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Marriage, Children Yantra Locket

Marriage and conceiving a child are two important goals under the Hindu concept of Grihastha (starting a family and begetting children). In several cases, late marriages or childless marriages are seen more frequently these days. We have a set of Yantra Lockets for the purpose of attracting a suitable partner for marriage and getting the blessings of conceiving a baby for childless couples. There are a lot of variants of these Locket Yantras that are given below:

Shree Santan Gopal Wooden Locket Yantra

The Shree Santan Gopal Wooden Locket Yantra has the Yantra framed in a thick wooden frame that is covered by crystal glass on both sides. It has the Yantra imprinted on the front face and Lord Krishna’s image on the back. This locket has a traditional look and can be paired with casual as well as ethnic wear. The Shree Santan Gopal (Children) Locket Yantra is a blessing for those who are expecting or wish to have a baby.

Santan Gopal Yantra Locket on Rosewood

Santan Gopal Yantra Locket made on high-quality Rosewood gives the dual advantage of Yantra and Rosewood (good for skin and stability). The fine print is long-lasting which enables the wearer to use the Yantra Locket for a longer period. It gives protection from negative energies, avoids miscarriage, prevents complications during pregnancy, and blesses healthy progeny.

Shree Santan Gopal Yantra Locket - Copper

Shree Santan Gopal Yantra Locket is also available in Copper which gives great results. The Locket features Yantra on one side and Santan Gopal (child avatar of Lord Krishna) image on the backside. Its tarnished finish adds a wonderful touch making it appropriate to wear daily and imbibe its amazing benefits. It is available in big and small sizes so one can get to choose from different options.

Santan Gopal Yantra Locket - Gold Plated

The Gold-plated Yantra Locket is etched on copper and covered with acrylic glass on both sides. It shines beautifully and looks absolutely radiant when worn. With Yantra embossed on one side and Lord Krishna’s image on the other side, this Yantra Locket is a powerful tool of worship for seeking blessings of conceiving children and blocking the negative forces.

Santan Gopal Yantra Locket - Silver

The Santan Gopal Yantra is inscribed on a pure silver locket’s front face and it has Bal Gopal’s image on the backside. It is a stunning piece crafted with perfection and suitable for couples without children and pregnant women. It keeps the wearer protected during pregnancy and the positive powers of the Yantra help a childless couple to conceive offspring.

Lagna Yog Yantra Locket - Silver

Lagna Yog Yantra is the solution for individuals looking for the right life partner for marriage. It makes the situations favourable for getting married and removes the obstacles from the path of having a successful wedding. This Yantra Locket is made of pure silver and has the Yantra on one side and the Radha-Krishna image on the backside. Available in both small and big sizes, one can pick the Locket Yantra for marriage as per their preference.

Why buy Energized Marriage, Children, and Family Locket Yantra?

To get the most miraculous results, wearing an energized Yantra Locket is advisable. Energized Yantras are more beneficial as compared to non-energized Yantras in terms of power, protection, and getting the desired outcome. The Yantra Lockets at Rudra Centre are energized by following the mantra chanting and correct Vedic rituals. Properly engraved Yantra diagrams, accurate Mantra chanting for energizing and convenient designs make the Locket Yantras perfect for wearing every day and fulfilling desires.

Why do Marriage, Children, and Family Yantra Locket Buy Online from us?

Spiritual products are to be bought from a genuine seller who has a high level of creditability to get original and effective items. We, at Rudra Centre - the premium brand in spiritual products, have a wide range of Yantra Lockets for Marriage, Children, and Family. They are made of the best quality material to last long and give excellent results. The Yantras are perfectly inscribed according to the ancient Vedic texts after extensive research. Buy Locket Yantras for marriage, child, and family from us and experience the fruitful changes in life. You can also get in touch with our experts over live chat or phone call to seek advice if you face any difficulties while choosing/ buying the Yantra Locket or any other products like puja accessories, fresh items for puja, 100% natural gemstones, Rudraksha beads, etc.

Placement of Marriage, Children and Family Yantra Locket

The Yantra Locket has to be worn around the neck just as other lockets or necklaces. It can also be carried in your pocket, wallet, or handbag if one is unable to wear it. It should be treated with care as it holds the powers of the ruling deity.

Marriage, Children and Family Yantra Locket Pricing

Yantra Lockets’ price is based on its design, the material of the locket, and size. This range of Marriage, Children Yantra Lockets has unique lockets of superior quality that are true to the price.

Mantra for Marriage, Children and Family Yantra Locket

Santan Gopal Yantra Mantra- Om Namo BhaGavate VasuDevaya !
Lagna Yog Yantra Mantra for Men- Narayani Patim Dehi Shreem Kleem Parameshwari!
Lagna Yog Yantra Mantra for Women- Sat Patim Dehi Parameshwara !