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About Pearl Earrings

Significance and uses of Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings are made of Cultured Pearl Gemstone Beads in pure Silver and German Silver, fashioned in various designs. The soothing and elegant Pearl Beads jewellery has been worn down the ages and appreciated by all strata of society. Though Pearl is referred to as the Queen of Gemstones, it is not a stone as it grows in Oysters and Mollusks of salt water as well as fresh water and are not minerals which are found in the Earth crust. Natural pearls take years to form and are rare and very costly. Cultured Pearl is genuine Pearl and grows in the same manner, but with human assistance. Pearl is locally called Moti, in India.

Rudra Centre has an array of original Pearl Earrings made in Pure Silver or German silver accessories. Our collection has Pearl Earrings in combination with natural Rudraksha Beads and natural Coral Beads. These stylish earrings are popular for their attractive appearance and the double benefits that these combination Moti Earrings give. We also offer Rudraksha and Pearl Earrings made in pure Gold, which are desirable.

Pearl Gemstone is associated with mental and emotional balance. It enhances creativity, love, compassion, memory power, bestows prosperity, name and fame. Pearl can be called an all rounder Gemstone as it heals on mental, emotional and physical levels. Whether they are long Pearl Earrings or mini Pearl Earrings, they give the merits of the Pearl gemstone.

Real Pearl Earrings are very widely worn to calm down the mind and very good for those who are prone to anger.

Pearl Drop Earrings are used to bring love and compassion in life. Pearl Wedding Earrings are preferred by many to wear on the wedding day for this quality.

Pearl Dangle Earrings are great in soothing down emotions and let go of hurt and pain.

To enhance creativity, boost your memory power, the natural Pearl Earrings bring good results.

The Pearl Gemstone Earring can be used to improve complexion and add glow to your skin.

Pearl Earrings of any size or design, are universally worn as costume jewellery, all over the world.

The simple Pearl Earrings serve as memorable gifts for loved ones.

Benefits of Pearl Earrings

The collection of genuine Pearl Earrings at Rudra Centre are made in various designs with Cultured Pearl beads of various sizes in pure Silver and German Silver accessories. Pearl is beautiful and is endowed with many significant benefits which heals the wearer on mental, emotional, physical levels. To add to the benefits of Pearl, we also offer Rudraksha Pearl Earrings, which are made of natural 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads and Pearl Beads and Pearl and Coral Beads Earrings.

Some benefits of Pearl Earrings are:-

  • The modern Pearl Earrings are famous for calming emotions and helping to feel centered.
  • Women Pearl Earrings balance the mind which aids to think in a more consistent and collected manner. They help to overcome depression and reduce anger.
  • Traditional Pearl Jhumkas look amazing and are said to increase internal and external beauty.
  • Long Pearl Drop Earrings enhances love and compassion for self and others.
  • Unique Pearl Earrings are well known to increase memory power of the wearer.
  • Wearing small Pearl Drop Earrings enhances creative skills.
  • Designer Pearl Earrings, when worn, usher good fortune, name and fame.
  • Rudraksha Pearl Gemstone Earrings are extremely potent in enhancing intuitive power and self realization.
  • Pearl and Coral Bead Earrings augments courage, energy, passion and strength, which adds to the Pearl benefits.
  • Pearl Crystal Earrings makes the wearer more aware of her sexuality.
  • Pearl stone Earrings are great in healing skin ailments like acne, skin irritation, allergies etc. and makes the skin glow with the lustre of Pearl.
  • Pearl Earrings for women possess curative properties, like, it aids in healing menstrual problems, fertility problems, asthma and bronchitis and ailments related to lungs, intestinal problems etc.
  • Cute Pearl Earrings can bring harmony in relationships, especially between married couples.

  • Different types and variety of Pearl Earrings

    The variety of Pearl Earrings for women with us at Rudra Centre are admirable, made of cultured Pearl Beads in pure Silver and German Silver accessories. Our specially designed Rudraksha Pearl Earrings and Pearl Coral Earrings are endowed with many benefits for the wearer. The designs are simple and pretty, easy to wear with fish hooks and can be worn with various types of outfit.

    Some types and varieties of Pearl Earrings with us:-

    1) Pearl Earrings in Silver and German Silver - The pretty Earrings are made with single or two/three Pearl Beads of various sizes, made with suitable pure Silver or German Silver accessories. The single beaded Earrings have a bigger size Bead in pure Silver and these big Pearl Earrings can be worn with all type of outfit. The ones with two or three beads are made in very simple design and can be worn on a daily basis.
    2) Rudraksha Pearl Earrings - Made with natural 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads and Pearl Beads, these Earrings are mostly with Two Pearl beads and one Rudraksha Bead in pure Silver accessories. The designs include Pearl Dangle Earrings which are made of Rudraksha Beads and Mother of Pearl Beads in German Silver accessories.
    Rudraksha Pearl Earrings in pure Gold are available in simple design, and are a valuable addition to your spiritual jewellery kit.
    3) Pearl and Coral Earrings - Made with Pearl and natural Coral Gemstone Beads. The Earrings look attractive with the contrasting soothing Pearl White colour and striking Red colour of Coral Beads. Coral Beads bestow courage, passion, energy, confidence, inspire to take action, bring prosperity and many other benefits. The designs will steal every heart, like, one Pearl Bead on top with a ring on small Silver Ball accessories, which have 2 Coral Beads strung it and one Pearl bead below and more of lovely such Earrings.

    Why buy Pearl Earrings from Rudra Centre

    Rudra Centre has the best Pearl Earrings online, which also includes Rudraksha Pearl Earrings and Pearl Coral Bead Earrings, other than pure Pearl Earrings. The Earrings are made with cultured Pearl beads of superior quality from South Sea, Japan. The natural 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads are sourced from Java. The Pearl Earrings for women are available in pure Silver, German Silver and pure Gold accessories. The Pearl Earrings for sale are designed to cater to the taste of our esteemed customers spread across the globe. The Moti wale Earrings are made to provide the maximum benefits when worn. Our Pearl Hanging Earrings are lightweight, easy to wear with fish hooks and suit different kinds of outfits. When you browse our site for ladies Pearl Earrings online shopping with us you can choose and book from the various types of Pearl Earrings, in simple and easy steps. Real Pearl Earrings price with us is the most economical in the market, making the meritorious Earrings affordable for one and all.

    Once the order of the Pearl Earrings are placed with us, our efficient team ensures that your order reaches you within a few days, safely packed.

    Buy Online Pearl Earrings at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

    Rudra Centre offers a wide collection of best Pearl Earrings made of superior quality Cultured Pearl Beads in pure Silver, German Silver and pure Gold pretty accessories. Our collection also offers real Pearl Drop Earrings or Pearl Jhumkas with the combination of Rudraksha and Pearl Beads, Pearl and Coral Beads. Both these combinations usher many merits to the wearer when worn. The classic Pearl Earrings are simple and designed to match any type of clothes you wear. Pick your choice and buy Pearl Earrings online with us at the best price in the market.