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About Parad Pyramid

What is a Parad Pyramid and how to use it?

A pyramid which is made of pure Parad is known as an original Parad pyramid. A Parad pyramid is a spiritual object which is installed in the North East direction of your house or office in order to cleanse the impure and negative energies that thrive in the Vastu. A Parad pyramid helps to fill the house/ office with peace and positivity and uplifts the life of the dwellers. At Rudra Centre we offer an array of original Parad pyramids which are crafted with finesse and are energised and blessed before being dispatched. The Parad pyramid price that we offer differs depending upon the size and its weight.

Parad pyramid Benefits

The Parad pyramids are sacred articles which are beneficial for Vastu. We at Rudra Centre offer certified Parad pyramids which are energised and blessed. Our range of original Parad pyramid offer a range of benefits which are as follows.

  • Helps to cleanse the energies present in a house/office
  • Attracts good luck
  • Enhances focus and enhances concentration levels
  • Attracts peace
  • Helps in maintaining harmonious relationships
  • Cleanses the aura of the house

Significance of a Parad Pyramid

Parad pyramid is one of the divine Vastu products that helps to balance the energies of the house or office. We offer alchemical range of Siddh Parad pyramids which offer a range of benefits. A Parad pyramid helps to eliminate the Doshas in the Vastu and helps to attract positive energies, good luck and energies of abundance in a dwelling/ office. The Parad Pyramid is considered highly auspicious over other gemstone pyramids because Parad is an auspicious metal which is derived by treating Mercury in various ways until it is solidified. A Parad pyramid when installed in a house or office attracts and emits cosmic energies and helps to enhance the aura of the Vastu. If you want to buy Parad pyramid, browse through our wide range of Certified Parad Pyramids. The Parad pyramid price that we at Rudra Centre offer is the best. We follow the traditional method of making Parad which makes the Parad items 100% authentic. Parad pyramids are divine form of energy diffusers which balance the energies of a Vastu and also cleanses the air around the house.

Parad Pyramid FAQs

  • What is the best place to keep Parad pyramid?
    The best place to keep the Parad pyramid is the North East side of your home/office. Placing the Parad pyramid in this direction helps to emit powerful positive energies and helps to ward off all negative energy from the dwelling.
  • What are the different types of mercury pyramids?
    We offer Mercury pyramids which are made of pure and 100% natural Parad.
  • Why you should buy Parad pyramid from Rudra Centre?
    The reason you should buy Parad pyramid from Rudra Centre is because, we offer original Parad pyramids that are made from pure Parad which is obtained by solidifying Mercury by following the procedure of 8 Samskaras (8 stages of purification) as mentioned in Parad Samhita. Moreover, we offer certified Parad pyramids which are 100% antiseptic and energised by our in-house pundits as per the Vedic rituals. We also offer Parad plate. Parad pyramids are divine articles which possess powerful healing energies. We also offer consultation on placing the Parad pyramids in specific direction as per Vastu. As placing the Parad pyramid in an appropriate direction result in appropriate energy flow which in turn helps to release powerful energy frequencies which invite peace in the house/office, wards off negative energies and fills the dwelling with energies of positivity and abundance. A Parad pyramid through its divine powers also helps in keeping the mind calm and boosts will power.

    Rudra Centre is the first ISO certified e-commerce company to have formed a website for Rudrakshas and Gemstones. The Parad pyramid price that we offer is the best in the market and it varies depending upon the weight of Parad and the Silver used to make the Parad pyramid. We deal in plethora of spiritual and religious products and services. You can browse through our displayed range of certified Parad pyramids online and buy the one you like. We are one of the pioneers who deal into supplying authentic, natural and genuine gemstones and gemstone ornaments across globe. We have more than 20,000 happy clientele and our family of clients is growing every day. Offering genuine and quality products and skilled customer service is what helps us to be the market leaders.
  • Are these pyramids energized?
    All the Parad pyramids that we offer are energised and blessed by our team of in-house pundits who are from Varanasi (Banaras). Our in-house Pundits are Karmkandi and they energise the Parad pyramids according to Vedic rituals.
  • How can I test the genuineness of these pyramids?
    We offer original Parad pyramids which are 100% authentic and genuine. If you want to test the genuineness of the Parad pyramids, you can get it tested by the Goldsmith as they offer accurate results or you can get it tested in a lab too.
  • Are these pyramids energized?
    Yes, all the Parad pyramids that we offer are energised by the in-house pundits of Rudra Centre. The process of energizing is done according to the Vedic rituals as it helps to awaken the divine characteristic energies Parad holds. When you install the energised Parad pyramids in your house or office, they nullify all the negative energies, attract positive energies, offers range of benefits and therapeutic healings while attracting abundance.
  • Do these pyramids come with a certificate of authenticity?
    Yes, we do offer certificate of authenticity with our divine range of Parad pyramids.

Buy Parad Pyramid Online at best prices from Rudra Centre

Online shopping is one of the best options you can rely on in today’s scenario. We at Rudra Centre offer an exclusive variety of Parad pyramid online. The Parad pyramid price that we offer is the best in the market. The Parad pyramid price that we offer differs depending upon the size of the pyramid.