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About Malachite Earrings

Significance and Uses of Malachite Earrings

Malachite Gemstone is an attractive Green colour stone, with lovely swirling patterns of lighter and darker shades of Green and is endowed with natural healing properties. Malachite Earrings are made from natural Malachite Gemstone, deftly carved in different shapes and sizes, made in German Silver. The Green Malachite Earrings are easy to wear and lightweight. At Rudra Centre, we also offer Rudraksha and Malachite Earrings which are highly powerful.

Malachite Gemstone jewellery has been worn down the ages for its attractive look and for its therapeutic and metaphysical properties. Green colour gemstones are popular as stones that bring love and compassion and Malachite Gemstone too is known for the same. Wearing the Malachite Gem Earrings helps to love and understand one's own self, helps to forgive and be compassionate to self and others. The Gemstone is also called Kidney stone, as it is said to heal diseases related to the kidneys. In olden times the powder of Malachite was consumed for healing physical ailments. The Malachite Gemstone is reputed for its strong protection, especially while travelling.

As per Vedic Astrology Malachite Gemstone is associated with Planet Budha or Mercury, which governs communication, speech, intellect, humour and wit.

The Malachite stone Earrings are worn as fashion jewellery as it suits all attires.

Wear natural Malachite Earrings in case you suffer from frequent headaches or Migraine.

Those who have a phobia of travelling by flights can wear the Malachite Dangle Earrings, as it protects while travelling and relaxes the mind of fear.

The Malachite Earrings can be worn to communicate clearly and effectively.

Real Malachite Earrings can be worn if you are prone to cramps during menstrual cycles, kidney related diseases. The Gemstone works along with the medical treatment that an individual may be going through.

The Rudraksha and Malachite Earrings make powerful spiritual gifts for near and dear ones.

Malachite Gemstone is the Birthstone for those born in November. Wear the Green Malachite Earrings as a good luck jewellery if you are born in November.

Benefits of Malachite Earrings

Real Malachite Earrings, made from natural Malachite Gemstone are potent in healing various aspects of life. Malachite Gemstone is a stone of unconditional love and works in opening the Heart Chakra. The lovely natural green swirls in the beads of the Malachite Drop Earrings look flattering and look good with casual and traditional outfits.

Rudra Centre offers Malachite Earrings made of 100% natural Malachite Gemstone. The Rudraksha and Malachite Earrings we offer, looks splendid and bestows double benefits of both the beads.

Some benefits of Malachite Earrings are:-

  • Wearing Malachite stone Earrings protects the wearer. The Gemstone has been especially used for protection during travelling by air.
  • For eliminating travel sickness and phobias, wear the Green Malachite Earrings.
  • Green Malachite Earrings are potent for opening the Heart Chakra. It helps to realize love and compassion for oneself and others.
  • Wear the charming Malachite Earrings to draw love and romance.
  • The Green Malachite Earrings attract prosperity.
  • To enhance your logical mind, memory power and sharpen your intellect, wear the Malachite Gem Earrings.
  • For creative self expression, enhancing communication skills and developing impactful speech skills wear the Malachite Drop Earrings.
  • Wearing these Earrings aids in easing headaches and migraines.
  • Ailments and diseases related to the Kidneys get support in healing, by wearing real Malachite Earrings.
  • Wear the Malachite Gem Earrings for uplifting your mood and calming your mind.
  • Malachite Gemstone helps in positive transformation and the Rudraksha and Malachite Earrings bring about transformation. A significant attribute of Rudraksha beads is its power to help transform individuals for the better.
  • Negative emotions, traumas, old patterns and feelings are easier to release when the Malachite Earrings are worn. It helps the wearer to move ahead confidently to a better future.
  • Rudraksha and Malachite Earrings have a meritorious outcome when worn. Rudraksha beads are endowed with the energies of Lord Shiva and empowers the Malachite Gemstone to function to its highest potential. The Rudraksha beads calms the mind, brings peace, harmony in relationships, good health, spiritual growth and blessings of Lord Shiva.

  • The splendid Malachite Earrings bring the desired benefits when the Malachite Gemstone used is untreated, unheated and completely natural. Buy the Malachite Earrings form a trustworthy, reputed shop or dealer of Gemstone Jewellery.

    Different Types and Variety of Malachite Earrings

    At Rudra Centre you will find different designs of Malachite Earrings, made from 100% natural Malachite Gemstone, in German Silver. These earrings are lightweight and ideal to wear for long hours and match traditional and casual clothes.

    The various attractive Green Malachite Earrings with Rudra Centre are:-

    1) Malachite Earring in German Silver, with two Beads in each earring looks simple but pretty. Natural Malachite from Brazil has been used to make the Beads. The top Bead is Oval and the bottom one is round. There are tiny German Silver accessories between the two Beads to enhance its appearance. The fish hook allows you to wear it easily. A desirable earring for women of all ages.
    2) Rudraksha Malachite Earring - This pair has a single Bead of 5 Mukhi Rudraksha(from Java) on top and two Beads of Malachite dangle stylishly at the bottom. Designed trendy with German Silver accessories, it is easy to wear as fashion jewellery too.
    3) Rudraksha Kidney Stone Earrings - Each Earring is designed with four Beads of 5 Mukhi Rudraksha from Java and 3 round Beads of Kidney Stone or Malachite Gemstone, it has a ethnic round German Silver accessory as the centerpiece, with oxidized finish. A single Rudraksha is at the top and the rest of the Beads dangle from the lower half or the centerpiece with German Silver Accessories and chain. They look irresistible and are a must have.

    Why buy Malachite Earrings from Rudra Centre

    Rudra Centre provides Malachite Earrings made with only, untreated, unheated 100% natural Malachite Gemstone Beads, which give the maximum benefits. The Rudraksha and Malachite Earrings are extremely powerful and specially designed to bestow the benefits of the natural 5 Mukhi Rudraksha and Malachite Gemstone. Designed skilfully with German Silver accessories and fish hook, they look adorable, are lightweight and comfortable to wear. We understand the taste of our valuable customers and our designs cater to their taste.

    Rudra Centre is the first organization across the globe that holds the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 Certification for expertise in the immaculate use of Rudraksha, Gemstones, Yantra and Hindu ritual paraphernalia based on years-old research and experience. At Rudra Centre, we specialize in personally collecting the best quality season-based Rudraksha beads and Gemstones. Our spiritual jewellery collection is popular among our customers, all over the world. Green Malachite Earrings for sale with us are of superior quality and are available at the best price in the market. Our collection of Malachite Gem Earrings are perfect for gifting purpose.

    Our services are efficient and easy. When you place your order online with us, your order will reach you within a few days, safely packed, with the exact piece of Malachite stone Earrings you have ordered.

    Buy Online Malachite Earrings at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

    Rudra Centre offers a collection of natural Malachite Earrings made of unheated, untreated Malachite Gemstone Beads, smoothly carved in different shapes. Real Malachite Earrings are designed with German Silver accessories which compliment the Green colour of the Gemstone. The Rudraksha Malachite Earrings are sought after as they bring the double benefits of both the Beads to the wearer, along with the blessings of Lord Shiva. Select from the various Malachite Earrings for sale and place your order online with us. We provide the best price of natural Malachite Gem Earrings in the market.