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About Meru Yantra - 3D Elevated Design

What is a Maha Siddh Meru Yantra?

The Maha Siddh Meru Yantra is the 3-Dimensional Yantra, a Cosmic instrument or tool which is tuned to the energy frequency of a particular Hindu God, Goddess. A Yantra is a mystical geometric diagram, comprising of lines, curves, Triangles, circles, Lotus, Pentacles, digits or numbers and Mantras. The Yantras are in 2D or 3D form. The Maha Meru Yantra is the 3D form of the 2D Yantra diagram. The Maha Siddh Meru Yantra rises from the base of Squares to Lotus form, to Interlocked Triangles rising up like the Sumeru Mountain to the peak, which is denoted by the Bindu in the 2D Yantra Diagram. The Sumeru point is where the positive vibration radiates from. Each Maha Siddh Meru Yantra is meant for a certain purpose. It can be made on various material like, Copper, Brass, Crystals, Wood, etc. 2D Yantra patterns are also drawn and in South of India, making Rangoli Yantras are prevalent.

The Maha Siddh Meru Yantra is often seen in temples near the Deity Idol. At home or office, it works wonders in eliminating negative energies and filling up the space with positive vibrations. The Yantra geometry is different for every Divine energy, the details of which are found in ancient Vedic texts. The original Maha Meru can be placed in the Puja Altar, near the entrance of the house or office. The best direction to place the Yantra is East, as the Yantra gets charged with the rising rays of the Sun and the positive vibration of the East corner act to bring positive transformational changes. The meritorious Maha Siddh Meru Yantra is a must for every home as it can change life for the better.

Uses and Benefits of Maha Siddh Meru Yantras

The Maha Siddh Meru Yantras are well known for the many benefits it brings. Rudra Centre has an array of Maha Siddh Meru Yantras made in pure Copper with Antique finish and Copper with Gold polish.

Each of the Maha Meru Yantras are of a particular God or Goddess and are made perfectly to bring the maximum benefits.

  • Maha Siddh Meru Yantra fills the space with positive energies, removes negative energies from the space.
  • Meditating and chanting Mantras of the Yantra helps to connect with the Divine energies of the Maha Siddh Meru Yantra.
  • For fulfilling your desires and dreams when you worship the Maha Siddh Meru Yantras.
  • The Maha Meru Shree Yantra is powerful in ushering success, prosperity, wealth, material fulfilment and spiritual growth.
  • The Maha Siddh Meru Yantra is highly protective and shields the space it is installed in.
  • Maha Meru Siddh Yantra should be energised before using for optimum benefits and swift manifestation of desires.
  • Siddh Meru Yantra can be kept in vehicle for protection, like, the Siddh Meru Hanuman Yantra.

Types of Maha Siddh Meru Yantras

We, at Rudra Centre offer various types of Maha Siddh Meru Yantras made of pure Copper and given an antique finish to enhance its appearance, available in various sizes. They are carved with perfection and give maximum outcome. Our list of Sri Maha Meru Yantras is:

Siddh Meru Vishnu Yantra - Endowed with the energy of Lord Vishnu, the Siddh Meru Vishnu Yantra when worshipped blesses with all round wellbeing and happiness, prosperity, creativity, name, fame, progeny, resilience, patience, tolerance, spiritual upliftment and more. Meditating on the Sumeru point helps to align with the energies of Lord Vishnu and brings His immense blessings. The Siddh Meru Vishnu Yantra is available in different sizes and also available in Gold polish.

Siddh Meru Durga Yantra - This potent Yantra of Goddess Durga brings success in ventures, victory in all aspects of life, prosperity, wealth, abundance, provides courage, power, spiritual advancement and the invincible protection of the Divine Mother. Meditating and worshipping the Yantra brings the grace of Goddess Durga and keeps the devotee charged with Her power.

Siddh Meru Mahalaxmi Yantra - A very popular Yantra, the Siddh Meru Mahalaxmi Yantra when installed at home ushers in prosperity, new opportunities, success, name, fame, beauty, fertility and material fulfilment. Meditating on the Siddh Meru Mahalaxmi Yantra can bring spiritual and worldly fruition of desires.

