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About Parad Mercury Bracelets

About Parad Bracelet

Parad or Mercury Bracelets are made of Parad Beads. Parad has been mentioned in the ancient texts as the purest of elements and the seed(sperm) of Lord Shiva, thereby it is endowed with immense power. Ayurveda has used Mercury to treat various diseases and ailments since ancient times. The Hindu or Vedic Puja rituals use Parad in many different ways for its association with Lord Shiva and its purity. Mercury is a metal, but found in liquid form and is volatile in its natural state. It goes through several rigorous purification processes to obtain pure or Siddh Parad, which is then cast into Beads, termed Parad Gutika and strung into Bracelets. Parad Bracelets come in multiple Beads, single Beads and are also combined with Rudraksha and Gemstone Beads, which give dual benefits.

Why We Wear a Parad Bracelet

Parad is alchemical and possesses properties that can heal several diseases and ailments when worn. Mercury is used in extracting and purifying Gold. Mythology says, Demon King Ravana of Lanka used to worship a Parad Shivling as He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He used to go through austerities and offer in the worship of a Parad Shivaling which bestowed potent powers to Him. It is believed that worshipping one Parad Shivling is equivalent to worshipping thousands of Shivalings.

Parad Bracelets are sought after by spiritual seekers as it is significant in establishing Divine connection, enhances intuitive powers, aids in meditation and in achieving spiritual attainments. Physically Parad Bracelets help to heal ailments and diseases, like it helps to regulate Blood Pressure, heals heart diseases and many other ailments. Wearing a Parad Bracelet benefits by protecting from lower energies, Evil Eye, bestows longevity, brings prosperity and along with many other benefits, it fulfils the desires of the wearer.

What is the Price Range of a Parad Bracelet

The price of Parad Bracelet depends on a few factors, such as the number, size of Parad beads used in the Bracelet. If the Bracelet is made in combination with other Gemstone Beads or Rudraksha Beads, then the cost will vary depending on the Gemstone/Rudraksha beads used. Another important point that affects Parad Bracelet price is the material it is strung in. The price will vary between Mercury Bracelets made in Gold, Silver, Panchdhatu with or without Gold polish. Pure Parad Bracelets price also depends on the size of the Parad Gutika used. However, the Siddh Parad Bracelets are not very expensive and are available at an affordable price.

It is important to buy Parad Bracelets from a shop or dealer who is reputed and trusted so that you wear a pure and authentic Parad Beads Bracelet. Buy certified Parad Bracelet to ensure that Siddh Parad Beads have been used to make it. These factors are significant in giving the optimum benefits of wearing a Parad Bracelet.

Where To Buy Parad Bracelet

Rudra Centre has a substantial collection of best quality Parad Bracelets made of Siddh Parad Beads. The Parad Beads(Siddh Gutika) is obtained by purification method which includes 8 stages of Purification and completed as per Parad Samhita and a thorough medicated and hygienic removal of Saptakanchuki is carried out to ensure the purest of Parad Beads are used in the Bracelets. We offer a combination of Sphatik(Crystal Quartz)Beads Bracelets, Parad-Rudraksha Bracelets, Parad Gems Bracelets which have Astrological Gemstones in combination with Parad Beads. Our Mercury Bracelets are available strung in various materials like, Silver, Gold, Panchdhatu, with or without Gold polish and with designer capping that makes the Bracelets look pretty to wear regularly. Buy Energized Parad Bracelet online with us by picking your choice. Once you place your order, your Mercury Bracelet is delivered by our efficient services within a few days. Buy a Parad Bracelet online with us at the best price. We provide a Certificate of Authentication when you buy Parad Bracelets from us.

Some Parad Bracelets Available with Us:-

Parad with Sphatik Bracelets - Combination of natural Sphatik beads cut in diamond and other shapes along with Siddh Parad Gutika, with Designer capping with or without Gold Polish in Silver, Panchdhatu is perfect for daily wear. Sphatik gemstone is known for clearing the aura of the wearer, has a soothing effect on mind and body and retains positive energies. Parad is Lord Shiva and Sphatik is Shakti. The combination gives a meritorious outcome on mental, physical, spiritual levels.

Rudraksha and Parad Bracelets - Rudraksha Beads are synonymous with Lord Shiva and Parad is charged with His power. These Bracelets are strung in pure Silver with lovely capping. The Rudraksha is the best quality from Java and Siddh Parad Beads complement each other in qualities. The combination is potent in providing peace, harmony, good health, unity, loving relationships, heals physical illnesses, protects from evil energies, clears the aura, opens the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra to establish Divine connection with Lord Shiva, blesses with Spiritual Growth, prosperity and fulfils wishes.

