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Significance and Uses of Mahalaxmi Lockets

These Lockets are made from natural Gemstones and are worn to gain the blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi. Rudra Centre's collection of Mahalaxmi Lockets is made of Pearl, Emerald and Lemon Topaz Gemstones. Carved meticulously, the miniature Mahalaxmi idols are portrayed Her sitting on a Lotus seat, in Lalithasana, Her right lower hand in Abhaya Mudra, which assures devotees of Her protection and blessings. Her lower left hand is in Varada Mudra, for granting wishes of devotees, both Her upper hands hold a Lotus in each. The mesmerizing Mahalaxmi Gemstone Lockets can be made in Gold or Silver, as per preference.

The wearer of these Lockets is benefited by Maa Mahalaxmi's abundant blessings and the healing properties of the Gemstones. Each Gemstone has innate healing powers and high positive vibrations. The positive vibration of Deities gets further amplified when made in Gemstones.

Goddess Mahalaxmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and the Goddess of wealth, prosperity and abundance. Legend has it that Goddess Mahalaxmi emerged from the Ocean during the great Samudra Manthan(churning of the Celestial Ocean). She is reverently worshipped in every Hindu household across the world. Mahalaxmi is one of the Tridevi, along with Goddess Parvati and Saraswati. She is always depicted as extremely beautiful, richly adorned with jewels, sitting on a Lotus, with a smile on Her face.

The Mahalaxmi in Gemstones can be worshipped in Puja Alter, work desk as a mini idol too.

Pearl Mahalaxmi can be worn to enhance beauty and glowing skin, as Mahalaxmi ji and Pearl confer beauty.

The lovely Mahalaxmi in Lemon Topaz is useful if you are feeling depleted in energy or stamina. It brings positivity and a brighter attitude.

Mahalaxmi in Emerald heals the heart and activates the Anahata or Heart Chakra, which evokes love, compassion.

The Emerald Mahalaxmi is good for healers/psychics as it increases intuitive power and helps to connect with the Divine realm.

For married couples who are facing difficulty the Pearl Mahalaxmi Lockets are favourable as it brings fertility and blesses with a healthy child.

The Mahalaxmi Gemstone Lockets are auspicious and good fortune gifts for loved ones.

Benefits of Mahalaxmi Lockets

Rudra Centre has an array of Mahalaxmi Lockets which are made of Emerald, Pearl and Lemon Topaz Gemstones. Each Gemstone Mahalaxmi Locket brings its individual benefits, coupled with Goddess Mahalaxmi's blessings.

Goddess Mahalaxmi is a symbol of auspiciousness and bestows wealth, prosperity, riches, good fortune, power, success, property, intelligence, fertility, good health, longevity, physical beauty and grace, flourish in business ventures and job, name, fame, worldly comforts, brings lucrative opportunities and abundance. Maa Mahalaxmi puts an end to financial miseries and removes challenges that stand in the path to success in career or business and aids in achieving goals/aims and blesses with material contentment.

1) Mahalaxmi in Pearl Benefits - The soothing Pearl Gemstone calms down the mind and stabilizes emotions, clears confusions and brings clarity, draws the energies of love and peace, enhances creativity, memory power and intuition. The Pearl Gemstone acts on the Swadhisthana(Sacral) Chakra, cleanses and balances it, thereby, making one aware of his/her own sexuality, creative skills. The Locket purifies Blood and brings other health benefits.

2) Mahalaxmi in Emerald Benefits - Carved with precision, the idol looks charming. The Emerald Gemstone works on the Anahata(Heart) Chakra and brings love, compassion for self and others, helping to forgive others and self. Emerald is well known for increasing money flow, profits in business, which are qualities that are augmented by Maa Mahalaxmi's blessings in these Lockets. They enhance focus, creativity, intuitive power, psychic abilities. As per Vedic Astrology, Emerald is connected to Budh(Mercury) which helps in clear self-expression and communication, improves intelligence, wit etc. Emerald also supports in healing physical ailments like Heart ailments, Kidney problems, Skin allergies etc. With numerous benefits, the Emerald Mahalaxmi is a desirable Locket/idol.

3) Mahalaxmi in Lemon Topaz Benefits - Lemon Topaz is a variety of Yellow Topaz and is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the power centre for each individual. The Gemstone cleanses and balances the Chakra and helps to realize one's own power. The Mahalaxmi Lemon Yellow Topaz Locket brings the brilliance of mind, stamina, vitality, energy, strengthens willpower, brings prosperity, success, promotion, happiness, joy, good health and wealth. Wearing the Locket propels the wearer ahead in life in every aspect. Creativity, dedication, intelligence are enhanced. It heals nervousness, depression, Liver ailments, Jaundice, indigestion etc. Mahalaxmi in Lemon Topaz is a must inclusion for success and fortune.

Buy the Gemstone Mahalaxmi Lockets from a trusted and reputed shop so that you get natural Gemstone Lockets. Heated and treated Gemstone Lockets do not give the desired outcome as the Gemstone loses its healing powers.

Why Buy Mahalaxmi Locket from Rudra Centre

The collection of Gemstone Mahalaxmi Lockets with Rudra Centre are made from unheated, 100% natural Emerald, Lemon Topaz Gemstone and superior quality Pearl. They bestow the benefits of Goddess Mahalaxmi's blessings and the healing properties of the Gemstone. Our Mahalaxmi Lockets are carved in mini idols of the Goddess which can be made into beautiful Lockets in Gold or Silver or kept in Puja Alter or work table as an idol and worshipped. We are aware of the expectations of our customers spread across the globe and ensure the Lockets provide an optimum outcome.

We have an expert team of in house jewellers to make the Locket for you, exactly as it should be made if you choose to take advantage of this service. It saves you a trip to your jeweller or decide on the design.

The Gemstones for the Mahalaxmi Lockets have been selected after deep study and research so that the Gemstones compliment the benevolent blessings of Mahalaxmi.

Our Gemstone Mahalaxmi Lockets are economically priced and affordable for everyone.

Once you place your order online with us, you are sure to receive it in a few days, safely packed.

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Rudra Centre offers an array of beautiful Mahalaxmi Lockets made from natural Gemstones, carved excellently into mini idols. They can be made into a Locket or worshipped as an idol. Wearing the Gemstone Mahalaxmi Lockets brings auspicious energies, prosperity, wealth, success and abundance. Browse our site, choose your preference, order online with us. The exact piece that you order will be delivered to you within a few days. Buy online Mahalaxmi Locket at the Best price in the market with us.