Siddh Meru Krishna Yantra - The Yantra is made following the ancient texts which specify the Mandala that is tuned to Lord Krishna's energies. The Siddh Meru Krishna Yantra makes the devotee optimistic, provides courage, passion, leadership qualities, brings victory in all aspects of life and showers joy and peace.

Siddh Meru Shiva Yantra - Endowed with the immense power of Lord Shiva, this Yantra brings fearlessness, protection from diseases, harmful energies, evil Eye, Black Magic, untimely death. It bestows good health, peace, harmony in relationship, longevity and brings spiritual progress. Chanting Lord Shiva Mantras and meditating on the Siddh Meru Shiva Yantra brings calmness of mind, focus, concentration, awareness, expands consciousness and aids in aligning with Lord Shiva's energies.

Siddh Meru Hanuman Yantra - Lord Hanuman is revered and worshipped worldwide. The Siddh Meru Hanuman Yantra provides mental and physical strength, courage, protects from harmful evil energies, diseases, instils the will power to face challenges. This Yantra is widely worshipped to get relief and protection from ill effects of malefic Planet Saturn or Shani.

Siddh Meru Baglamukhi Yantra - This Yantra ensures victory over enemies and winning court cases or legal matters. The Siddh Meru Baglamukhi Yantra tuned to the powerful Goddess Baglamukhi who is highly protective of Her devotees. Worshipping the Yantra helps to win competitions, especially sports competitions, brings solution of quarrels in favour of the devotee and fulfils the desires of the devotee.

Our list of Maha Siddh Meru Yantras also include other potent Yantras - Siddh Meru Gayatri Yantra, Siddh Meru Saraswati Yantra, Siddh Meru Mahakali Yantra, Siddh Meru Ganesha Yantra, Siddh Meru Pratyangiri Devi Yantra, Siddh Meru Mahasudarshan Yantra, Siddh Meru Dhanvantari Yantra (also available in Gold Polish), Siddh Meru Dhan Akarshan Yantra, Siddh Meru Katyayani Yantra, Siddh Meru Kamdev Yantra, Siddh Santan Gopal Yantra, Siddh Mahamrityunjaya Yantra, Siddh Meru Kuber Yantra.

Difference between 2D and 3D Yantra

Yantras are available in both the 2 Dimension and 3 Dimension form. The 2D Yantra is etched or embossed on Copper with or without Gold or Silver Polish or other metal sheets. Drawing a Yantra on Bojpatra and on paper is prevalent. The 3D Yantra is the raised or elevated form of the 2D Yantra. The structure of the 3D Yantra rises from the base, following the Mandala and gradually rises from its square base to Lotus flower formation, interlocked Triangles and peaks like the Sumeru Mountain. Each geometric line curve, circle, Triangle has its specific meaning. Meditation on the 2D and 3D Yantra is done by focusing on the Bindu or the tip of the 2D and 3D Yantra respectively and by chanting the Mantra of the particular Yantra. The Maha Meru Sri Yantra is one of the most popular Meru Yantras.

Buy Maha Siddh Meru Yantras Online at Best Prices

Rudra Centre offers an expansive choice of Maha Siddh Meru Yantras made in pure Copper with Antique finish and the option of Gold polished Yantras. The Maha Meru Yantras we offer are well researched and made following the ancient Hindu texts, perfectly and neatly carved. They are available in various sizes and look excellent with its Antique finish. The small size Maha Meru Yantras are also available in square Frames, which makes it easy to keep the Yantra on work or study tables or hang it in the wall. The Maha Siddh Meru Yantras are packed in sturdy, beautiful boxes with the details of that particular Yantra, its placement, powers and benefits listed inside. The Original Maha Meru Yantras in our collection are Energised, following Vedic rituals, which provide maximum benefits and are ready to use. You can browse our website and buy Maha Meru Yantra online with us and it will be delivered to you within a few days of you placing the order. We offer the best Maha Meru Yantra price when you Maha Meru buy online with us.