Parad Gems Bracelet- This Bracelet is a combination of Parad Beads, Natural Red Coral and Cat's Eye Gemstones. Red Coral provides strength, courage, financial stability, will to face challenges etc. Cat's Eye Gemstone attracts sudden gain of wealth, courage, wisdom and willpower. These Gemstones along with the Parad Bead bring many benefits to the wearer.

Which Hand to Wear Parad Bracelet

The Parad Bracelets are best worn in the Right hand as it gives a benevolent outcome by bringing prosperity, protection, peace and spiritual growth. The Parad Bracelets in combination with Sphatik, Rudraksha and other Gemstone beads are also worn on the right hand.

Parad Bracelet Making Option

We at Rudra Centre offer Parad Bracelets of the finest designs and made in various designs and styles. We provide options of Parad Beads strung in pure Silver, Gold, Panchdhatu. The beads are capped with a variety of capping designs. The Parad Bracelets in Silver and Panchdhatu come with or without Gold Polish, which you can choose to avail yourself of. The Bracelets are meant to be worn on a regular basis, so they have easy clasps which hold the Mercury Bracelet securely.

How Can I Authenticate Original and Fake Parad Bracelet

Parad Bracelets are available online and in shops for buying. However fake Parad Bead Bracelets are also sold and it can be deceptive for the common person. Generally, fake Mercury Beads are made of Tin. It is suggested to buy Parad Bracelets from a genuine, trusted place, which provides an authentication certificate for the Parad Beads used. There are a few steps by which you can identify authentic original Parad Bracelets.

1) Rub the Beads on your palm, if it leaves a black mark, then the Parad Bead is a fake one.
2) Immerse the Parad Bracelet in a pot of water in Sunlight. If the beads are original then in an hour or so the beads will be covered with a golden hue. The fake Parad will not acquire the Golden hue. This is a very useful test to detect authentic and fake Parad bracelets.

Does Rudraksha Ratna Provide Energised or Charged Parad Bracelet? Why Wear an Energised Parad Bracelet?

We at Rudraksha Ratna provide charged and Energised Parad Bracelets. Proper Vedic rituals are followed, Mantras chanted to energise the Parad Bracelets to provide maximum benefits. Parad represents Lord Shiva and is powerful in itself. Energising the Parad Bracelets activates the innate Divine qualities. When an energised pure Mercury Bracelet is worn, it manifests the desires of the wearer faster than a Parad Bracelet which is not energised. Wearing an energised Parad Bracelet bestows the benefits of wearing the Parad Bracelet quickly. A Parad Bracelet which is not energized takes longer to give results. An energised Parad Bracelet gives optimum results.

What is the Parad Bracelet Side Effects

The amazing Parad Bracelets can be worn by anyone, at any age, of any religion. Wearing the Parad Bracelet even without consulting an expert is safe and will not give negative side effects. If you are wearing an authentic, genuine, pure Parad Gutika Bracelet, it is only going to bring positive outcomes and blessings to Lord Shiva. It does not cause any harm to the wearer.

How to Clean a Parad Bracelet

Parad Bracelet is easy to maintain and can be worn on a daily basis and is easy to maintain. Just clean the Parad Bracelet with a wet or dry cloth to clean the dust from it. When not using the Bracelet keep it safely in a box or pouch.

What is the Parad Bracelet Healing Property or Other property?

Parad Bracelets are worn for their potent healing properties and other Parad Bracelet benefits that it brings. Parad Beads have been worn since ancient times for their super healing abilities on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The experience of wearing Parad Bracelets can be magical when you wear Bracelets made of authentic Siddh Parad Beads, purified by the method specified in the Parad Samhita.

  • Mercury Bracelet benefits in healing many health problems. It is famous for healing Heart diseases, regulates Blood Pressure, gives relief in Asthma, Diabetes and cures sexual disorders or dysfunction. Parad Beads relieves Body aches and pain
  • Parad Bracelets aid in spiritual growth and have been worn by spiritual seekers and aspirants of spiritual attainments
  • When worn, the Parad Bracelet works to balance the Sahasrara Chakra or Crown Chakra and helps to connect with Lord Shiva. This augments spiritual awareness and growth. The opening of the Crown Chakra also helps with other benefits
  • Parad Bracelet benefits by releasing stress, fear and replacing them with confidence, courage and strength
  • Wearing a Parad Bracelet ushers prosperity, peace and positive energies to the wearer
  • It cleanses your energy field or aura and keeps it covered with the high vibration of the Parad Beads
  • Parad Bracelets improve memory power, focus and concentration and can be excellent for students
  • Meditating becomes easier when the Parad Bracelet is worn.
  • It is charged with high energy, removing feelings of tiredness, lethargy etc.
  • Wearing the Parad Bracelet keeps evil energies at bay and provides all-around protection to the wearer
  • If you are entangled in a court case, wearing the Parad Bracelet will bring favourable results