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About Parijat Mala

Significance of Parijat Mala

Parijat Mala is delicate as it is strung with dried Parijat flowers. The Parijat Mala is said to be a powerful Mala which attracts wealth, abundance and prosperity. The Mala is said to fulfil worldly desires of the devotee because of which the Parijat Tree is also called Kalpa Vriksha or the wish fulfilling tree and its Botanical name is Nyctanthes arbor-tristis. The dainty Parijat Flowers are white in colour with an Orange stem, they are also called nit-Jasmine and has a sweet, pleasant fragrance.

It is spiritually significant and is the only Flower which can be offered to Deities by picking straight from the ground. Ancient Indian texts show that the Parijat had smitten Gods and Goddesses. It is said Lord Krishna fought with Lord Indra to bring the Parijat Tree to Earth. The lovely Parijat Tree is believed to provide shade to Lord Vishnu's celestial Throne which is placed under the Parijat Tree and Lord Hanuman's favourite seat is below the tree. As the Parijat Mala is fragile, it is not worn but kept in Puja Altar or cash box to usher its benefits.

There are many legends surrounding the Parijat tree.

The Puranas and Mahabharata mention that the Parijat tree was one of the products which was churned out during the Samudra Manthan or Churning of the Celestial Ocean. Therefore, the Parijat flowers are very auspicious. The Parijat Flowers heralds Goddess Durga as it starts blooming before Durga Puja commences and continues in that season.

The Parijat Tree grows in India in various states like, in Assam on the Eastern part of the state, in West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, down South of India till Godavari River and in the outer circle of the Himalayas where this holy plant is said to grow at a height of 1400 meters approximately. The Parijat Tree has played a significant role in Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicines as its flowers and leaves are used for healing different diseases and ailments.

The Parijat Flowers bloom at night and falls before dawn, which has an interesting romantic story behind it. The story says that a Princess called Parijata fell in love with Sun God or Surya Dev, but He refused. This made the Princess Parijata so unhappy that she committed suicide. The Parijat Tree is said to rise from the Princess's ash. So, the Flowers bloom only at night and before the first ray of Sun appears, the Flowers fall. The other version of the story says that Princess Parijat and Sun God got married but Sun had placed a condition that Parijata will not turn her back on Him. Parijata agreed but once in the summer when Sun came to meet the Princess, the dazzling Sun was too much for her to bear and she turned her face winching. This enraged Sun and He wilted her with His heat. It is said that the remarkable love of Princess Parijata impressed the Gods and They formed a tree out of her ashes reviving her presence forever. Surya Dev is said to visit Parijata at night, when the Parijat Flower blooms and her sweet fragrance fills the place.

Benefits of Parijat Mala

The beautiful dainty Parijat Mala is strung with dried Parijat Flowers. The White Parijat Flowers become Yellowish Brown when they dry. Keeping the Parijat Mala in Puja Altar or cash box is meritorious and brings rich benefits. The Malas look dainty but hold tremendous power.

  • The Parijat Mala attracts prosperity, wealth, money and abundance.
  • The Mala removes obstacles from the path of the devotee.
  • The Parijat Mala fulfils the wishes of the devotee, especially material or worldly desires.
  • Keeping the Mala brings auspiciousness into the dwelling and surroundings.

Why and How are Parijat Mala or Parijat Garlands Used

Keeping the Parijat Mala or Parijat Garlands at home or office brings auspicious energies. It is one of the most potent tools which ushers prosperity, wealth and fulfils the earthly desires of the devotee. This powerful Parijat Garland or Mala is very dainty as it is made of dried Parijat Flowers and therefore are carefully kept in home or office Puja Altar and in the cash box or where money is kept, to bring in its benefits. The Mala also effectively removes obstacles and hindrances from the way to success.

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As the Parijat Mala is delicate, special care is taken to pack it carefully and safely by our team, to be delivered to you within a few days of your order being placed. We believe in providing the best quality spiritual products to our esteemed clients, so that they reap the maximum benefits.