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About Lotus seed Bracelets

Significance of Lotus Seeds Bracelet

Lotus Seed Bracelets or Kamal Gatta Bracelets are strung with natural Lotus Seeds. Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth is depicted sitting on a blooming Lotus flower and also holding Lotus in Her hand. The Lotus flower is a favourite of Maa Laxmi and the flower is graced by Her energies. In ancient Hindu texts, Goddess Laxmi is addressed as 'Kamlavasini', meaning the One who resides in the' Kamal'. Wearing the Lotus Seed Bracelet brings the blessings of Maa Laxmi and Her attributes. The Lotus flower blooms in muddy water and yet does not get tarnished by it, teaching us to rise, grow and bloom in our own power, even though the circumstances might not be congenial or situations around may be murky. The Lotus flower is offered in worship to Maa Laxmi and the Lotus seeds are offered in Homam fire to appease the Goddess of wealth, riches, and abundance. Wearing the Bracelets brings personal growth, wealth, prosperity, good fortune, abundance, spiritual progress, improves career, brings inner and outer beauty and much more.

The Lotus Seed Bracelets are generally strung with accessories made of German Silver and other material and with Silver capping. The Bracelets come in variations of single string or double and triple strings. The brown colour dried seeds look attractive strung with accessories and capping.

Uses and Benefits of Kamal Gatta Bracelets

The Kamal Gatta Bracelets are popularly worn as they are endowed with the blessings of Goddess Laxmi. The Lotus is significant in worship of Maa Laxmi and symbolises good fortune, purity, prosperity and beauty. The seeds of Lotus hold the same qualities as the flower. The Kamal Gatta Bracelets look appealing and go well with all types of attire. Wearing these Bracelets with complete faith and pure intention works wonders as it has tremendous powers. When the Kamal Gatta Bracelets are worn, the energy of the Lotus Seeds work on the wearer and bring the desired outcome. When not worn, the Lotus Seed Bracelets should be kept with respect and care in a pouch or box.

The Lotus Seed Bracelets available with us at Rudra Centre are made of natural Lotus seeds. Wearing the Lotus Seed Bracelets benefits in many ways, some of which are:

  • Lotus Seed Bracelets bestows wealth and prosperity and financial miseries are eliminated.
  • When the Kalmal Gatta Bracelet is worn, it provides protection.
  • It increases material growth.
  • Lotus Seed Bracelet helps to get relief from debts.
  • The Lotus blooms in muddy water but remains pure, signifying spiritual growth and attainments and wearing the Lotus Seed Bracelet bestows the same.
  • Wear the Kamal Gatta Bracelet to attract lucrative new opportunities and improve your career.
  • The Lotus Seed Bracelets bring peace of mind, by purifying the mind. It helps to release anxiety, nervousness, and tension.
  • For enhancing concentration and improving speech, wear the Kamal Gatta Bracelets.
  • Kamal Gatta Bracelets helps in giving relief in physical ailments too and is known for balancing the Pitta level, thereby reducing the ailments connected to it.
  • The Kamal Gatta Bracelet bestows inner and outer beauty.
  • The Lotus Seed Bracelets are excellent gifts of good luck for friends and family.

Kamal Gatta Bracelets Designs, Gold and Silver Kamal Gatta Bracelets

We at Rudra Centre offer lovely Lotus Seed Bracelets, made by stringing carefully selected natural Lotus seeds or Kamal Gatta, in various designs. The Kamal Gatta Bracelets with us are comfortable and easy to wear.

Our experience and understanding of our customers, spread across the globe, helps us to design our spiritual jewellery collection to suit their taste. The Kamal Gatta Bracelets are designed dexterously and can be worn with any kind of attire.

1) Lotus Seed Bracelet in Silver Caps - Strung neatly with pure Silver caps and secure clasp, this Bracelet is suitable for regular wear.

2) Lotus Seed Bracelet in German Silver accessories - Strung with natural Lotus seeds, this bracelet is designed with shiny German Silver accessories on both ends of each bead. The Bracelet looks simple yet attractive.

3) Lotus Seed Bracelet with Double layer - This attractive Kamal Gatta Bracelet looks amazing and wraps the wearer's wrist snugly. It is strung with two layers of natural Lotus seeds with shiny German Silver accessories perfectly lined on both ends of the Lotus seeds.

4) Lotus Seed Bracelet with Triple Layer - Lotus Seed Bracelets with three layers of Kamal Seeds of approximately the same size, looks beautiful with German Silver accessories in ethnic designs, oxidised finish and shiny Beads. The German Silver accessories on both ends of the Bracelet are different in design from the ones otherwise used in the Bracelet. The beautiful accessories enhance the look of the bracelet to make it a fashion statement.

Buy Lotus Seeds Bracelets Online at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre presents an admirable collection of Lotus Seed Bracelets strung with natural Lotus Seeds in different designs. They are deftly designed with pure Silver caps or German Silver accessories, which makes the Kamal Gatta Bracelets stylish and comfortable to wear. Wearing Lotus Seed Bracelets is meritorious and helps to garner the abundant blessings of Goddess Laxmi. You can browse and select from our collection of Lotus Seed Bracelets and place your order online with us. Once you place your order, our efficient team ensures you receive it at your doorstep within a few days. We provide the best quality, well designed Lotus Seed Bracelets online at the best price in the market.