Rudra Centre offer a wide range of Lord Shiva idols or Lord Shiva statues for online shopping. Our idols are minutely cut and flawlessly craved. The array of Lord Shiva statues we offer comprise of Shiva statue big size and Shiv ji murti/ Lord Shiva statues of various sizes, including Adiyogi statue for car or Lord Shiva statue for car/ Shiva idol for car or Lord Siva statue for car dashboard. The Shiv idols are available for our customers in India and other countries to buy Shiv murti online or Shiv statue online. Lord Shiva is worshipped by devotees all over the world and we are proud to say that our Lord Shiva idols are favoured by customers on the merits of quality of Lord Shiva statues and the efficiency with which we deliver the Shiva statue online orders.

If you are searching for Lord Shiva statue online then your attention will be drawn to our extensive Lord Shiva statue for sale. Rudra Centre presents Lord Shiva stone statues, dexterously carved from different gemstones which look Divine and have many beneficial properties that has a favourable outcome in the life of the buyer. Shiva idol for home, office or workspace which you can choose from are many, like, Shiva Nataraj statue or Natraj murti made of Sunstone and Ruby which top customer demands, the popular Shiv Parivar murti or Shiv Parivar statue made of natural Blue Sapphire/Sphatik/Gomed/ Blue Sodolite, the calm meditating Shiva statue made from Sphatik crystal, Green Jade, Shiva head statue, the auspicious shiva parvati statues and other irresistible Lord Shiva statues and Lord Shiva idols.
We list the following popular Adiyogi idols and Lord Shiva statues which come as big Lord Shiva statues and other sizes, which you can choose from as per requirement and buy Shiva statue online.

Lord Shiva Statues In Sphatik (Crystal Gem):

Rudra Centre offers Shiv ji murti made of Crystal/ Sphatik gemstone. This idol is the symbol of prosperity, harmony and completion in all aspects of life. Buy these Shiva idols made of Sphatik gemstone installed as Lord Shiva idol at home, office or shop. A combination of Lord Shiva’s grace and the cosmic power of gemstone makes a wonderful gift. Fine hand work accentuates the features and the pure crystal exhibits the pristine glory of options, like, the admirable Sphatik Shiv Parivar idol, Shiv Parvati idol etc. Sphatik (crystal) retains the energy of mantra chanting which resonates in the environment. Shiva God statues made using Sphatik gemstone neutralizes the aura around us and removes negative energy. Buy from the Adiyogi Shiva idols made of crystal gem at the most reasonable Shiv murti price from Rudra Centre as Shiva statue for home.

Lord Shiva statues In Lapis Lazuli:

Rudra Centre’s unique Lord Shiva idols made from a single piece of Lapis Lazuli gemstone enhances the ambience of the place it is installed in. With the spiritual energies of Lapis Lazuli, this God Shiva statue itself speaks for truth, clarity, serenity, peace, along with the blessings of harmony and spiritual growth by grace of Lord Shiva which is available at the best Shiv murti price from us.

Lord Shiva Statue In Ruby:

Buy Lord Shiva idol for home or workspace made entirely of Ruby gemstone, one of the powerful precious minerals found in nature. Ruby gemstones is best for fame, prosperity, steadiness, alertness and authority. This Ruby Shiva idol is best for high office aspirants and administrative or political professionals. Meditating on this idol yields immense benefits like making one an effective leader etc. Buy the attractive Ruby Shiva Nataraja statue or Natraj murti and other Lord Shiva statues from the Shiv murti online collection of Rudraksha Ratna at an economical Shiv murti price.

Shiva Parivar Statue:

Lord Shiva statue online shopping at Rudra centre offers a variety of Shiva stone statues. Shiv Parivar idol is an ensemble of Shivling murti, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartikeya, crafted neatly. These enchanting Shiv Parivar murti also includes the Mouse, the divine carrier of Ganesh ji. The artefact marks the symbol of prosperity, harmony and an everlasting happy family and is a popular Shiva idol for home.

Shiv Parivar Idol in Gomed:

Meditating on Gomed(Hessonite gemstone) Lord Shiva idol nullifies the malefic effect of Planet Rahu. It is associated with self-confidence and encourages you to fulfil your dreams. Those seeking success in law practice, court cases, government affairs or political spheres must have Hessonite or Gomed Lord Shiva idol at home or office. Browse for more Lord Shiva statue for sale from Rudra Centre. Book Shiv murti online or Shiva idol online for Shiva statue big at the best Shiv murti price from us. Get Shiva murti online in different size, shape and dimension which are perfect Shiva idol for home, office, shop and Adiyogi statue for car.