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Parad Bracelets

Parad is considered the purest metal and it is known as Lord Shiva’s sperm in the spiritual background. It is a solidified form of Mercury and carries the blessings of Lord Shiva. Parad beads are great as a tool of meditation and help the devotees to concentrate & develop focus. It enhances one’s association with Lord Shiva and represents His Divine power. We, at Rudra Centre, offer a large variety of Parad bracelets made by combining Rudraksha and other gemstones.

The Parad bracelets are made of solidified Mercury balls or beads and they have the potential to bestow the wearer with physical and mental strength. We have several designs in Parad bracelets that are apt for wearing every day. Every combination works well and has mystical healing powers that help you in various ways.

Parad Bracelet Benefits:

  • Parad can be used as a healing aid for heart diseases and blood pressure.
  • It is said to be effective in curing asthma and sexual disorders as well.
  • It is believed to have medicinal properties and having milk in Parad vessel cleanses the body.
  • Parad (Mercury) bracelets bring peace and gratification.
  • Siddh Parad Gutika has immense power to heal mentally and physically when it is prepared according to the Siddh Parad Samhita.
  • It enhances the grasping power and prevents fatigue.
  • It removes the fears and stress of the wearer.
  • Parad helps in spiritual growth and brings prosperity.

Chakra Benefits:

A Chakra is an energy center in the human body and there are seven such Chakras that regulate the functioning of different parts of our body. Parad bracelet helps in balancing the Sahasrara Chakra i.e. Crown Chakra. It is located at the top of the head or crown. This Chakra is associated with our Highest consciousness and our connection with the Divine. A blocked Sahasrara Chakra leads to feelings of resentment and lack of direction, skin problems, depression, etc. If your Crown Chakra is open, you experience the highest state of consciousness. The healing properties of Parad are useful in awakening this Chakra.

Where to buy the original Parad bracelet?

The originality of the Parad beads can be checked by rubbing the bead on your hand or cloth and if any kind of blackness appears then it’s not original. A Siddh Parad Gutika (bead) is made after processing it through 8 stages of purification (8 Sanskaras). The Saptakanchuki is removed by following a medicated and hygienic procedure in order to offer you the purest Parad Gutika that is free of all doshas.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is a world-class brand known for the top-quality spiritual products and original gemstones. Our original Parad bracelets are available in different combinations that are effective in bringing positive energies. We provide a certificate of authenticity along with the Parad bracelets so you can rest assured of the genuine quality. You can buy a certified Parad bracelet online from Rudra Centre and get the best design according to your preference.

How to clean a Parad Bracelet?

It can be cleaned with a cloth or simply with a wet cloth to remove any dust particles. The Parad bracelet is a very sacred spiritual item so it should not be disrespected by placing anywhere. If you are not wearing it, it can be kept in a safe place.

Parad Bracelets Price in India

The price of Parad bracelet differs depending on the design or combination you choose. We have Parad bracelets with Rudraksha as well as the gemstone to offer you the most amazing effects of wearing Parad Siddh Gutika. The length and diameter of the thread also determine the price of the bracelet.