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Offering Bowls in Brass, Gemstone, Copper and Other Material: Usage of Offering Bowls Set

Worship or Pooja rituals of Hindus include offering the deities Sweets, Food(Naivedyam), Water which are kept in offering bowls made of Brass, Copper, Bronze and Gemstones. These religious offering bowls are also for keeping pastes, like, Sandalwood paste and powders, such as Kumkum, Turmeric and other holy ingredients, used for worshipping. Since ancient times offerings have been made to Deities at temples and home in offerings vessels made of different materials like Silver, Brass, Copper, stone etc. For different Puja rituals there are different ingredients which require offering vessels or the offering Bowls to present them in the Alter, as mark of respect and devotion.

The offering Bowls are reverently kept separately and exclusively for use in worship and not used for household use. These also include Flower offering Bowls, Water offering Bowls and so on. Brass and Copper offering vessels are very common and found in almost all homes. Be it Bass or Copper or Gemstone Bowls, they are easy to maintain and can be regularly used. The Pooja Bowls make useful spiritual gifts for loved ones.

Buy Puja Offering Bowls Online at Best Prices

Rudra Centre presents an extensive choice of Puja Offering Bowls made from high quality metals, and other materials. Offering Bowls in Brass, Copper, Bronze and crafted from various natural Gemstones are available in different sizes. Our collection also include offering Bowls set and lovely offering Bowls with Stand in metal and Gemstone, Pure Silver and German Silver offering Bowls in sets of three/two, in different style options. These perfectly crafted Pooja Bowls add to the Divine atmosphere during Puja rituals. You may choose the offering Bowls of your choice and place your order online with us. Our efficient services will ensure your order reaches you within a few days , safely packed. Buy Puja offering Bowls online at the best price in the market.

Some Offering Bowls with Stand in Various Designs and Sizes Available with Us

The smoothly crafted Brass, Copper, Silver, Bronze and Gemstone offering Bowls on Stand available with us. These offering Bowls on Stand have Wooden stands and when offerings of Sweets and other such food are made, it looks beautiful and respectful. Options of Gemstone offering Bowl on stand are also available in sets of two. Some offering Bowls on Stand in our collection include lovely natural Moss Agate, Lapiz Lazuli, Green Jade, Tiger Eye Gemstone and other such Gemstone Bowls. Brass offering Bowl with Stand are available, which are made along with the stand, used to keep Puja ingredients like Akshat, Kumkum etc or liquids like, water or Honey used for Puja rituals.

Some Gemstone Offering Bowls In Our Collection

The Gemstone offering Bowls look attractive, being of different colours and possessing various intrinsic qualities, made from 100% natural single piece Gemstone. These Gemstone Bowls are available in various sizes and in sets of two, as well. These offering Bowls are apt for offering holy items and Sweets during your Puja and religious ceremonies.

  • Bloodstone Gemstone offering Bowls in sets of two - Bloodstone Gemstone posses qualities of bestowing good health, courage and is a nourishing stone.
  • Red Jasper Gemstone Bowls in sets of two- Red Jasper gemstone represents stability, courage
  • Blue Jade Gemstone Bowl - Single and sets of two bowls - Blue Jade gemstone bing peaceful energies, deeper spiritual insight and helps in connecting with Divine realm.
  • Blue Onyx Gemstone Bowl in set of two- The striking Blue Onyx gemstone bowls helps to draw positive energies by releasing negative ones.
  • Tiger Eye Bowls - Endowed protective and grounding energies, Tiger Eye is a popular gemstone.
  • Moss Agate Bowls - The beautiful Moss Agate is a gemstone of hope, trust, peace , tolerance.
  • Sphatik Gemstone Bowls - Sphatik or Crystal gemstone has the quality to hold the vibrations of Mantra chanting and amplify it. It brings peace, clears negative energies and many other beneficial attributes.
  • Yellow Aventurine Gemstone - A gemstone of abundance, Yellow Aventurine Gemstone is a stone which encourages creative skills and helps to manifest your desires.
  • Lapiz Lazuli Bowls - Lapiz Lazuli is a gemstone of spiritual advancement, clears communication and expression. gives clarity of vision.
  • Amethyst Bowls - One of the most popular gemstones, Amethyst has a calming effect, clears negative energies, helps to balance and ushers in hope.
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